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Here are some Roofers in Petite-Bourgogne, Quebec

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Would you like find out more information in order to be ready for your roof renovation project? Here are some important things to know about this type of endeavour:

4 signs that your roof needs to be renovated

Wondering if your roof needs to be renovated? We will present 4 tell-tale signs in order to determine if this important element of your home is in good condition or needs to be repaired:

  1. The age of the roof: on average, roofs have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years (depending on the type of material). If your roof is approaching this age, or the maximum age of the material, you will need to be doubly vigilant.
  2. Roof parts that have disappeared or are damaged: this is even more common when it comes to a shingle roof.
  3. Damage inside the house: are you experiencing water infiltrations through your ceilings? It could be that the problem is due to a faulty roof.
  4. Debris in your gutter: if you find pieces of roof in your gutter, this is a bad sign!

How to choose a roofer

So, now that you’ve determined that you need to renovate your roof or install a new one, it's time to choose a roofer! allows you to meet with 3 roofers to compare prices and services offered by each.

Here are certain factors to consider:

1) Licenses, insurance and reputation

All roofers in the have the required licenses. Therefore, if you decide to do your research to find a roofer, don’t forget to check yourself that they have valid licenses (if applicable). also ensures that contractors have insurance and a good reputation. You will need to perform these checks yourself if you decide to find a roofer in another way.

2) Experience

Ideally, your contractor should have a few years of experience. Above all, they should be familiar with the type of material that covers your roof. For example, if you are looking for a roofer to renovate a metal roof, prioritize contractors who have experience with this material. The same goes for shingles, copper, flat roofing and so on.

Some roofers are able to work with several types of roofing but others prefer to specialize. You will be able to evaluate according to the services offered by the roofers that you meet.

Feel free to visit our renovation blog, which contains more than 500 articles, including some 100 that discuss different aspects of roof renovation. Here are some articles to add to your bookmarks in order to keep relevant information close-by:

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