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Renovation Ideas: 10 Kitchen Sink Examples


7 min read

Renovation Ideas: 10 Kitchen Sink Examples

KitchenRenovation Ideas: 10 Kitchen Sink Examples

Do you have to change your old kitchen sink? The models available on the market are just as wide-ranging as they are diverse, meaning finding the right sink for the job can be quite tricky! To help guide your decision, here’s a rundown of the leading sink models.

Kitchen Sinks: The Different Models Available

1) Undermount sink

Source: Canva

As of now, the undermount sink is a fan favourite for homeowners, and there are several reasons why. Firstly, since not one of the sink’s edges is exposed, there’s no need to caulk around the rim during the final installation step. As is common knowledge, caulk joints typically end up soiled in whatever grime builds up around the sink and require thorough and frequent cleanings to get rid of it and maintain a clean space. Since the undermount sink doesn’t have any, you don’t have to constantly clean the rim of your sink to ensure it stays clean. 

Secondly, note that an undermount sink has a sleek design, meaning it’s the right pick for modern-forward décors. 

2) Double bowl stainless steel sink

Source: Canva

Besides being larger than standard sinks, the double-bowl kitchen sink is also convenient for dishwasher-less individuals who have to handwash their pans, plates, and glasses. Hence, with two basins, you can wash dishes in one and let them dry in the other. Since a drying rack can be placed in one basin, your countertop stays unencumbered. 

However, note the size of each bowl. If one bowl is smaller than the other, it may be harder to install a drying rack or comfortably clean larger pots and pans. 

Keep in mind that there’s a very practical alternative to the double bowl sink, such as the model that features a low divider. Why is this model appealing, you ask? Simply because this sink model can be used two ways: as a double-bowl sink and a single-bowl sink if you choose to use both simultaneously.

3) White farmhouse kitchen sink

Source: Canva

A staple in any rustic-looking kitchen, the farmhouse sink model is typically undermount. As above-mentioned, an undermount sink doesn’t require as much maintenance and care as a standard sink with visible caulking. What distinguishes a farmhouse sink from a traditional undermount sink is its visible apron front. 

Note that a farmhouse sink is typically larger than most, which makes handwashing big pots and pans rather easier. And, since there’s a flip side to every coin, note that with an apron front, you have to be a little more careful to prevent water from dripping over the sink's edge. 

Let’s wrap up this section by saying that there are now stainless steel apron-front sinks, which perfectly suit modern décors. 

Need some guidance to purchase your future kitchen sink? Check out Our Kitchen Sink Shopping Guide as well as our article How to Choose Your Kitchen Sink.

4) Sink with a drainboard

Source: Canva

A sink and drainboard combo is a worthwhile option for those living in tighter quarters. Drainboards will typically have three raised edges, therefore retaining the water dripping from the dishes, while the side closest to the basin allows the water to drain inside the sink. This whole setup is highly practical, especially when it comes to a double-bowl sink with both basins serving to handwash dishes. 

The only known downside with this type of sink is that it’s on the smaller side. However, for small-sized kitchens, it can be perceived as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to have a great big kitchen, best to go with a larger sink size. 

5) Drop-in sink

Source: Canva

Due to its affordable pricing, a drop-in sink is certainly a crowd favourite. Albeit it’s certainly valuable in terms of value for money, its installation does require caulking as a final step. 

As such, the sink’s edges do need to be regularly cleaned using a wet rag to prevent a build-up of grime. If the drop-in sink solely has one basin, you’ll have to plan for a drainboard or some other sort of drying rack next to the sink to dry recently washed dishes. 

6) Cast iron sink

Source: Canva

A centrepiece in many farmhouse-inspired kitchens, the cast iron sink is actually making a striking comeback. While the white enamelled cast iron sink is most common, there are now various versions of it. In fact, you can actually get a yellow, red, blue, or pink one! Classic sinks are revisited and revamped, opening doors to new decoration trends. 

Some models even have a thicker-than-normal enamelled finish, which mitigates scratches and stains. However, you’ll still need to be careful when using abrasive products, and preferably, install a grid on the bottom of the basin to prevent early onset wearing. 

7) Kitchen island sink

Source: Canva

Here, albeit it’s mainly a question of trend, rather than a sink model in itself, adding a sink to your kitchen island is certainly worth the hype. Truth be told, moving forward with this choice has one definite advantage: being able to handwash dishes scattered about without having to turn your back on your guests. 

While some prefer to wait for their guests to leave before tackling this less-than-appealing chore, others are happy to chitchat with their loved ones while getting a head start on dishes. Proof in point that sometimes, you can mingle useful and enjoyable.

Lacking in the inspiration department when it comes to choosing your future kitchen island? Check out our article 5 Kitchen Islands That’ll Transform Your Kitchen

8) A matching sink and countertop

Source: Canva

While this option is often overlooked, you can always get a sink that matches your countertop material. Without a doubt, choosing a stainless steel sink and countertop combo isn’t all too common, but you can always decide to go for a Corian countertop and sink. 

Given that the sink will be polished post-installation, the joints will then be concealed. The quality of the finish makes for a flawless result, which is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, note that a sink made with Corian isn’t always available in the colour palette one is accustomed to, which is why it’s best to inquire prior to settling for this option. 

9) A black sink for a modern aesthetic

Source: Canva

While current trends are still manifesting a strong interest in stainless steel kitchen sinks, why not go with a completely different route by casting your choice on a black sink? While some will prefer a matte finish, keep in mind that a black sink perfectly suits a modern or rustic décor or even a vintage one if that’s your thing. 

That said, if you’re planning a kitchen renovation somewhere down the line, you can most likely keep this sink model in mind without fear of it clashing with your décor as a whole. 

10) Round kitchen sink

Source: Canva

Landing on a round bathroom sink isn’t much of an oddity, while the same can’t be said about a kitchen sink. Whether it be big or small, a round sink is definitely a unique, contemporary look. 

While some do say that it’s harder to maximize the space available inside the basin due to its shape, a round sink adds an undeniable, unique flair to any kitchen. Keep in mind that it can be used as a prep sink to wash your fruits and vegetables.

Want to sneak peek at the cost of your kitchen renovation project? Try out our cost estimator, and while you’re at it, check out our 2023 Kitchen Renovation Price Guide.

Are you in the midst of planning of kitchen renovation? Download our super useful checklist that’ll guide you through each and every step of the project. 

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Last modified 2023-11-20

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