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Wall coverings

3 min read

Home Renovation + Interior design trends for 2020

Wall coverings

3 min read

Home Renovation + Interior design trends for 2020

Wall coveringsHome Renovation + Interior design trends for 2020

2019 is coming to an end, and we are leaving a decade behind us. For many, 2020 promises great things: it’s a return to zero as well as a new beginning. Some will seize the opportunity to finally start the projects that have been put aside, such as pressing renovations.

What better way to start the new year than a change of scenery? Each year, design trends change and evolve, and it can be exhausting to keep up with all the current styles offered on the market. To help you stay on top of things, here are some interior design trends for the coming year.

Interior design trends for 2020

1- Grand decorations and maximalist design

While minimalism remains in vogue, maximalism has quietly made its way into the world of design and interior decor. Its name describes it well: the decor is busy, organized, bold and colourful, but all remaining within a concentrated taste and style.

beautiful interior decor

Source: Pinterest

2- Striking interior design with monochrome

Often seen with lighter colours, this trend will take you to a more daring side by choosing striking and vibrant colours, such as dark blue, orange, and yellow.

Here are some links that may inspire a painting project:

blue paint living room

Source: Remodelista

3- Dark doors for contrast

If you prefer white walls but are looking to create some contrasting colour or accents, the use of dark paint for any interior doors offers an excellent compromise.

white walls with black doors in dining room

Source: Manhattan-nest

4- Green accents for an original look

Yes, you read that correctly! A new trend that is slowly emerging is the use of green, often tinged with persimmon, as an accent colour, in both accessories and paint. 

green wall paint living room

Source: kimmyhogan and Anthropologie

5-  A custom interior design for your animals

More and more, people are rethinking their interior while keeping in mind the well-being of their 4-legged friends. Whether it’s custom furniture for your cat or a washing station for your dog, there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to combining business and pleasure for all.

peach wall colour

Source: Three birds renovations and Dezeen

6- Rethink your space with a platform bed

If you have a large amount of space in your bedroom or are working with an open concept loft, a raised bed base will help you to define the bedroom section of your room. Combine storage and design by adding drawers or storage spaces to keep the room organized.

Raised bed base

Source: Pinterest

7- Organic decor 

The mix of natural colours and organic themes is a feature of the coming year. This trend encourages the use of natural materials for your furniture, such as cotton, linen, and wood. With regards to accessories, bet on recyclable and sustainable materials such as carpets and rugs woven in natural fibers, plant fibers, rattan furniture (which is back in full force this year), etc.

Another form of this design trend is called Biophilic design. It represents the connection between nature and interior space by mixing forms and organic aspects, the relationship between humans and plants, light and ecological thought.  For more information on ecological renovations, here are some articles you may consider consulting:

white bedroom and white patio

Source: Nonagon-style et Tenniswood

8- For the love of textures

For 2020, push the depth and texture of your room decor with the help of materials such as velvet. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to mix shapes by overlapping rugs with different materials and finishes. Adding velvet furniture to the mix will go perfectly with everything.

velvet sofa

Source: Nightpalmstudio et Nycbambi

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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