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Cost of Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Cost of Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Interior renovationsCost of Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Whether your kitchen is classic, modern, or farmhouse-inspired, it remains one of the most important parts of your home and renovating it has to be a project of its own. Given that it’s a focal point for gatherings and conversation, your kitchen has to be ergonomic and entirely tailored to your needs.

Since this is an area of the house that’s loaded with small appliances and utensils of all kinds, storage is an important aspect of its overall functionality. And, considering that your kitchen is unique, and your needs specific, building custom-made cabinets is the best way to ensure maximum comfort and optimal use of the space you have available.

Custom-Made Cabinets: A Turnkey Solution

custom-made kitchen cabinets

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In Quebec, there are many custom kitchen manufacturers. Unlike large furniture stores, kitchen designers offer a personalized service whereby each client benefits from tailored assistance. Moreover, showrooms are usually made accessible by appointment to ensure that an expert is available to assist the client during their visit.

The benefit of hiring a kitchen designer for your kitchen remodel is that every project mirrors the careful assessment of your needs, with an emphasis on technical and functional constraints. The kitchen designer builds unique pieces according to the actual dimensions of your kitchen.

The process is quite simple: An initial meeting is held with the kitchen designer to establish your needs and to provide you with information on the products offered. Then, the interior designer will come to your home to take the necessary measurements. Once done, they’ll produce a 3D model of your kitchen, which will allow you to preview the whole thing.

After the custom cabinets have been approved by the client, the original design model is reviewed and adapted accordingly for production. Next, the various parts are manufactured and assembled before applying the finishing touches and installing the hardware.

Every cabinet is thoroughly checked, disassembled, packed, and delivered to the client's home for re-assembly in their kitchen. This process is meticulous and precise, ensuring that the client receives the highest possible quality of work and service.

Why Choose Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets?

Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

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Regardless of the selected design, building custom cabinets means you'll be informed regarding the different materials used during production. In large furniture stores, the employees are primarily sales associates rather than material specialists.

The benefit of hiring a kitchen designer is that you’ll be able to choose the material from which the cabinets are made, as well as their colour and hardware. The person responsible will keep you informed on the various features, including all materials used and will give you a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of each, all the while lending you their expertise ensuring that you’re making a choice that’ll definitely meet your specific needs.

With custom-made products, the strength, durability, cost, and eco-friendly features that are associated with each are perfectly defined.

More often than not, showrooms have a material library that allows one to take a peek at the different materials and colours available. That way, you can get a preview of the different finishes of lacquer, polymer, wood veneers, and any other material that will help you envision the finished product.

Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets: Cost Overview

As you might have guessed, custom-made cabinets are, as a matter of fact, customized! There's no such thing as a compromise: you choose the design, materials, hardware, and colour of your cabinets. However, this little luxury comes at a price! A team of designers, cabinetmakers, and installers will work together to make your project a reality. Labour costs vary from one kitchen designer to the next, and said price is often included in the final cost of the project. However, the price of materials and hardware is most often dependent on their quality.

Average Price of Custom-Made Cabinets

Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Source: Canva

Melamine – Starting at $18 per linear foot

Melamine is a material that is characterized by its smooth finish, which can replicate wood, such as white oak, bamboo, or walnut. It's ideal for modern-style kitchens, it’s also inexpensive and suits most budgets.

Polymer (or thermoplastic) – Starting at $30 per linear foot

Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Source: Canva

This material is available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and finishes. This material can be easily moulded directly to surfaces on which it's applied, therefore, recreating wood-like patterns and panels without joints is a possibility.

Polyester – Starting at $30 per linear foot

Polyester cabinet doors have a natural colour and texture, one that is similar to wood. Moreover, this material is perfectly suited for cabinet doors with mouldings. It's scratch- and heat-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Acrylic – Starting at $72 per linear foot

Acrylic has the added benefit of being UV ray-resistant and of preserving its sheen over the years. It's ideal for modern kitchens, and it's highly resistant to impact and shines like fine glass.

Lacquer – Starting at $96 per linear foot

Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Source: Canva

The lacquered look adds a certain luxury and glamour to your kitchen cabinet doors, making your cabinetry appear upscale and sleek. For a minimum of $80 per linear foot, you can choose between several finishes such as satin, opaque, or glossy (which is a tad more expensive).

Wood – Starting at $120 per linear foot

Wood, which is utterly timeless, suits all kitchen styles. This traditional material gives your space an undeniable character and can be painted or stained to match the rest of the furniture. Wood has a unique, warm visual appeal and can be maintained for decades.

Handles – Between $5 and $50 per unit

After tackling cabinet panels and doors, it's time to focus on the hardware. Stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, aged copper, or brushed nickel, the materials are endless. The price depends largely on the material you choose but also fluctuates depending on the size and design of each unit.

Cabinet Materials and Hardware


From $18/linear foot

Polymer (or thermoplastic)

From $30/linear foot


From $30/linear foot


From $72/linear foot


From $96/linear foot


From $120/linear foot


Between $5 and $40 per unit

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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