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How to Take the Ultimate Staycation at Home

Last modified: 2022-08-09 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Sometimes, we crave a break from the monotony of day to day life. Many of us escape from the grind by venturing on a vacation, whether that be to a faraway city or a quick drive to the country.

Of course, when money is tight or access to travel isn’t in the cards, we need to regroup and find ways to get the same level of unwinding. A staycation is a compelling option when we need to unravel tension, relax and switch gears for a moment. 

If you have trouble with leisure and would rather just power through and work, we’d suggest you consider the benefits of taking a few days to rejuvenate at home. If relaxing under your very own roof feels foreign, read on for our suggestions on how to create a truly memorable staycation.

How to take the ultimate staycation

hanging chair staycation

source: Bouclair

1- Plan for best results

As with any successful vacation, planning and organizing need to take place for you to make the most of it. When stuck in your daily environment, it’s easy to get sucked back into your normal routine and forget the purpose of this allotted time altogether. With this in mind, start by carving out the days or time you intend on dedicating to your staycation, whether that be with a loved one, friend or family. Co-planning can make the overall experience a little bit sweeter, as everyone can share their ideas on how to keep things adventurous and exciting. 

Planning will include preparation, which we’d suggest happen in the week leading up! This means getting all necessary work, cleaning, and grocery shopping out of the way. Depending on the type of staycation you’re taking, you may need certain supplies, party favours or snacks! If it’s in the budget, splurge on a few special meals or drinks, as it’ll help to keep things out of the ordinary.

kitchen clean

source: Studio McGee

2- Freshen up

Finding ways to freshen up the interior of your home will make your staycation all the more desirable. This doesn’t mean simply opening up your windows, but instead, taking small measures to make things feel special. Why not consider a few vases full of flowers, aptly placed in the bedroom and the kitchen or even scented candles or incense.

Certain flowers and scents offer calming properties, so try to work with something you know will help you wind down. Why not splurge on a new set of sheets or pillows for the bedroom? At the very least, be sure to keep the bed made and plump up your pillows to offer a hotel-like atmosphere.

If you have a plush cotton or terry cloth robe, make sure it’s clean and ready to go for some ultimate relaxation in the mornings or evenings (or all day long!) If you don’t own one, this may be something you get during the planning stage. 

If you have rugs covering your floors, think about rolling them up and stashing them away for the duration of your staycation. Having your feet on bare floors will suggest a beach-house feeling, especially if you are lucky to have hardwood.

home spa bathtub

source: Lily Fashion Style

3- Unplug

Technology has swiftly made its way into almost every aspect of our lives. Thus, during your staycation, we’d suggest it’s important to limit your time online and embrace enjoyment outside of these daily distractions. First, eliminate reminders of the passage of time by hiding all the clocks in your home for at least a day or two of your staycation.

Next, turn off your phone or at the very least, mute notifications! Be sure to limit screen time and how often you’re using devices. This may include setting an *away* message for your work email or even your personal one. On top of checking correspondence, ignore the news for the duration of your staycation. The news can be a serious source of stress, and the headlines will still be there at the end of your time away.

If you’d normally spend your evenings in front of the television, may we suggest taking another route? Consider a craft or puzzle that you can focus attention on. If neither of those things interests you, why not read a book or spend some time journaling? You may not know but keeping a journal is an excellent way to manage stressors and release tension. 

reading nook

source: Kiaradily

4- Embrace indulgence

Vacations are about indulgence and adventure. But, since a staycation places you in an environment that’s familiar, you’ll need to create ways to feed this indulgence while at home! When it comes to food, go wild! As suggested above, when grocery shopping for this *trip* get things that feel out of the ordinary or fun, you could even try recreating some of your favourite recipes at home. If you’ve had a craving for a while, now is the time to splurge. If it’s a possibility, you could order food from your favourite places a night or two.

Beyond what you eat, think about where you eat! If breakfast is one of your favourite meals of the day, why not grab a few trays and serve yourself breakfast in bed? Weather permitting, another option could be a romantic dinner outdoors, in the style of a picnic or a relaxing candle-lit spread. 

If kids are part of the picture, consider ways to include them in all stages of planning and cooking. You may want to bake a cake and decorate it, or plan a family backyard picnic complete with a variety of games and snacks. If you’re looking for a night or two off, see if a friend or family member can babysit. This way, you can live in the moment!

Some other ways to embrace staycation indulgence are as follows:

  • Vacation soundtrack: put together a playlist or mix of your favourite music, or music that reminds you of the destination you’re invoking
  • Spa day: turn your home into a spa by picking up essential oils, bath bombs, and face masks. Complete the look with a pair of comfy slippers and truly let go.
  • Film festival: plan a mini film festival and watch some of your favourites or feel-good films. Better yet, if your staycation is inspired by a specific place, watch films that highlight it! (New York, London, Tokyo here we come!)
  • Backyard camping: if you have your backyard, why not pitch a tent and grab some sleeping bags. Spending a night outdoors under the stars can be magical!

staycation balcony

source: The Spruce

5- Be still

Our modern world makes it quite difficult for people to feel capable of doing absolutely nothing. Of course, the most luxurious thing you can do during a staycation is absolutely nothing. Downtime is crucial for physical and mental replenishment. Between all of the exciting activities you’ve planned, make sure to offer yourself (and loved ones) time and space to chill. This could mean laying in bed a few extra hours, reading in the tub, meditating, sitting on a blanket outside or staring at the wall; whatever feels right for you!

Hire a cleaning team, like at the hotel

For the ultimate luxury and to recreate a true vacation, when your staycation is about to end, why not hire a maintenance team to come in and clean up after you? This way, when you come back to your daily life, you will be starting anew, ready to take on what life has to bring! 

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