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Wall Covering Inspirations: Natural and Decorative Stone

Last modified: 2018/03/19 | 2 mins

If you’re looking to renew your home décor using a material that exudes warmth and a nice rustic flair, natural stone is the way to go as it never goes out of style. Real stones are still a popular option but imitation products are increasingly convincing. In the following paragraphs, we will tell you more about natural stones and the various imitations that are available.

Decorating with natural stone

Much like brick, natural stone is a great material to be used for interior wall cladding. Installed on one or two walls, they suit any type of space, be it a dining room, a bedroom or a living room. This material adds a lot of elegance to an interior décor.

Many different shapes, colours and textures are available and you can opt for a smooth finish or go for a look that is uneven and characterized by its irregular shapes. As mentioned above, natural stone is great but for a cheaper price, you can get great knockoffs made with concrete or polyurethane.

Natural stone has the advantage of being authentic and durable. Due to the natural singularity of each stone, you will get a nice unique look. However, natural stone is expensive, starting at $10 per square foot, and it is not easy to install. If you use natural stone, it is recommended that you hire a professional bricklayer to complete the installation. Also, since natural stone is very heavy, it is quite difficult to handle and you might have to solidify the wall’s structure.

What is decorative stone?

Decorative stone is a fake stone made of concrete, aggregates and iron oxide pigments. Much lighter than real natural stone, it is also easier to install and depending on the type of product that you buy, you might not need to use mortar for the joints. As with real stone, thousands of shapes, textures and colours are available. The lifespan of these products is quite long (a minimum of 50 years). Moreover, they are much less expensive than real natural stone, starting at $7 per square foot, on average. However, decorative stone is less durable.

Imitation stone is usually made with polymer or polyurethane. Sold in a handy panel format, this product also comes in a large variety of colours, finishes and textures. It is easy to install. Imitation stone is very resistant but not as durable as the other options (in general, warranties last about twenty years). Additionally, the finish is smoother than with natural stones and decorative stones, making it appear less realistic. Prices start at $6, on average.

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