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10 Flooring Materials that Work Best for Bedrooms

10 Flooring Materials that Work Best for Bedrooms

Inspiration for your renovations10 Flooring Materials that Work Best for Bedrooms

Looking for ideas for your bedroom floor renovation project? We looked through the internet to collect classic and bold examples of floor coverings that were used in this room.

Synonymous with comfort, rest and privacy, the bedroom is a very important space for the occupants of a home. This is our room, the place where we go to recharge our batteries. Therefore, it's one of the best places to express our personality throughout the house while opting for choices that foster rest as much as possible.

So if you're not sure what you want and what's available on the market, here are 10 ideas not to be missed!

10 examples of interesting flooring materials for bedrooms

1) A pale blue painted wooden floor

Photo: Beneath my heart

We start the list with an unconventional and potentially controversial choice: painting a wooden floor! Do you like the size of the slats, but not necessarily the colour of the wood? Why not transform this floor with a brushstroke? This is what has been done here, using a tone of pale blue that adds a nice touch of softness to this room.

2) A wooden floor with slats placed in a chevron pattern

Rustic bedroom floor

Photo: Body art style

Complete change of atmosphere with this huge room with a rustic decor. The colour palette is concentrated around shades of brown, black and grey and the decor is energized by the use of several textures and patterns.

Even if this decor is really impressive, we still notice the arrangement of the floor slats, placed in a chevron pattern. This is a unique choice that is very much rooted in current trends!

3) A dark wood floor for a minimalist decor

minimalist bedroom floor

Photo: Brooke Wagner Design

Do you prefer a more classic and minimalist choice? Here is a solid wooden floor with nearly invisible joints between the slats. Depending on the grade of wood quality you want to buy, as well as the amount you are willing to pay, you could opt for a floating floor in this style or a dyed hardwood floor. 

4) A dark grey plain floor for a decor that will appeal to teens

Teen bedroom floor

Photo: Casa Vogue

Why not opt for a solid floor? You could choose concrete, vinyl, epoxy and several other materials to create a solid surface. In this example, we see a grey floor, with a surface that looks like concrete. However, you might want to choose another shade that is best suited to your decor choices.

5) A floor completely covered with carpet

Chambre à coucher plancher de tapis

Photo: Home Stratosphere

Are you convinced that carpet flooring is outdated? Not so fast! Carpet dominated decor trends in the 60s and 70s but has declined in popularity since then because this type of flooring is not well suited for all rooms and is not always easy to clean.

Of course, carpets of different sizes are still used to decorate spaces and make floors more comfortable. However, wall-to-wall carpets are less common.

This type of flooring is back but to a more moderate degree. For example, instead of putting carpet everywhere, it is used in certain rooms such as the living room or bedroom. It is a relatively economical choice, creating a pleasant and comforting decor.

6) A dark brown wooden floor with a glossy varnish

Wood floor bedroom

Photo: Houzz

We return to a shade of dark wood, highlighted by a very bright varnish that reflects light. This adds brightness to the interior of this room with a sober and rather "chic" decor. 

If you opt for hardwood, this is a flooring material that will offer good value for money. Of course, if your budget is more limited, you can find models that look like this one but are made of vinyl or linoleum.

7) A rustic-finished wooden floor with a large carpet with traditional patterns

Rustic floor in bedroom

Photo: Just Destiny Mag

Do you like rustic decorative elements, recreating the look of old houses? Here's a flooring material you should like! This wooden floor shows signs of ageing, but this look is intentional.

It adds charm and character to the decor. The wooden floor is also enhanced by a carpet that covers part of the floor. The tones of the two materials are perfectly arranged and create a pleasant and welcoming room.

8) A ceramic tile bedroom floor

Ceramic floor in bedroom

Photo: Taller Estilo Arquitectura

It is rather rare to see ceramic tile floors in bedrooms in North America. However, it is a flooring material often used in European countries and in regions in the southern hemisphere of the planet. 

Ceramic tile is associated with rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, tiles tend to create a cold surface, which is not very pleasant in a cold climate like ours. However, a heated floor system can be installed under the tiles to address this issue.

Therefore, if you think ceramic tile could be suitable for your decorative choices and needs, why not use it in your bedroom?

9) A large bedroom with a pale wooden floor

Chambre avec plancher en bois pâle

Photo: The Lily Pad Cottage

Finally, a more conventional choice, some will say! Indeed, we like to explore a wide variety of flooring styles, presenting materials for all tastes and budgets!

In this example, we see that this pale wood floor is highlighted with a matte varnish, perfectly arranged with the bed base and other shades that are part of the colour palette.

10) A pale grey painted wooden floor covered with a large grey carpet

Painted wooden floor

Photo: The Merry Thought

To close the loop, here is another example of painted wood flooring. This room offers a beautiful quiet atmosphere and the grey floor balances the elements of the room, including the white and dark grey walls, the black desk, the carpet in shades of grey and the bed in pale wood.

It's simple, easy to maintain and quite charming in the end!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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