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10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Last modified: 2022-09-19 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

It's the kind of thing that might seem like such a small detail during a major kitchen renovation, but without cabinet door handles, boy are you in trouble! Sure, there are some cabinet doors that don't require any handles to open or close. However, most often, cabinet hardware, either handles, pulls, or knobs is required to open cabinets and drawers. 

There's a wide array of kitchen cabinet door handles out there, with a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. To help you choose the perfect model to match your kitchen, we've put together examples of cabinet hardware, which fit within a motley of kitchen decors.  

10 Examples of Kitchen Cabinet Handles for All Design Styles

1) Rose gold handles on white cabinets

rose gold kitchen cabinet handles_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: Apartment Therapy

This cute kitchen embraces quite a few vintage design elements, including the rounded-edge refrigerator and the rose gold lamp. The lamp is the same colour as the cabinet door handles. The homeowners decided to use the same type of handle for both the panels and the drawers. This type of handle is easy to grip and virtually timeless. 

Similar model: Réno-Dépôt

2) Vintage pulls on classic, blue cabinets

classic kitchen cabinets with half-moon pulls_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: BHG

Here’s a classic kitchen, reminiscent of period country houses. The blue cabinets give off a unique flair and, as for the half-moon silver pulls, a classic touch. Also, some cabinets are fitted with round knobs for handles. 

The half-moon pulls are fairly easy to use, so if you’re worried about the ergonomics of it all, this might be the model for you. 

Similar model: Réno-Dépôt

3) Black handles and knobs on white cabinets

black handles in black and white kitchen_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: Clark and Aldine

This kitchen is primarily designed around a white, black, and wooden colour palette. The black handles, which are fitted to white cabinets, create a cohesive look along with the various items found in the kitchen, such as the lamps, the two types of backsplashes, and the oven. 

Similar model: Home Depot

4) Golden pulls on green cabinets

half-moon pulls on green cabinets_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: For the home

Here’s another type of half-moon cabinet pull. However, this time around, we’ve chosen to feature a golden model fitted to khaki cabinets. This colour palette is elegant and rooted in current trends. 

Similar model: Wayfair

5) White minimalist handles on light-coloured wood cabinets

IKEA cabinets with white handles_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: IKEA

White handles are less common than metal or black ones, but they can still be quite suitable for certain types of cabinetry. As depicted here, the large white handles were installed on light-coloured IKEA wood cabinets (ASKERSUND model). 

This is a great pick if you want to create a minimalistic kitchen design with clean, straight lines. These handles are fixed on the back of the panel, unlike most other models. 

Exact model: IKEA

6) Black minimalist handles on white modern cabinets

black handles on white kitchen cabinets_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: Joseph Giles 

Here’s another model of handles fixed behind the panel. However, this time, the handle is black and it’s a little thicker and shorter than the previous model.

When installed on light-coloured cabinets, these handles create a beautiful contrast, thus adding a modern touch that’s very much trending right now. 

Similar model: Wayfair

7) Golden knobs on white cabinets

white kitchen cabinet handles and golden knobs_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: Julie Blanner

Here are some nice golden knobs for handles, featured on white cabinets. These knobs are small, so some people might find them a little difficult to grip compared to long or wider handles. However smaller, they could be perfectly suited for a small kitchen, or in a setting where you're looking for more subtle hardware.

Similar model: Amazon

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8) Black handles on wooden cabinets

black handles on wooden cabinets_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: Next Luxury

These oversized, black rectangular handles are bound to draw attention! Unlike the other more demure models featured in this article, this is an interesting handle design to consider if you prefer a distinctive cabinet handle. 

As shown here, the handles have been installed on wooden cabinets, but they could very well be used on white, blue, green or even dark cabinets! 

Similar model: Home Depot

9) Bronze, mid-century-like pulls on dark-coloured cabinets

dark-coloured kitchen cabinets_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: The Foundryman

These pulls are perfectly suited for large drawers; they're firmly set on the surface and can facilitate the use of heavy drawers. It’s a much more unusual model, but your contractor or interior designer will be able to help you find a similar model. Otherwise, you can have them custom-made!

Similar model: Etsy

10) Silver retro-like handles on green cabinets

kitchen cabinet retro handles_10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Photo: Retro Renovation

Are you a fan of unique, retro-inspired 1950s and 60s pieces? Feel free to rummage through flea markets to find the perfect vintage handles. Note: It might be difficult to find just the right amount for all your cabinets, but you can always mix and match with similar models. 

Otherwise, you can also have them custom-made, but be prepared to pay dearly. 

Similar model: Etsy

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