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Are Interior Designers Necessary?

Last modified: 2017/08/22 | 2 mins

With all the aspects that need to be taken into consideration, renovations can be tricky and can put you through a lot of stress. For this type of situation, the role of an interior designer is to put your mind at ease and to guide you throughout the process. You may think they only know about interior design, but they can also give you advice on other aspects, from planning out your budget to dealing with the contractor.

Working with an interior designer

If you choose to work with an interior designer for your renovation project, this will make the whole process much easier for you. As a specialist of interior design, not only will they guide the project according to your needs, they can also suggest ideas that you might not even have thought of. Since they are likely to know more about houses and how they are built than you do, it will be easier for them to find solutions to your problems.

For instance, if you need more storage, your interior designer could find ways to create more space without needing to undertake major renovations. They can also create drawings and plans, as long as it does not involve load bearing walls which require the expertise of an architect or an engineer.

How much interior designers charge

In terms of price, working with an interior designer could cost between $50 and 150 per hour depending on the designer. Some might also charge you on a consultation basis. It may seem expensive at first but in the end it could help you save money! The Association of Professional Interior Designers of Quebec (APDIQ) regroups many interior design specialists. Unlike other interior designers, ADPIQ members have a professional civil liability insurance that could compensate you in the event of any problem or accident that may occur. Therefore, if you are looking for a qualified interior designer in Quebec, try to choose one with an APDIQ certification.

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