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10 examples of shower models for your bathroom


5 min read

10 examples of shower models for your bathroom

Bathroom10 examples of shower models for your bathroom

Thinking of replacing your shower to offer your bathroom a little extra flair? There are plenty of options! Here are some of the possibilities available for you to carry out a new renovation project.

10 examples of shower models for your bathroom

1- A window design for the shower door

douche blanche_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Obviously, the marriage of black and white still compels us! Here, we appreciate the presence of two completely different tile designs, this duality creates a contrast that’s both magnificent and subtle. While it’s rare to choose a window-like look for a shower door, this option is definitely a winner! This preserves the much appreciated transparent glass while being a bit more original than traditional glass!

2- Mediterranean tiles and a classic showerhead

douche avec tuiles bleues_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Mediterranean tiles are as versatile as they are pretty! Whether installed in the kitchen or shower, they pave the way for creating a classic design and decor. Paired with an antique brushed brass showerhead, these tiles inspire elegance and sophistication. The stark white wall balances the design while enhancing the finesse of the tile pattern.

3- Pink and gray for a minimal and elegant look

douche grise et rose_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Pink may rarely be the first choice that comes to mind when choosing a colour for shower tiles,  but in this case, it creates a rather soft design. Visually, the juxtaposition of rectangular tiles to create an illusion of triangles is very interesting. Gray goes very well with pink and will certainly appeal to lovers of modern decor.

4- Two tile designs for a successful contrast

douche blanche et bleue_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

The integration of different shower tiles in many colours and shapes provides a striking visual contrast for your shower. Moreso, when the tiles are grouped in the design’s center, the contrast is even more striking. The small blue tiles are as refined as they are pretty. They also help to break with the decor’s uniformity. Note that the glossy finish of the tiles, as well as the transparency of the corner shelves of the tub-shower, add an interesting touch of shine.

5- Tiles with an original design

douche bleue_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

We’re all familiar with square, rectangular or hexagonal tiles, but not so much with a half-moon shape. As in the previous example, the turquoise contrasts with the immaculate white of the other tiles. The whole look is vibrant and colourful, while keeping things clean. This example shows that you shouldn't be afraid to play with colour, even around your shower!

6- Rock and wood as a floor covering

douche avec éléments naturels_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This shower design is obviously the most original of all! You rarely see stones and wood for shower flooring. This daring look reminds us of the beauty of nature and helps contribute to establishing a zen and soothing atmosphere. The black and brown that adorn the wall tiles beautifully complement the tint of the wood at ground level. Note that the tile’s raw finish also contributes to harnessing this natural decor.

7- 3D and the effect of continuity

douche avec tuiles carrées_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

It’s often stressed that it’s advantageous to use a single type of tile and therefore, to install it on both the walls and floors. This aesthetic choice makes it possible to take advantage of the effect of continuity, which works to visually enlarge a space.

The optical illusion produced by the cube-shaped tiles also accentuates the perception of a larger interior. The use of wood in the shower is quite surprising, but we’d like to recognize that the pale shade of wood (similar to that of bamboo) is conducive to relaxation!

8- A duo of contrasts and a reinvented classic design 

douche noire et blanche_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Black and white are back! Once again, white serves to create an opposition with a darker colour, which is accentuated equally by the very different dimensions of the two tile models used. If you’re going for a conventional look, the fact remains that this will exude a great presence. It just goes to show that the classics are timeless!

9- Glossy blue in the spotlight

douche bleue et blanche_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Those who adore bright colours will surely be tempted to opt for a design as colourful as this one! The tiles are stunning, both for their vibrant shade and for their glossy finish. What about the flooring? The creation of a flower motif on this floor is a change from plain flooring and reminds us that being daring can pay off!

10- Metallic and coloured tiles for a unique look!

tuiles colorées_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This look is surprising, to say the least! While it’s no longer uncommon to see metal tiles in a kitchen, it’s far less common to see them in the bathroom. This is all the more true when they’re multi-coloured! We imagine that this look won’t appeal to everyone, but it's a safe bet that it’ll seduce some!

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