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Renovation tips

2 min read

When Should You Renovate Your House?

Renovation tips

2 min read

When Should You Renovate Your House?

Renovation tipsWhen Should You Renovate Your House?

Deciding whether or not to renovate a house can sometimes be a hard decision to make. You might not be sure that you need it or could find it difficult to get the ball rolling. Still, every year many people go through with their renovation projects, either through necessity or due to a need for change. 

Here are the three main reasons why so many people decide to renovate their home:

1) Maintenance

Source: Canva

When you own a property, you should always try to maintain it instead of waiting for damages to appear. Although normal wear - mainly caused by time and environmental factors (flood, climatic disturbance, etc.) - is hard to prevent, many renovation projects can help you delay or even minimize it.

For instance, you could solidify your house's foundation, repaint the walls or varnish your hardwood floors. Therefore, since repairing something is often more expensive than maintaining it, renovation could help you save money in the long run. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

2) Repairs

No matter how well you take care of your house, you’ll probably experience damage and in the long run, certain things will need to be repaired. In those cases, renovation is mandatory. If you don’t quickly take care of things that are broken, further damage will be sustained and eventually, renovations will end up costing you more. 

For example, if your basement floods, the more you wait, the more you’ll risk creating unsanitary conditions which are more complicated and more expensive to take care of.

3) Improvements

Source: Canva

Nowadays, most renovation projects aim for home improvement. Whether touching on the building's appearance (trough landscaping or paint), or the house's functionalities (through acoustic insulation or an updated kitchen), a house that has been updated will end up being more comfortable for the people living inside.

Therefore, not only does it create a better day to day living situation for the users, it can be a very good investment since the value of the house will increase thanks to these renovations. 

Keep in mind though that you’ll probably have to get a city permit for many of those renovation projects. Contact your city council for more information before you start renovating, whether it is for maintenance, repair or improvement.

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Last modified 2023-11-15

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