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How to Know When to Change your Windows

Last modified: 2018/03/22 | 2 mins

Looking to change your windows? In this article we will share a few tips on how to recognize windows that need to be changed and we will present an overview of the different materials available to replace these windows.

Windows serve many purposes. They let outdoor light into your home, making your rooms bright and warm in the daytime. When the weather is acting up, they block the elements from entering your house. However, if the windows are damaged, they may not be fulfilling their role properly, which could lead to grave problems.

When do you need to change your windows?

On average, windows last approximately 15 to 20 years. If you weren't the owner of the house when the windows were last changed, you might not know how long they've been installed. Here are a few tricks to recognize windows that are at the end of their life cycle:

  • The openings and locks don’t work properly.
  • There is mold covering the windowsills;
  • Condensation appears on or between the window panes;
  • You feel a stream of air passing through the cracks;
  • You can feel cold air when walking near your windows;
  • The windows aren't energy efficient.

Which material should you choose for your new window frames?

When you decide to change your windows, the material you choose for your new windows will be important. There are three major types of materials available for your new windows, each containing their own advantages and inconveniences, which will be described below:

PVC window frames

PVC  is the least expensive option on the market right now. For this reason, it is widely used for home renovations. It's not the prettiest material out there and color choices are limited. However, PVC is easy to clean: a few swipes using a damp sponge should do the trick.

pvc window frame

Wooden window frames

Wooden window frames are absolutely beautiful and add a lot of warmth to the look of a house. They are very good in terms of insulation but they require a lot of maintenance in order to look good. One of the main advantages with wood comes from the fact that you can paint it according to your own personal taste.

wood window frame

Aluminum window frames

Aluminum windows are very elegant and modern. They look good on most types of houses, especially those which are adorned with stone sidings. This type of material is especially well suited for large windows. In terms of price aluminium window frames are nearly equivalent to those that are made of wood, but they tend to be more durable. You'll find a wide array of colors from which to choose.

aluminum window

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