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3 Movie-Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

3 Movie-Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

Interior renovations3 Movie-Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

Like many of us, you've probably spent a lot of time relaxing in your living room. Comfortably seated on your couch, you may be unhappy with what you are seeing when you look around the room. You are then hit with the sudden need to find new ideas to redecorate this much-loved relaxation spot. 

If you are faced with this itch to create a brand new setting, why not take inspiration from famous films to create a place as interesting and aesthetically appealing as your favourite cinematic works? Are you thinking about bringing this project to fruition? Here are some ideas to give your living room a whole new life!

3 home decor styles inspired by famous films

1) A living room inspired by the far reaches of the galaxy

lampe star wars_Soumission Rénovation_star wars lamp_renoquotes

Whether you're on the dark side of the force or more enthused by the honour and sense of duty that emanates from the Jedis and their loyal Padawans, Star Wars is a movie that has been drawing praise and admiration from sci-fi fans since the release of the first films. For those who are among the fervent admirers of this saga, here are some ideas to decorate your living room and make it a place worth exploring!

Among the elements that caught our attention, we thought it interesting to consider the idea of incorporating beautiful illustrations glorifying your favourite heroes. There are many on Etsy, which also refer to the magnificent planets visited in the various films, as well as the Millennium Falcon or the main characters of the trilogy like R2-D2, Darth Vader or C3PO.

Some illustrations have a vintage style reminiscent of the first films. For those who prefer a more gloomy decor, it is possible to opt for black and white images.  

Decor star wars c3p0

Apart from the installation of posters, frames or various illustrations, it goes without saying that it will be necessary to find furniture suitable for your new decor. Although Disney has launched a range of furniture inspired by the Star Wars universe in collaboration with a Filipino designer named Kenneth Cobonpue, the items on sale are only suitable for those on a big budget. Indeed, these vary between 650 and 4000 U.S. dollars, which speaks for itself...

For those who can afford such an expense, it can be particularly difficult to overlook the collection's magnificent Jedi lamp and Darth Vader-inspired armchair. For those who want to create this decor on a limited budget, bet on the installation of cold lighting, as well as the use of black, white, grey and metallic hues.

Tasse stormtrooper

Remember that stickers can also help to decorate the walls without the need to spend a fortune. Also, note that some lounge tables allow various figures to be displayed inside them that pay homage to the trilogy. There are many examples of this on Pinterest.

2) For a decor worthy of American Psycho

For fans of horror movies, it is impossible to forget American Psycho. Starring a more than convincing Christian Bale in the role of Patrick Bateman, a man obsessed with wealth and lust, the film stands out with a very interesting visual aesthetic. The decor is minimalist and focuses mainly on white tones, which allows great latitude to create a decor which is similar to that of the main character.

White lacquered furniture, one or two original posters of the film and here you are with an impressive decor style which requires very little research to get a satisfactory result. For those who wish to add an extra decorative element, statuettes bearing the image of this controversial figure are not uncommon on the web and can definitely help to give your decor a little punch that will have your guests talking!

chaise mies van der rohe chair

3) Wes Anderson at his best

affiche de film_Soumission Rénovation_film poster_renoquotes

American director Wes Anderson is no stranger to blockbuster films. Just think of Isle of Dogs, Moonrise Kingdom or The Grand Budapest Hotel. For those who have seen one of these works, it is good to know that the brand Murals Wallpaper has created wallpapers recreating the sets of these films.

Decor style wes anderson

For the rest of your decor, all you have left to do is shop for retro furniture with clean lines and try to evoke the director's visual style by including bright and pastel hues featured in these famous and much-loved films.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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