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7 ceramic stores on the South Shore of Montreal


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7 ceramic stores on the South Shore of Montreal

Flooring7 ceramic stores on the South Shore of Montreal

Are you shopping for ceramic tiles to spruce up your kitchen, living room or bathroom? Well, you are absolutely right, since ceramic has a charm and an allure that can only enhance the cachet of your home. The choice of styles and colors has never been wider for this timeless material.

Ceramic is unequivocally one of the most resistant and durable coatings. Made of minerals and clay, the surface of the ceramic is not very porous, which facilitates its cleaning and maintenance.

Because we know that renovations are often synonymous with headaches, we decided to help you with your shopping. Here are 7 stores where to buy your ceramic tiles on the South Shore of Montreal.

7 ceramic stores on the South Shore of Montreal

pièce sol céramique

1. Éco-Dépôt Céramique 3555 Boul. Taschereau, St-Hubert

Éco-Dépôt Céramique is a specialized store offering a wide choice of ceramic and porcelain tiles. The brand has a showroom where you can directly view the new concepts available for kitchens and bathrooms. Several ranges of coverings are available, so you will surely find what you are looking for among the different marble, slate and mosaic tiles on offer.

Éco-Dépôt Céramique also has stores in Laval and Montreal. A team of designers is at your disposal to advise you on your construction or renovation project. This brand was elected 2018 Consumer Choice of Greater Montreal for the third year in a row.

2. Céramique Rosa Elite 2650 rue de Lorimier, Longueuil

Céramique Rosa Elite is a team of consultants passionate about design who will inevitably be able to help you in your choice of ceramics. The store works with certified tilers who guarantee compliance with quality standards in construction. Whether you want to give a chic or contemporary look to your room, at Céramique Rosa Elite, you will find the tiles you need. From sober to more vibrant colors, their selection of tiles is affordable and comes in several textures.

If you want to do your renovations yourself, know that the store offers installation materials as well as cutting and installation tools. Also, the advisers offer to review with you all the stages of renovation to bring you their expertise and suggest the most suitable products for your project.

céramique plancher

3. Plancher 2000 470 Roland-Therrien, Longueuil

A specialist in hardwood and stairs since its creation, Plancher 2000 broadened its horizons in 2003 by integrating ceramics into its product line. Concerned about the environment, this brand markets products that meet the highest environmental standards and thus ensure the quality of its products. Plancher 2000 is also concerned about the health of residents since the brand offers different types of hypoallergenic and antibacterial products.

If you are hesitant to visit the store, then take a look at the types of ceramics offered on the brand's website. You will also find a variety of tips on installing and maintaining the different types of floors sold in stores.

4. Lanctôt 740 Rue Jean-Neveu (Office 103), Longueuil

Located in Longueuil, Lanctôt offers a wide choice of products with a wide selection of ceramic floors. Whether for a residential or commercial project, you will find in this store designers and consultants specially trained to help you choose the type of installation that will meet your needs.

Lanctôt offers several services in addition to the sale of floor coverings. You will be able to have the products delivered to your home since the store serves the entire greater Montreal area from its warehouse-store in Saint-Isidore and the Longueuil branch.

It should be noted that the brand has 30 teams of installers. The practical side of this brand is the assistance given to the customer. If you are having trouble estimating the amount of material required for your project, a specialist can come directly to your home free of charge to measure the parts to be covered and determine the quantity needed.

céramique plancher

5. Les Géants du Couvre-Plancher 789 (2e Rue), Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Associated with Déco-Surface Floor Covering and Decoration, the Floor Covering Giants have a reputation that is well established. The team members are experienced professionnals and will be able to guide you in the event that you are carrying out your renovations yourself.

The store offers a wide selection of ceramic installation products including mortars, various glues, grouts, sealants and leveling materials. You will also find a range of accessories to complete and enhance your installation, such as aluminum or PVC moldings, transition moldings or even profiles for floor and wall coverings.

6. Céramique Graveline 1820 boul. Laurier Est, Saint-Hyacinthe

Céramique Graveline is a family business created in 1961. When it opened, this store was located in the basement of the family residence, but it moved in 1971 to downtown Saint-Hyacinthe to facilitate access to their customer base. In December 2000, the brand began to specialize in ceramics after having long been a general store in floors and floor coverings.

7. La Tuilerie 3324 Boulevard Taschereau, Longueuil

La Tuilerie is a company specializing in the sale of ceramics of all kinds. The first branch opened 30 years ago in the Montreal neighborhood of Outremont. Since then, 6 other stores have been opened.

La Tuilerie

Source: La Tuilerie

Good to know

  • Ceramic tiles are available in different textures, patterns and colors ;

  • In some cases, ceramic tiles can be installed over other floorings ;

  • This material is resistant to scratches, stains and chemical products ;

  • Ceramic is incombustible and fireproof. It is compatible with radiant heated flooring systems.

Here are a few interesting articles about ceramic published on our renovation blog: 

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