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What type of sink should you install in your bathroom?


6 min read

What type of sink should you install in your bathroom?

BathroomWhat type of sink should you install in your bathroom?

It could easily be argued that the bathroom sink is the centrepiece of the room, setting the tone for how the room functions. You may not have given it too much thought, but the sink you choose for your bathroom should be picked in relation to your lifestyle.

If you have a large family, you’ll want to consider certain models in comparison with those living on their own or even further for sinks that are purchased for a guest bathroom and thus, not used as often. There are plenty of points to consider when it comes to choosing a bathroom sink, so read on for all of the details on the type of sink that’s right for your home!

What type of sink should you install in your bathroom?

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sink to install in your bathroom

Source: Wikipedia Commons

A pedestal sink is good for bathrooms where storage isn’t a crucial concern, as there is generally no space underneath for storage. These sinks suit a modern home, as they are sleek and sophisticated.

Pedestal sinks come in two pieces; the basin is usually mounted on the back wall and then secured atop a pedestal which reaches down to the floor. The drainpipe will live inside the pedestal portion of the sink, and thus be discreetly hidden.

We’d recommend this type of sink for smaller bathrooms or places that don’t require too much storage. A guest or en-suite bathroom is a good place for this type of sink. If you’re particularly attached to this style, a pedestal sink could also work in a place where there is already enough alternative storage to suffice.

Since this sink has such a streamlined and refined feel, it could easily enhance an otherwise basic or boring bathroom. However, it’s worth mentioning that since the sink needs to be attached to a wall, it will be necessary to install blocking if it doesn’t exist already. Again, a pedestal sink is accompanied by no storage space, so if you don’t already have a counter, cabinet or shelving then this might not be a viable option.

Wall-mounted sink

Wall mounted sink to install in your bathroom

Source: Unsplash

Wall mounted sinks are fairly common and are recognizable by the open space available underneath. The way these sinks work is fairly self-explanatory, as they attach to the wall that sits directly behind them. These sinks are similar to the aforementioned pedestal sinks, and in some cases come with shrouds that work to cover the plumbing. When this happens, they can be referred to as “semi pedestal sinks.”

Again, this style sink is best for a smaller bathroom, as it takes up a limited amount of space and takes up no floor space whatsoever. If you’re living with someone who has reduced mobility or operates in a wheelchair, then a wall mounted sink will be perfect for your bathroom as most models provide adequate wheelchair access. In a similar fashion to the pedestal sink, blocking will need to be installed on the wall and again, will come with no form of storage.

Integral Sink

Integral sink to install in your bathroom

Source : Canva

This style sink is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a countertop to accompany the sink. These are well loved in the modern home for their neat and seamless design. They can be found on the market in a wide variety of materials, and due to their style, they are one of the easier models to clean. Not only do these sinks look and feel polished, but the installation process itself is easy, as both sink and countertop are installed at the same time.

If your family or loved ones have a lot of hair or work with a lot of products during their morning or evening routine, then the integral sink might be an excellent option, as the single piece means no spaces for capturing dirt, hair or other remains from various products.

However, the single piece of the sink plus counter could be detrimental in some situations. If the sink experiences any damage, it will be necessary to replace the countertop as well. Also, it doesn’t allow for any room if you’re having to mix and match colours, styles or textures. If you’re on the creative side, then you might consider one of the other sink options on our list.

Drop-in Sink

Drop-in sink to install in your bathroom

Source: Canva

A drop-in sink is sometimes called a self-rimming sink and is made to fit snuggly inside a hole that’s cut in the countertop. When installed, the rim of the sink will rest on the edge of the hole and be secured in place with waterproof sealant or silicone caulk. The fixtures such as the faucet will need to be installed at the back of the rim, but most models will be purchased with the necessary holes in place for installation. This style sink is usually accompanied by a vanity, as it will work to hide the drainpipe and water supplies. If you need additional storage in your bathroom, this should work in your favour.

Unfortunately, if you have small children, we wouldn’t recommend a drop-in sink. This is because the rim of the sink makes it incredibly difficult to wipe water from the counter back into the sink basin. Since kids are usually messy and somewhat clumsy when it comes to water, clean up will prove challenging. Also worth noting is this style of sink isn’t the sleekest, and thus, likely won’t be favoured by an overtly modern homeowner.

Undermount Sink

Undermount sink to install in your bathroom

Source: Canva

In contrast to a drop-in sink, an undermount sink is attached to an already existing countertop from below. This necessitates the counter edges being finished instead of remaining rough cut as they do with a drop-in sink. These are much more stylish and sleeker than drop-in sinks and can work for households with children, as they allow for water to be wiped back into the basin.

It's important to bear in mind that an undermount sink cannot be retrofit unless you are removing the top of the vanity. Another point is that since the edges of the cut-out are exposed, you are only able to work with waterproof countertop materials, such as granite, marble or other solid surfaces.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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