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8 Tips to Turn Your Deck into the Ultimate Outdoor Space

8 Tips to Turn Your Deck into the Ultimate Outdoor Space

Exterior renovations8 Tips to Turn Your Deck into the Ultimate Outdoor Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a deck or an outdoor space of some kind adjacent to your home, you also know, without a doubt, that it’s a huge responsibility. While a deck is a super-valued and sought-after commodity, it can also quickly turn into a thing of pure chaos. 

The decking may get damaged, weeds can grow in between the boards, and the overall comfort that was once experienced can quickly lapse and render the space unused. 

If you’re looking to revamp your wooden deck, note that it’s doable, but it’ll require a great deal of effort. The trick is to focus on strategic factors that’ll improve the overall aesthetic aspect while still favouring comfort over all else. 

Discover 8 Tips to Turn Your Deck into a Modern and Cozy Living Space

wooden deck

Source: Canva

1- Optimize shading 

A deck is typically positioned to get maximum sun exposure, in such a way that it’s enjoyable year-round. However, at the height of summer, it may be wise for one to also be able to benefit from a bit of shade.

In this regard, you can proceed in a few different ways:

  • Sunshade;

  • Awning;

  • A reed screening or plant-covered gazebo;

  • Pergola.

If you’re looking to maximize both energy savings and comfort, the bioclimatic pergola is the perfect system for you. 

2- Ensure comfort

The sun isn’t the sole element you’ll eventually face. Rain is also another factor that can quickly deter you from using your deck. 

So, don’t skip over creating a space on your deck or outdoor space that’s fully sheltered. For instance, it could be a clear awning that can fit a table and a few chairs. 

To fine-tune your project, consider adding gutters and even building a slope on the ground by your deck, that way, rainwater will drain away from it, and do so much faster. 

3- Maximize salvaging

Albeit setting up a brand-new wooden deck is a good idea to maximize its service life, this train of thought doesn’t have to extend to its decorative elements. 

In fact, salvaging and recycling is in right now. Pallet wood, old pottery, wrought iron, driftwood, and other finds can help you add a touch of boho-chic warmth to your deck. 

4- Foster privacy

wooden deck

Source: Canva

If your deck or outdoor space is adjacent to your neighbour’s yard or runs along a public thoroughfare, you absolutely must increase your sense of privacy. 

For this purpose, you can always add a hedge or palisade, whatever suits your taste. Palisade walls and privacy screens come in wood, panels, PVC composite, or concrete. For hedges, make sure you choose the right balance between quick growth and maintenance. 

Feel free to mix and match your favourites, like building a green wall on a palisade.

5- Plant seeds

wooden deck

Source: Canva

Most likely, your deck has a few planters. No matter their size, know how to make them bloom beautifully during summer and clean and tidy over winter.

One trick that never goes out of style is planting as many plants and flowers as possible, to truly fill your planters to the brim to get that very full, oversized look.

Lastly, mulch, bark nuggets, or something else altogether, will help with weed control while still creating clean landscaping, visually speaking. 

6- Organize lighting

Lighting a deck is a definite must: it’s both practical and a token of modernity.

Opt for a choice of lighting that’s split 3 ways:

  • Direct lighting, like a light hanging from a pergola;

  • Indirect lighting, like a wide-beam lamp post;

  • Concealed light, ideally hidden under a bench or behind the planters.

Also, don’t hesitate to go for smart bulbs (WiFi connected), they’ll make your life easier and help you create the desired ambience. 

7- Focus on seating

Nowadays, a simple plastic table with a few sun-faded green chairs isn’t enough. Modern outdoor spaces call for high-end, wood or composite, patio furniture that’s fitted with plenty of cushions, throw pillows, and colourful accent drapes.

Depending on the chosen vibe, go for faux fur accent pieces to create a Scandinavian-like look or hammocks for a lounge-like effect.

8- Plan for storage space

Last but not least, your deck or outdoor space needs some kind of storage system. In the latter, you can store small tools, items and objects that can’t be exposed to bad weather, not to mention your kids’ toys. 

Some patio furniture pieces feature built-in storage solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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