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Ceramic Flooring in a Home: Pros and Cons | Renovation Quotes


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Ceramic Flooring in a Home: Pros and Cons | Renovation Quotes

FlooringCeramic Flooring in a Home: Pros and Cons | Renovation Quotes

Ceramic flooring holds numerous advantages. In addition to being resistant and quite durable, it requires very little maintenance and can considerably increase the value of a house. It can be used as a flooring surface, as well as a wall covering, namely in the bathroom.

It can also work as a backsplash over kitchen countertops. Several options are available. Let’s look over this particular material’s main characteristics:

Different sizes, textures and colours are available on the market. In order to pick the right one, one has to consider the size of the room, as well as the amount of traffic (the number of people that will use it). Certain colours, such as red and cobalt blue, are more fragile than others and will show signs of wear quicker than others if they experience a lot of wear and tear.

Also, during the buying process, it is preferable to buy a few extra tiles, considering the amount needed to cover the full surface. Even though it’s a very resistant material, over the course of its lifetime, it might be damaged by an accident. For example, a falling object could crack a tile or leave a mark.

By purchasing a few extra tiles, it will be easier to replace any damaged elements using the same colour. Since retailers cannot guarantee that one model will be available forever, it’s better to stock up instead of having to go out on a complicated scavenger hunt to find similar tiles. Using tiles that are similar but not exactly the same would give off an odd result. A small detail which could make a huge difference all in all

Ceramic flooring

Flooring: an important part of a room's decor

As mentioned in the previous lines, ceramic tiles are available in several designs, shades and formats. As such, the floor becomes a decorative element in the room. Using your imagination, you are free to opt for tiles that fit your taste, including unique designs and setups. Alternating different tile colours is a popular option: who has never seen the famous black and white tile flooring setup?

For a look that feels more exotic, terracotta is a classic choice. With its warm earthy tones, it can work well for kitchen floors, especially when used along with tiles that have different designs. They can also be mixed with marble tiles to give off another effect. Current trends lean towards larger sizes, especially in smaller rooms, as they make the area look bigger.

Photo: Consoglobe

Ceramic flooring: how much does it cost?

Prices for ceramic tiles vary from one extreme to another. Standard tiles will cost about $10 for a box containing approx. 10 tiles, depending on the company. However, the price can increase quickly, with certain mosaic tiles costing up to $200 per box, for the same amount of tiles. These prices were found on a hardware store website in 2019 and may vary from one place to another.

However, as mentioned before in this article, ceramic is a durable product and it requires little maintenance.  Therefore, you won’t be faced with extra costs and maintenance fees. Do make sure to check the quality level of the product as well as the cooking temperature, if possible. Certain ceramic tiles are more resistant than others, depending on the fabrication process.

Try to access this information by asking your salesperson. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to make an informed choice when comes the times to pick your material. Once again, in the end, your choices will depend on your taste and your budget.

Lastly, ceramic tiles are very useful if you’re looking to install a heating floor. This material diffuses the heat evenly, which can be very practical since it tends to be a much colder surface, compared to wood. Another one of the main advantages of this type of flooring!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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