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Are you thinking about hiring an interior designer to work with you on a renovation project? will refer you to certified interior designers for free.

Difference between decorator and interior designer

People often confuse the two vocations. The difference mainly rests on the training course for each one. Since these trades are not overseen by a professional order, any person can call themselves “interior designer” or “decorator”. The definitions are not strictly determined but the distinction is generally made by looking at the training programs.

A decorator will not have the skills or knowledge to intervene on any structural elements and will only touch on home décor. A certified interior designer will have studied at college or at a university and will be able to take part in bigger renovation projects.

What is the role of an interior designer?

Everyone seems to have their own idea with regards to the role of an interior designer but in the end, what exactly do they do? In a nutshell, these people act as a guide during a transformation project. They are present during all the stages and can help you make decisions concerning the décor but also the interior layout of the spaces in question.

In the beginning, they are there to help you define your needs and to properly organize the progression of the renovation project. You will also work together to look over budget questions and material purchases.

Oftentimes, a designer can refer contractors. If such is not the case, they will work with the ones that you choose. Their main goal will be to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you get the final result you are hoping for.

Designers know how to navigate in the field of home renovations. They have a lot of knowledge about materials, current trends and the best ways to transform spaces. Being very flexible, they adapt to the tastes and budgets of their clients. Thus, their role is both practical and creative.

4 reasons to hire an interior designer for a renovation project

  1. Simplifying the process of a home renovation project

The designer will make sure to guide the project throughout the different steps. With a lot of experience on renovation project jobsites, they will be able to share their advice and prevent problematic situations.

  1. Keep the budget under control

Budget management is often one of the tasks that an interior designer must take care of. By keeping an eye on spending, they will make decisions by ensuring that projected amounts are respected.

  1. Having access to a large network of contacts

A good interior designer will nurture and cultivate their network of contacts. Their address book will be filled with trustworthy people and companies that offer interesting products. You will therefore have access to interesting projects and high-quality services.

  1. Working with an interior designer that belongs to an association

Although this is not necessary, some designers decide to join professional associations. These associations vary from province to province and offer different services to their members. They guarantee a certain level a quality. For customers, it can also be reassuring to know that many of these interior designers have access to liability insurance.

Find an interior designer’s services will be useful to find the best interior designer for your needs. Simply fill out the form by describing your project. Next, you will be contacted by designers that are interested in presenting a quote. Compare the different quotes and make a choice based on the price, the services and the relationship you build with the designer. When it comes to transforming your home’s interior, it is important to decide based on the quality of the communication and the price/quality ratio.

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer?

The hourly rates charged by interior designers vary widely depending on several factors. On average, we are talking about $50 to $150 per hour. It must however be known that some charge a fee per consultation instead of opting for an hourly rate. Designers that are very in demand will charge more than the average prices presented above.

Chambre à coucher design Cuisine design Salle de bain design Salon design

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What a productive and pleasant experience. The entire process worked like clockwork. We got responses from contractors who clearly understood their craft and were consequently able to make the best choice for our particular needs.

Ron Hinzel
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Very efficient to find local contractors within a day. Extremely quick, and the contractors usually contact you. You only need to fill out one form instead of contacting multiple contractors. They offered us a wide range of contractors, at varying prices and experience levels. They were also able to find us contractors who had smaller businesses - they were much more affordable than the competition, but we wouldn't have found them otherwise because a lot did not have websites.

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Very prompt service, they found me a good contractor! 10/10

Kevin Blakeley
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I stumbled on Renoquotes while searching for a local painter. I found their website and was pleasantly surprised by the service. It’s like a search engine for local contractors. You enter the details of your project and your location and they will put you in touch with three or more local contractors. You get estimates from those and then decide what to do next. It worked very well. I would recommend them.

Shiraz Elkheir
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In Vancouver BC, I went with SN Consulting for my painting project. They are great and have been doing it for years. They also do other services!

Martin Nowak
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Very good portal and was able to find a contractor for a very niche project.

Paolos Betros
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We have been in business for 20 years now, We decided to signed up with and we only have good things to say, they're fast to reply and they bring a lot of potential customers for your business. This is a reliable company. Thanks Renoquote !

Christine and Christian Charbonneau
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Excellent website help customers find a good contractor. The service of web agent is knowledgeable and provide extra help. Highly recommended.

Allie Sandra MIN
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We needed a window seat made for our bow window in the playroom. We dealt with Hassan from J and H renos. We had started the job with someone else, but they were unable to complete the job due to illness. Hassan came in and priced the job and worked with what we had. He did an amazing job and his workmanship was impeccable. I would highly recommend this company for any renovations.

A Waterson
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Supplied some Great Company Names and quick Quotes. Used one of them and they did a GREAT job at a reasonable price. Will refer to others.

Doug Sontag
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