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6 Flooring Options to Transform Your Foyer


6 min read

6 Flooring Options to Transform Your Foyer

Flooring6 Flooring Options to Transform Your Foyer

The floors of the foyer are easily the most beat up thanks to our harsh Canadian winters that have us tracking slush and mud inside. Since this is the room used to remove boots, shoes and other outerwear, it is important to make sure the life of your floors is extended as long as possible.

It is for this reason that we’ve outlined some flooring materials that are known to take a lot of damage and still look great when clean.

6 flooring materials to use in your entryway

Ceramic Tile

plancher en céramique_Soumission Rénovation

Ceramic tile is by far the most dependable material you can choose for your foyer floors. This is thanks to the nature of ceramic which is durable and easy to clean since. Ceramic tiles are also quite affordable when compared to other options, at roughly $8,50 a tile and coupled with their vast selection of colours and patterns, it is easy to see why it is a go-to material.

The disadvantages of ceramic tile are minimal at best, like the fact that tile can easily become slippery or that grout lines will be the hardest part to keep immaculate. Overall, it’s a great option for your foyer and we recommend using glazed tiles as the glazing process makes them less porous and less susceptible to staining.


Natural stone floors have a beauty and a sense of solid quality that is unparalleled by other flooring options. It is easily one of the most unique looks you can implement in your entryway, thanks to the nearly endless selection available to you. Variations of the veining and mixture of textures and colours mean that choosing your stone won’t be easy but you will undoubtedly fall in love with your floors every time you look down. Slate is often the most affordable stone option but if your budget allows, the choices are endless.

The major benefits of stone floors, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, is that they are also a very durable option that is not hard to maintain. Although we suggest a more textured stone to avoiding slipping, these textured surfaces are harder to clean, as dirt can get into the crevices. Lastly, porous natural stone will need to be protected with a sealer and maintained so you can prolong the longevity of your foyer floor.


Wood flooring has always been a home staple, with a timeless look that in many ways can’t be matched. For rooms like your entry that get a lot of foot traffic, wood can be a dependable option. If you wish to avoid scratches and visible wear and tear, then it is important to take your time during the selection process and choose finish and stain that will both compliment your home and mask blemishes on the wood. Since these floors are coming into contact with water on a regular basis, it is important to clean up as soon as possible to avoid damage.

One of the most unique aspects of solid wood, whether hard or reclaimed, is the unique natural patina that foot traffic can give it. Should you decide at any point that you want your wood floors looking refreshed, they only need to be sanded and refinished. As for costs, installing hardwood floors should cost anywhere from $5 to $14,50 per square foot.

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Vinyl is a great option to consider as it is both fairly reliable (expect a lifespan of roughly 5 years) and very affordable. The installation of vinyl floor tiles should cost as little as $3,50 per square foot, while vinyl sheet flooring should cost at least $6 a square foot. Cleaning vinyl is quick and easy when it’s not textured, otherwise textured vinyl will take a little more effort to clean.

As a flooring option, vinyl stands up quite well to the wear and tear of daily life and doesn’t show significant scratches although small scratches will become more visible over time. Vinyl flooring, however, will not last a lifetime and will eventually have to be replaced as it can tear and fade from sunlight.


With modern design becoming more commonplace in many homes, concrete presents itself as a great material for everyday use. Although it can give some spaces an industrial feeling, in a small space such as the foyer, it can actually feel rather warm. What is unique about concrete is that through acid staining techniques and other methods, you can have a completely unique concrete floor. Concrete is essentially the most durable of all the flooring materials mentioned here, while also being very easy to clean.

Most interesting about concrete flooring is that they can be used as a subfloor, meaning that at any point you can install tile, wood or carpet on it, giving you great options. The biggest drawbacks are how cold it can become in the winter time and how you will need a professional for proper installation of your concrete floor.

Finally, concrete is also a porous material, meaning that you will need to treat it with a sealer to ensure your beautiful concrete floors stay stain free.


bouchons de liège_Soumission Rénovation

Some of you may be wondering why a material like cork is on this list. Well, that’s because it’s such a versatile material that in fact, it makes for a great flooring solution, especially for the foyer of your home. The beauty of cork lies in the fact that it is a natural product and most often sustainably harvested, meaning that any homeowner concerned with how the material is sourced will be very happy with the choice of cork flooring.

Cork is composed of suberin, a natural substance that resists rot, mould, and pests making it a great option for your entryway. If these benefits weren’t enough, cork also stays temperature neutral, softens the sounds of boots and heels and is very comfortable underfoot. There are a few drawbacks to cork floors which need to be outlined. For one, cork is porous and needs to be sealed to avoid staining and will also need to be resealed on occasion.

Scarring of the cork can occur if the surface is left dirty, so cleaning it regularly is essential. Lastly, cork is not nearly as durable as some of the other materials mentioned, therefore large gashes in the flooring can occur which are challenging to fix since whole portions will need to be replaced.

Whichever flooring option suits you best, it is important to keep in mind that budgeting for the job is always one of the most important parts so you don’t experience any major surprises down the line. Of course, it is always imperative to make use of the services of a professional for any work that exceeds your capabilities.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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