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Resilient Flooring Layer: A Little-Known Trade

Resilient Flooring Layer: A Little-Known Trade

Renovation tradesResilient Flooring Layer: A Little-Known Trade

If you’re looking for a career in the construction industry where teamwork is essential and perfectionism is—at long last—valued, consider becoming a resilient interior flooring layer. This little-known profession, although essential, is seeing a significant labour shortage as a result of a large number of workers retiring. 

Has it piqued your interest? Check out the following to find out whether your worker profile corresponds to that of the trade. 

What does a resilient flooring layer do?

resilient flooring layer

Source: Canva

So, what’s resilient flooring, anyway? Well, it’s basically flooring that is resistant to impact, like carpet, underlayment, vinyl, linoleum, cork, rubber, and the list goes on.

Specially practical in commercial buildings or health centres, such materials require that the person performing the installation partake in a special academic training during which they’ll learn to:

  • Read and sketch plans and evaluate potential production costs;

  • Plan the work and prepare surfaces to be covered;

  • Ensure the worksite adheres to health and security measures;

  • Measure, cut, and alter flooring;

  • Adequately use various types of glue, polishers, vacuums, cement mixers, air hammers, and other tools;

  • Lay, replace, and repair flooring in buildings.

Do you have what it takes to become a resilient flooring layer?

installing resilient flooring

Source: Canva

The skills and knowledge required to dominate this trade, and to successfully carry out the required tasks are, no surprise, linked to physical fitness and manual labour. Since you’ll be called to handle heavy tools and lean down, it goes without saying that you’ll need physical strength, great flexibility and stability, and be somewhat dexterous. Also, you’ll need to be able to spot the little details and have good observational skills. 

On the intellectual side, mathematical and deductive skills, along with a sharp mind, are required. In fact, the first steps undertaken on a work site are the blueprints, calculations, and know-how about the materials’ characteristics. 

Since it’s a very teamwork-prone type of job, you have to be comfortable speaking openly, organizing tasks logically, and gathering the necessary information to relay the information clearly and concisely. At the same time, your capacity to take initiative and be autonomous will be key to a successful career path.

If you’ve already turned to a career counsellor, it’s likely that they’ve already asked you to take the Holland test (RIASEC) to determine your personality traits and areas of interest. 

Note that the profile that’s most likely to suit that of a resilient flooring layer is Realist - Investigative - Conventional. Simply put, though you’ve probably already figured that out based on the above-mentioned information, meaning individuals who prefer concrete and physical work, problem solvers, and those who walk a straight line in terms of conduct. 

Note that some employers will mandate workers to be bilingual and have the ability to work anywhere in Quebec (driver’s license and transportation). 

Carpet and Other Resilient Flooring Installers: Required Training

resilient flooring layer trade

Source: Canva

To be able to work in a job related to various resilient flooring installations, you’ll need to complete a DVS (also known as a DEP) in Resilient Flooring Installation—Buildings and Public Works—which is 900 hours, full time. This training program is available in English and in French, depending on the establishment in question. 

In a nutshell, these are the options available to you:

  1. Capitale-Nationale - CSS de la Capitale - ÉMOICQ            

  2. Laval - CSS de Laval - C.F.P. Le Chantier 

  3. Montérégie - CSS Marie-Victorin - C.F.P. Pierre-Dupuy

  4. Montréal - CSS de Montréal - École des métiers de la construction de Montréal

What the future holds for a resilient flooring layer

You’ll have to show up at the CCQ with a diploma attesting to your completion of a DVS in resilient flooring installation and find an employer that’s registered with the CCQ and guarantees 150 hours of work. Once these conditions are met, you’ll then move on to being an apprentice. To then obtain your journeyperson certificate, you’ll need to have accrued at least 2,000 hours of experience.

Once your career has taken off, you’ll make an average wage of $29/h; most likely a bit more depending on the industry in which you work. Most of the work sites are at institutional and commercial levels. 

As for employers, they’re often flooring resellers or manufacturers as well as construction contractors. Note that, if you have an entrepreneurial bone, this trade is perfect to eventually go out on your own. 

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Last modified 2024-06-03

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