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Renovation Inspo: 10 Examples of Small Bedrooms

By: Karine Dutemple

Renovation Inspo: 10 Examples of Small Bedrooms

By: Karine Dutemple

Inspiration for your renovationsDesign and home decorRenovation Inspo: 10 Examples of Small Bedrooms

Are your bedroom dimensions rather small? Although this situation requires us to show ingenuity and creativity, the fact remains that it’s possible to make even the smallest space both relaxing and grandiose.

Here are some examples of small bedrooms to offer inspiration!


10 Layout Examples for Small Bedrooms


1- A small bedroom with a sloping roof

chambre à coucher avec toit en pente_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Arranging a bedroom under a sloping roof considerably reduces the available space. Nevertheless, several tips can help to maximize it.

In this case, the focus is on a rather sleek design, the few decorative objects are positioned high to avoid cluttering the floor. The wall shelves are very useful, creating a place to arrange various items which helps define the bohemian decor of the room.

Would you like to arrange your wardrobe in a way that maximizes the available storage in your small bedroom? Read our article Planning the design of a walk-in closet.


2- Modern decor for a kid's room

chambre à coucher pour enfant_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Apart from the fact that it’s tidy, this child's room is very different from those we usually see. Indeed, particular care has been taken to integrate bedroom storage cabinets to make the decor a little more refined.

We may not think of installing them horizontally, yet this offers a very practical storage solution, both inside and on top of them. We also appreciate the modern look of this not-too-childish decor, conducive to play as much as to homework.


3- A cozy decor and practical storage

petite chambre à coucher blanche_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Once again, it took some ingenuity in this small bedroom to have enough storage to fit everything. Admittedly, the result is as pretty as it is practical!

Moreover, the fact that the storage apparatus goes up to the top of the wall allows homeowners to avoid dusting this inaccessible space. In another realm of ideas, the white dominant decor colour creates a nice contrast with the back wall and avoids an overly uniform decor.


4- A built-in bed

très petite chambre_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

When it comes to maximizing the available space in a small bedroom, one rarely thinks about the possibility of opting for a built-in bed. Nonetheless, what an efficient way to create extra space in a room where there’s so little!

Also, the integration of shelves into the small and recessed corner helps to create additional storage and declutter the bedroom. Moreover, the selection of bright colours and detailed patterns in this recessed space makes it unique and distinct, a place on which the gaze falls instantly.


5- A bed under a skylight

lit noir_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Only a select few of us get to enjoy a skylight in the bedroom, and those who are lucky enough should take advantage of it! Particularly in a small space like this, this contribution of natural light will greatly benefit spatial perception. Further, this effect is accentuated by the presence of pale wall colour.


6- A modern and cozy decor

lit dans petite chambre à coucher_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (Sweet Home Decor)

This decor reminds us that gray and white go wonderfully together! As we already mentioned above, pale colours are a good choice in a small bedroom, especially when these are highlighted by an abundance of natural light. The small brick back wall contributes to the creation of a decor that’s chic, modern and comfortable at the same time.


7- A small bedroom with a country vibe

petite chambre à coucher cozy_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This country-style bedroom is sure to please country home lovers! The original and classic tile pattern, the pervasiveness of wood, the rustic decorative elements plus the furniture: everything is unquestionably charming.


8- A bed with storage

chambre à coucher jaune et blanche_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This sleekly decorated bedroom benefits greatly from the presence of multi-functional furniture, which serves as a base for the bed and as clothing storage. The furniture is elegant and practical, which offers style to this otherwise uncluttered room. On another note, the prevalence of white and yellow makes the entire bedroom luminous.


9- Multifunctional furniture

petite chambre à coucher_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This is the very embodiment of multifunctional furniture! The main platform serves as a base for the bed, in addition to integrating storage as well as a work surface that acts as an office. The bedroom is particularly well organized and proves to us that it’s possible to do a lot with a small space and to divide it well.


10- A kid's room conducive to relaxation and work

petite chambre à coucher_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Due to a lack of space, it’s sometimes impossible to set up a separate room dedicated to completing homework and studying. For smaller homes, furniture that performs more than one function is essential. This choice avoids the integration of too much furniture that clutters the room, which is of little advantage both aesthetically and functionally.

Need tips to maximize storage in your small home? Check out our article on the subject!

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Last modified 2023-03-22

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Léa Plourde-Archer 11 Feb 2021

10 Interior Sliding Door Models

Sliding doors are no longer only used in commercial environments! They have practical and aesthetic qualities that can be integrated into a residential layout. They are especially useful in small homes, where every inch counts, but they are also used in large homes to create spaces that can be opened or partitioned as needed. Thinking about installing a sliding door in your home, but first, do you need ideas for designs and installation methods? We've rounded up 10 sliding door examples that we found on Pinterest. 10 Sliding Door Models: From Barn Doors to Glass Doors 1- A triple sliding door made with wooden slats Source: Revista Casa Jardim We start with an example of an especially unique sliding door. This type of door will not be used to create privacy but will be very interesting to create divisions between the different sections of a room. For example, we see here that the doors, made with wooden slats, are used to isolate a laundry room space. This is a great choice if you want to add visual interest to the room and reduce the feeling of shrinking the room when closing the door. Needs to be custom-made 2- A light wood sliding barn door with black hardware Source: Walston Door Company This is a barn door model for lovers of contemporary decor and Scandinavian style. We associate sliding doors in the "barn door" style with rustic decor, but we see here how diverse these models can be. This pale wood door creates a nice transition between rooms while serving as a very interesting decorative element. Similar model: Wayfair 3- A double sliding glass door with a black frame Source: Doors and floors Would you like to be able to divide your spaces without compromising the light between the rooms? Why not opt ​​for sliding glass doors? These doors blend perfectly with the decor and they also slide inside the wall, so they take up less space than barn doors. Needs to be custom-made 4- A raw-looking wood sliding door Source: Krownlab Do you really like the style of rustic decor where pieces of raw wood are integrated? Here is a sliding door that you should like! Instead of transforming the wood to create a door with a smooth and uniform style, we instead celebrate the imperfections of this material, going so far as to highlight them. This creates a rich look that is not ready to go out of style! Similar model: Etsy 5- A black sliding door with a lined pattern Source: Etsy Here is a sliding door for those looking to create an interesting visual "punch" in a room. Not only is the door black, but there are also diagonal lines that create an interesting texture. This door will be well suited to contemporary, eclectic or Scandinavian decor. Exact model: Etsy Are you looking for general contractors for your renovation project? Fill in this form to be connected with top-rated contractors! 6- A blue "shaker" style double sliding door Source: The Learner Observer Most of the sliding door models available on the market are single doors. Here, the owners instead opted for two slim doors which were painted blue. This is more classic, less raw and rustic than other, more typical, sliding doors. Also, notice the wood that hides the rails. If you don't like the look with the rails visible, you can find options to hide them! Similar model (to be painted): Home Depot 7- A white pocket door Source: Laurel Bern Interiors Here is a very classic door structure, with straight mouldings, but adorned with beautiful architectural details. The difference is that instead of having doors that open outwards, they are sliding doors that hide inside the walls. To be custom-made 8- A minimalist sliding door that blends in with the decor Source: Etsy Here is one of the most modern sliding door models! If you like minimalist decor, why not opt ​​for a door that blends in with the rest of the decor? This door is made from the same material as the decorative panels installed on the wall. When the door is closed, you hardly notice its presence. Exact model: Etsy 9- A sliding door with a metal surface for an industrial look Source: Trendland If you like "industrial loft" type decors, here is a door you should like. You could find a piece of recycled metal to build a similar door or buy a wooden door and cover it with a thin metal surface, depending on your preference and budget. To be custom-made 10- A bright yellow sliding door to add a punch of colour in a neutral setting Source: Dimitra Gaitani Finally, here is a sliding door that will not go unnoticed! If you like bright shades, do not hesitate to choose a colourful door. This is a great way to create a visual focal point in a room. As you notice, the rest of the decor in this space is pretty neutral, but this door would suit an even more colourful environment very well! Buy a basic sliding door and paint it yellow For more information on sliding doors, here are a few articles to check out: The different types of barn doors How to install a barn door + cost guide

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Karine Dutemple 05 Feb 2021

Practical Custom Furniture: 10 Examples

Would you like to replace some of your furniture? If you’re looking for practical furniture with original design to reinvent your interior, take a look at the following! 10 examples of custom furniture 1- A pretty little table with a minimalist look Source: Pinterest ( Scandinavian-inspired, this small coffee table design is both simple and minimalist. With clean lines, it’s devoid of architectural details and advocates for the enhancement of geometric shapes. There is a perfect blend of bold and simple, creating the perfect design balance. The back of the bedside table left uncovered reminds us of the importance of natural lighting in a Scandinavian setting where calm and refinement are inseparable. 2- Desk and Murphy bed Source: Pinterest ( Whether you’re naturally compelled towards clean rooms or the need to maximize the space available in a small room, a murphy bed is an excellent choice if you’re looking for furniture that’s both trendy and practical. Moreover, the model presented above has the additional advantage of being able to transform into a desk. This is very practical, as the same room can have two very distinct functions while avoiding clutter by several massive pieces of furniture. Remember that multifunctional furniture is one of the 2021 decorating trends for the bedroom. 3- An office with an original design Source: Pinterest ( Although this custom-made desk has no storage, it’s still very practical due to the space it offers as well as the minimalist aesthetic of its design, which makes it compact. Its atypical shape is a major asset, which allows us to fully appreciate the natural beauty of wood and the refinement that emanates from it. 4- Imposing wall cabinets Source: Pinterest ( This custom-made cabinet is characterized by a rather classic design. Large-scale, it maximizes the available storage space by taking advantage of the entire wall height. This avoids the presence of unused space where dust can accumulate out of sight. More storage and less cleaning? This is a win-win! 5- Storage built into your stairs Source: Pinterest ( For those who like a tidy room, integrating a custom-made storage space directly into a staircase is a practical and aesthetically-pleasing choice. You won’t need to purchase additional furniture, which means saving on space as well as budget. Whether it’s for storing books or decorative objects, there’s no doubt that this storage solution will add a touch of originality to your decor. 6- A bench offering storage Source: Pinterest ( In small kitchens, it can be difficult to find enough space to store everything! For smaller rooms, benches with storage space are extremely effective as an addition to a kitchen, keeping things tidy and ready to receive many guests. In addition, this bench offers enough space to accommodate several people, which makes it all the more functional. 7- A custom-made wall unit Source: Pinterest ( This particularly imposing wall unit is perfectly suited to this living room, both because of its classic design and its numerous storage spaces of various sizes. Able to accommodate several decorative objects, television, and speakers, it’s the embodiment of multifunctional furniture. 8- Storage for the entrance hall The entryway is an often disorganized space in the home where shoes, coats, and school bags are scattered here and there. So how can you remedy this situation? As seen in this image, the key to the solution lies in a wall unit installation specifically designed for the storage of shoes and coats. There’s even a small section devoted to the family pet, which shows that there’s room for everyone! 9- A kitchen island that’s both pretty and practical Source: Pinterest ( If there’s one piece of furniture that deserves to be custom made, it’s certainly the kitchen island. Discrete or massive, it can be suitable for both small and large kitchens and harmonize with the decor style already present in the rest of the room. This is the perfect example of rustic and modern design, offering ample storage for dishes and pots. 10- A neat and tidy workspace Source: Pinterest ( While some people prefer to enjoy their workspace in complete solitude, others may enjoy some company. Note that for apartments or homes that aren’t very spacious, an office that can be used by two people simultaneously is more than practical. In this case, available storage is maximized by using the entire height of the wall. Lastly, let's underline the visual continuity offered by the choice of a flooring whose color is very similar to that of the workspace. Need advice on how to set up your home office? Our article 10 Essentials for a Home Office may provide you with valuable information on this topic.

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Christime Simard 18 Aug 2021

10 beautiful countertops that aren't marble

Choices are endless when it comes to kitchen countertops, but marble is a popular one in the design world. We often think of this material when it comes to a kitchen reno as it is chic, timeless and versatile. However, some might find its minimalistic look too common and overused in kitchen designs. This is why we decided to compile 10 different ideas of countertop designs that aren’t marble! 10 ideas of beautiful countertops that aren't marble 1. Butcher block countertops One of my favourites! The look of butcher block countertops is modern and versatile. Not too heavy on the eye, you can choose between a darker or lighter wood tone, as well as different patterns in the wood. Source: Jenna Sue Design & Kinfolk Home 2. Concrete countertops Contrary to what we might think, concrete isn’t only for luxurious kitchen designs. On top of being resistant and scratch-proof, this type of design will pair well with rustic accents in your decor, creating a charming farmhouse look. The only downside is that once it cracks, it is harder to repair these. Source: Domino & Kate Zimmerman Turpine 3. Soapstone countertops On the pricier side, soapstone might scare people on a budget at first, but splurging on this material has its benefits in the long run. Low maintenance and non-porous, the only treatment it requires is to be oiled on a regular basis. Its colour is rich and dark, and the white veins in the stone remind us of marble, which is why this is a nice alternative. Source: Domino & Megan Pflug Designs 4. Stainless steel countertops There's a reason why this material is often found in restaurant and commercial kitchens! Close to indestructible, it is very durable but can scratch easily if a lower quality metal is used. The shiny look it gives will be a perfect match to your appliances, giving your kitchen this sleek and professional look. Source: Domino & Nate Berkus 5. Ceramic tile countertops This is an original and funny twist to your traditional countertop materials! With a variety of colours available on the market, you can easily pair it with a different colour backsplash, creating a fun contrast between the two! Source: Domino & Mainlifestyle 6. Terrazzo countertops Another fun option, terrazzo is a design that can be versatile and can easily match your kitchen’s colour palette. Depending on the retailer, the ceramic chips in the stone can vary from pastel to monochrome, making it easy to incorporate into your decor despite its contrasting design. Source: Nordiska Kok Kitchens & Dyke and Dean 7. Laminate or painted plywood countertops I have noticed a trend where people use plywood and leave the raw edges untouched, painting the top plank or laminating it. This, while being simple, is perfect for people on a budget looking for an original and elegant kitchen counter makeover. Most of the ones I saw featured no hardware on the cabinets, showing off even more of the raw plywood, matching with the counter. Source: Remodelista & Dyke and Dean 8. Recycled plastic and recycled glass countertops This one is truly genius! On the left, you have a plastic countertop while on the right, you have one made with glass, reminding us of the terrazzo pattern mentioned above, but with a twist. Impress your guests with these two original options like none other, perfect for colourful results. Source: Jaell und Tofta & Vetrazzo 9. Paper composite countertops Can you believe those are made of paper? With a specific process of mixing ingredients, compressing and baking, paper composite countertops come out as a solid and smooth slab, perfect for your kitchen. This option is cheap and eco-friendly and comes in a variation of colours. If you’re curious, you can check out companies like PaperStone or Richlite to give you an idea of what they look like! Source: Richlite 10. Solid surface countertops (Corian) This material could fool anyone, as it can mimic any natural stones or materials used in countertops renovation. This option is beneficial as it is non-porous, low maintenance and impermeable. While Corian is a brand name (just like how some people say PaperStone while talking of paper composite), this term is used for the material in itself. Once again, this is a cheap option for those who would love to have the look of real stone in their kitchen, but can’t afford to. Source: Pinterest & Architizer

5 min read

Karine Dutemple 11 Mar 2021

10 Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

Are you dreaming of living in a tiny house, but have a few reservations due to the constraints of designing such a limited interior space? Although you really need to use your imagination when living in a house when a modest layout, you can still make it just as practical as it is cozy! Here are a few examples you’ll surely like! 10 Tiny House Interior Design Ideas 1) A modern & rustic interior Source: Pinterest ( This tiny house has both a modern and rustic vibe, one which largely relies on whites to make the space appear bigger. Creating a zone dedicated to meal times that also opens up onto the outside by way of a lot of big windows, amplifies the space, which is especially well done given the small surface area. There’s no doubt that natural light seeping in highlights the obvious contrast between the whites and the dark wood colours. Also, the fact that there’s a small loft area off to the side, above the bedroom, prevents one from having to work in bed, where it’s nicer to sleep! 2) A wealth of light Source: Pinterest ( As shown above, white is always a winner in a home filled with small rooms. We have to bank on especially uncluttered decor, which allows us to appreciate the fair value of the home’s beautiful architectural details. It’s also worthwhile to highlight the visual effect it makes on the ceiling, which still has its original colouring. This latter really emphasizes it and avoids creating a setting that is too uniform. Looking to get a cost estimate for your future tiny house? Check out our article What Is the Cost of a Tiny House? 3) Bedroom’s kitchen adjacent Source: Pinterest ( If we’re noticing a lot of tiny houses in which white prevails, others will have an array of darker colours. Apart from adding a lot of character to the overall design, it helps to create a cute country feel. Visually speaking, we love the fact that some sections are raised, which really helps define the space. Although the bedroom located at the very end appears small, it still benefits from large windows nearby. 4) White on dark wood for a tasteful mix Source: Pinterest ( This tiny house benefits from its height, as well as its length! As a matter of fact, the countertop gracefully highlights this factor. What’s there to say about the amazing ceiling? Its arch frame automatically draws the eyes upward and adds a healthy dose of grandeur to this tiny house. Once again, choosing a very dark wood creates a really tasteful mix with the white, which prevails yet again. 5) Highlighting light-coloured wood Source: Pinterest ( This tiny house appears to be slightly less refined than the above-shown designs, instead further mimicking the interior layout of a standard-sized house. Although it might not appeal to you, it’s still interesting to see because of the various shades of wood found within. However, one has to figure out how to live in a more cramped space to enjoy it! 6) A cozy and cute interior Source: Pinterest ( Here’s a really cute and cozy tiny house. Choosing natural wood shades gives it a chalet vibe. Moreover, foregoing the combination of several materials creates a visual continuity between the various elements within. It’s worth mentioning that all areas have a purpose in this tiny house since it appears that there’s storage everywhere, even above and under the bed! 7) An enchanting setting far from prying eyes Source: Pinterest ( Who doesn’t want to live in an enchanted setting that seeps tranquillity? This tiny house is a definite favourite for those who aspire to a new lifestyle. Once again, the sliding door system is ideal to prevent a swinging door from encroaching on the available space. The shelves adorning the walls add a lot of charm reminding us that life in a tiny house isn’t simply for refined interior design fans. The pendant light fixtures are especially worth mentioning and widely contribute to creating a spellbinding setting! 8) Diverse materials and textures Source: Pinterest ( This tiny house is yet another example where modern and traditional designs are blended together in perfect harmony. Surprisingly, it features brick, an element that's not usually seen in this type of house. The built-in light fixtures and the naturally-coloured wood help lighten the space, which prevents the latter from being cramped as a result of a lack of natural light. 9) Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired design Source: Pinterest ( A tiny house that’s completely symbiotic with the surrounding nature? Yes, please! And, here’s the perfect example. The windows to the right cover the entire wall ensuring lovers of nature the possibility of admiring it at all times as well as benefiting from an abundance of natural light. Various elements found within its enclosure reflect an obvious interest in Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, while also appealing to fans of refined spaces and minimalism. Let’s wrap this up by stating that black wood creates a striking contrast against soft colours. 10) A “big” tiny house Source: Pinterest ( This tiny house clearly is much bigger than the above-shown examples throughout this article. It showcases a very rustic decor, combining a lot of natural features. The windows along with the house’s positioning with the sun allow for a lot of natural light to seep in, which further impacts the hints of colours found here and there. Want to know if you’re ready to partake in the tiny house adventure? Complete our quiz to find out if you’re up for the challenge!

6 min read

Léa Plourde-Archer 19 Feb 2021

10 Family Room Design Ideas

There are few communal spaces in a home that is as welcoming as the family room. Even if we often meet around the kitchen counter or around the dining room table, the family room has a little something extra, perfectly suited to share, swiftly making it the dedicated resting or entertainment space. Whether you have young kids or teenagers, there are so ways to entice your whole family into one room by meeting everyone’s needs and desires. You can ponder layout plans, desired colour schemes, and much-needed accessories in order to have the perfect family room. If you are looking for family room design ideas, check out the 10 family rooms that we have put together that are bound to inspire your creative genius! 10 Family Room Design and Decor Ideas 1) A homey theatre-inspired family room Photo: Bored Panda Movie night with the family is what is it all about? Here is a great example of a dream family room for all cinephiles. The room’s design is centred around a flat-screen television and a large couch on which the entire family can sit comfortably. Featured on the back wall is a storage area for records and DVDs that could easily be converted into a bookcase when these mediums are no longer available. Although the room features a dim ambiance and is less versatile than most of the other designs featured in this article, it is nonetheless a standout! A theatre-inspired family room sparked a little joy in you? Run with it! 2) A well-light room with plenty of seating space! Photo: HGTV Make a radical change with a well-light family room that is perfectly suited for a big family considering the number of people it can accommodate. The cold colour scheme aside, the room is welcoming due to its decorative aspects like the curtains, the throw pillows, and the large windows showcasing the beautiful landscape. Overall, the room is tranquil and the ideal space in which you will want to get together at the end of the week for some much-needed family time. 3) A contemporary family room Photo: Home Designing Are you a fan of contemporary styles and designs with hints of mid-century modern? Although this style is not as kid-friendly, if sophisticated chic is what you are looking for, why not? The far wall console is custom-made for the space, as for the rest of the room, it is mainly taken up by the large plush sectional couch. This room can easily be recreated in any space with similar dimensions. 4) A cozy basement family room Photo: Home epiphany If the ideal space for your family room is in the basement, but you worry the space might be a bit too dark, here is a great example of a bright and inviting room. As shown, the family room has been set up in the basement, but blending the colours, the light fixtures and the decorative accessories, allows for an enjoyable space. 5) A family living room at the heart of the house Photo: Home stratosphere This family room is at the heart of the house, easily becoming the focal point for everyone. And, with 3 separate couches, to each their own. Incorporating different materials is always compelling, especially by contrasting contemporary and classic styles. And lastly, the large windows open up on the exterior terrace adding another exciting spot to get together with the whole family! 6) A room with a unique colour scheme for the whole family Photo: Houzz Here is another basement family room. This room is large and the epicentre of comfort! With multiple couches, wall-to-wall carpet, and plush throw pillows, there is everything you need for some quality rest and relaxation. Seeing a mounted television is just not doing it for you? No worries! You can shield it from view behind sliding barn-house doors. This large space is kid-friendly, and an ideal space for them to play and run, worry-free. 7) A small, atypically-decorated family room Photo: Reddit By now, you have seen numerous large-scale family rooms, but we are highly aware that not everyone has a room of that scale available to them. Here is an example of a smaller-scale family room. The layout of this space is very cozy and has been optimized. As shown, the owners have opted for a sectional couch, which is ideal when wanting to draw every family member to one specific area. Looking for specialists for your home renovation project? Fill out the form so that we can put you in contact with certified contractors from our network! 8) A colourful family room perfect for art lovers Photo: The Boston Globe Here is one of the most striking family rooms for those who have an eye for pretty things! Even if you have kids, you can still adorn the room with quality vases on higher shelves, thus ensuring they will not be broken. The built-in bookcases are rather nice and useful, and the other furniture pieces make for a well-balanced space. 9) A TV-less family room with a fireplace and lush greenery! Photo: The Every girl Here is another example of a smaller-scale family room. This room embraces its space with lots of furniture, accessories of all kinds, and a large carpet. If you are more of a minimalist, this room might not be your cup of tea, however, for those who are rather charmed with welcoming and cozy layouts, this one is for you! 10) A well-lit contemporary TV room Photo: Tu casa Lastly, yet another custom-made console that can be fitting with your preferences and decor ideas. The shelves can also be filled with toys, records, or books! Although the room is on the smaller side, the wood-accented decor rectifies this shortcoming allowing for a timeless decor that is easily redesigned based on individual needs and preferences. Here are similar articles to help you redesign your family room: Renovation Inspirations: 10 examples of living room layout and decor 10 renovation projects to transform your basement 10 renovations to transform your living room! 10 original paint colour ideas for your living room

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