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10 beautiful countertops that aren't marble

Last modified: 2023-02-20 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Christime Simard

Choices are endless when it comes to kitchen countertops, but marble is a popular one in the design world. We often think of this material when it comes to a kitchen reno as it is chic, timeless and versatile. However, some might find its minimalistic look too common and overused in kitchen designs.

This is why we decided to compile 10 different ideas of countertop designs that aren’t marble! 

10 ideas of beautiful countertops that aren't marble 

1. Butcher block countertops  

One of my favourites! The look of butcher block countertops is modern and versatile. Not too heavy on the eye, you can choose between a darker or lighter wood tone, as well as different patterns in the wood. 

butcher block countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Jenna Sue Design & Kinfolk Home

2. Concrete countertops

Contrary to what we might think, concrete isn’t only for luxurious kitchen designs. On top of being resistant and scratch-proof, this type of design will pair well with rustic accents in your decor, creating a charming farmhouse look.

The only downside is that once it cracks, it is harder to repair these

concrete countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Domino & Kate Zimmerman Turpine

3. Soapstone countertops 

On the pricier side, soapstone might scare people on a budget at first, but splurging on this material has its benefits in the long run. Low maintenance and non-porous, the only treatment it requires is to be oiled on a regular basis. 

Its colour is rich and dark, and the white veins in the stone remind us of marble, which is why this is a nice alternative. 

soapstone countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Domino & Megan Pflug Designs 

4. Stainless steel countertops

There's a reason why this material is often found in restaurant and commercial kitchens! Close to indestructible, it is very durable but can scratch easily if a lower quality metal is used.

The shiny look it gives will be a perfect match to your appliances, giving your kitchen this sleek and professional look.

stainless countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Domino & Nate Berkus 

5. Ceramic tile countertops

This is an original and funny twist to your traditional countertop materials! With a variety of colours available on the market, you can easily pair it with a different colour backsplash, creating a fun contrast between the two!

ceramic tiles countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Domino & Mainlifestyle

6. Terrazzo countertops 

Another fun option, terrazzo is a design that can be versatile and can easily match your kitchen’s colour palette. 

Depending on the retailer, the ceramic chips in the stone can vary from pastel to monochrome, making it easy to incorporate into your decor despite its contrasting design.

terrazzo countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Nordiska Kok Kitchens & Dyke and Dean

7. Laminate or painted plywood countertops

I have noticed a trend where people use plywood and leave the raw edges untouched, painting the top plank or laminating it. This, while being simple, is perfect for people on a budget looking for an original and elegant kitchen counter makeover.

Most of the ones I saw featured no hardware on the cabinets, showing off even more of the raw plywood, matching with the counter.  

laminate or painted plywood countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Remodelista & Dyke and Dean

8. Recycled plastic and recycled glass countertops

This one is truly genius! On the left, you have a plastic countertop while on the right, you have one made with glass, reminding us of the terrazzo pattern mentioned above, but with a twist. Impress your guests with these two original options like none other, perfect for colourful results.

recycled plastic glass countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Jaell und Tofta & Vetrazzo

9. Paper composite countertops 

Can you believe those are made of paper? With a specific process of mixing ingredients, compressing and baking, paper composite countertops come out as a solid and smooth slab, perfect for your kitchen. This option is cheap and eco-friendly and comes in a variation of colours. If you’re curious, you can check out companies like PaperStone or Richlite to give you an idea of what they look like!

paper composite countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Richlite

10. Solid surface countertops (Corian)

This material could fool anyone, as it can mimic any natural stones or materials used in countertops renovation. This option is beneficial as it is non-porous, low maintenance and impermeable. While Corian is a brand name (just like how some people say PaperStone while talking of paper composite), this term is used for the material in itself.
Once again, this is a cheap option for those who would love to have the look of real stone in their kitchen, but can’t afford to. 

solid surface countertop_materials that are not marble_renoquotes

Source: Pinterest & Architizer

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