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What Are the Latest Backyard Design Trends?

What Are the Latest Backyard Design Trends?

Exterior renovationsWhat Are the Latest Backyard Design Trends?

Are you picturing yourself sunbathing? Whilst you're daydreaming, chances are you're wondering what your backyard ought to look like next summer. To learn more about the current trends, keep reading!

Current Backyard Trends

A boho-inspired look for a softer approach


Source: Canva

The vibe is bohemian-inspired and soft. So, how can you make that happen in your own backyard? In terms of materials, soft or white woods, and light organic materials like linen, straw, and sand is the best way to go. As for accessories, colourful rugs, dreamcatchers, and swings are all the rage if you want to create that very typical boho-chic look. 

Setting up a pretty, weathered-looking wood shed complete with comfy seating and a few flower bouquets is the perfect way to bring this latest boho-chic trend to life right here, in your backyard. An antique-looking gate, wrought-iron chandeliers, or a wooden ladder can also help evoke a sense of aesthetic and artistic appeal within your space. You can also take it up a notch and hang outdoor frames; these will definitely add to your already awe-inspiring space!

Hydroponics, green wall, back to basics!


Source: Canva

If landscaping conjures thoughts of flowerbeds in your backyard, keep in mind that there's so much more to be done with your precious plants! Trending this year: potted plants. They’re always front and centre, whether they're hung or in planters.

Landscaping also materializes in building green walls, the latter being especially practical in restricted spaces or in city apartment buildings. Note that green walls have countless benefits, such as:

  • Improves air quality;

  • Absorbs rainwater;

  • Can mitigate heat islands;

  • Creates a space that ensures a building’s thermal regulation.

Experiment with growing vegetables and aromatic herbs

Now that’s a breath of fresh air that’s also a true return to basics!

Having a home garden is always trendy. In fact, vegetable gardens have made their way back on the scene over the last few years. Driven by growing vegetarianism and rising grocery store prices, there’s a whole new range of ways to grow vegetables. While tomatoes and cucumbers are common crops, it's equally interesting to plant protein-packed vegetables such as legumes and greens like spinach. The point here is to mix herbs and vegetables. Try growing fruits and vegetables you haven’t tried before.  

A wee hodgepodge, please!

Not everything has to be cut and trimmed to perfection. Let nature take its course and bushy shrubs bloom at will. People literally want to find themselves amongst nature instead of in a perfectly manicured space. On that note, let it be said that green walls, which are self-sufficient gardens, are perfectly suited to this trend. Forging a connection with nature also means learning to appreciate its imperfections. Let nature take its course and life take its place.

Seeing inside out


Source: Canva

Since people no longer want to create a boundary between inside and outside, we’re thus using similar materials inside as outside. To achieve such a look, options aren’t what’s lacking: growing potted herbs in your kitchen, designing an outdoor patio that’s easily accessible through your kitchen or living room, or creating a breakfast-type nook that’s embedded in your backyard’s design.

Say goodbye to divided spaces and say hello to casual settings in which all the different components blend together seamlessly to form a single, large space.

A lounge area, why not!

Make space for a dedicated, cozy lounge area in your backyard. Whether you decide to opt for a pergola or a gazebo, you can let climbers and vines make it their home and fit a patio set that combines soft fabrics and comfort.

Did you know that cane rattan is back and unapologetic? At once traditional and lightweight, it adds a unique touch to any lounge area. Otherwise, you can create a sun-shaded spot with the help of bamboo panels.

Colours, and more colours!

As far as the featured colour scheme goes, you'll want to leave plenty of wiggle room for bright, festive shades. As long as you choose hues that bring out the best in your furnishings and decorative elements, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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