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10 Essential Items for Your Home Office | Renovation Quotes

10 Essential Items for Your Home Office | Renovation Quotes

Interior renovations10 Essential Items for Your Home Office | Renovation Quotes

Working from home might feel alienating, but with today's modern technologies, more and more people are adopting this lifestyle choice. Whatever your reason for working from home, it doesn't have to be a bore. There are plenty of ways to breathe new life and get creative with your home office space.

If you've been considering taking on this DIY project but aren't sure about the essentials, look no further! We've got you covered. There are plenty of items to include in a home office, but has compiled a list of the most important factors and things to include when creating a beautiful at home office.

The essentials for your office at home!

1- Location

the 10 essentials for your office at home

Source: Canva

Maybe your home has an extra room that doesn’t have a designated purpose yet? Or maybe you live in an apartment that isn’t large enough to have a dedicated room for an office? Whatever the case, choosing a location for your office is important, as you’ll want the area you choose to boost productivity while maintaining some factors like privacy, silence and natural light.

For smaller homes, the “cloffice” is growing in popularity. The title of the space is self-explanatory and is a closet that has been converted into a small office. For homes with a bit more space and rooms to choose from, consider the importance of light and sound, and pick a place based on these factors.

2- Proper Lighting

the 10 essentials for your office at home

Source: Canva

As we mentioned, proper lighting is essential to fostering productivity and keeping good vibes in your home office. Natural lighting is very important. Not only does it provide vitamin D, but it’ll help keep you awake during those long workdays. If natural light isn’t available, then make sure spotlights and lamps are aplenty. You’ll need correct lighting to avoid eye problems in the future, as well as being uplifting and improving your overall demeanour. 

3- Comfortable Desk

the 10 essentials for your office at home

Source: Canva

A cool and comfortable desk is the starting ground for any home office, and as they say, this is where the magic happens. This is one of the most important elements in your home office, and thus, must be the right fit for the space and for your physical comfort! Consider all the elements that make up a desk, including height, depth, storage as well as free space. Ideal seat height, as well as sitting elbow height, are key to choosing a desk, so if you’re at your local furniture store make sure to sit behind a few before buying, to find the right desk for your body!

Another style of desk that is growing in popularity is the sit-to-stand office desk. Standing desks are said to improve productivity and are great for physical wellness, so this is an option worth considering if you have the space. Do not choose a desk-based solely on looks, but instead consider all of the factors we’ve listed to make the most of your home office!

4- Comfortable Office Chair

the 10 essentials for your office at home

Source: Canva

If you’re working from a seated desk, it is likely you’ll need a chair to support yourself to work. At any office, plenty of time is spent sitting in the chair, and therefore, it is important that it be very supportive and comfortable. Do not buy the cheapest chair on the market, and consider an expensive and high-quality chair an investment in your productivity as well as your overall health. Factors to privilege when choosing a chair include ample cushioning on the seat, straight back as well as adjustable height and tilt options. Also, try to find a chair without armrests, as they only serve to get in the way!

5- Dual Monitors

Source: Canva

If you’re working on a computer, consider integrating two monitors into your workspace. Experts claim that having two monitors boosts productivity and allows for more space to spread out and organize yourself. Having ample space can help you to keep calm and carry on working! Keep multiple tabs open on either screen, allowing you to keep work and more playful sights that you might be browsing separately. You can even use both a desktop computer as well as a personal laptop, connecting the two by way of an HDMI cable or internal connection.

When choosing monitors or a computer, consider monitor height as well as keyboard positioning. Make sure that when typing, your shoulders are relaxed, and upper arm and forearm are at a right angle. Further, your monitor should sit at arm's length, and positioned away from the sun to avoid obvious glare.

6- Filing Cabinet

Source: Canva

You’ll want to keep your home office as organized as possible, and one way to make sure this happens is with filing system and cabinets. You’ll need a place to keep your important documents, and a traditional filing cabinet with pull out drawers usually does the trick. If you’re not into this look and want more of a minimalist vibe for your home office, consider a small, open-faced shelving unit with some see-through cubes that you can neatly store paperwork in.

Also, worth considering if you’re working with a smaller space is a multi-purpose cabinet which can incorporate a mini-fridge at the base or a display area for family photos. Whichever unit you choose, make sure it vibes with the overall look of the room!

7- Printer/Scanner

the 10 essentials for your office at home

Source: Canva

Regardless of the type of work you’re doing, having a printer and a scanner at home is always handy. To save on space, it is recommended you look for an all-in-one device. With developing technologies, these devices can even be paired with a phone for sending documents and having them print out at the touch of your fingertips. This feature is great if you’re working between an out of home and an at home office. Whatever the case, having a printer and scanner is beneficial and convenient for a variety of reasons!

Some extras for your office

8- Personalize

the 10 essentials for your office at home

Source: Canva

Create a comfortable space by personalizing the decor and surrounding walls in your home office. Aside from natural light, nothing will transform the mood of a room quicker than the colour of the walls. Choose a neutral, calming colour, such as a soft green or warm white, tan or gray. Then, use accessories and fabrics to integrate pops of colour into the space. This way, if you get sick of the colour accents you’ve chosen, they can be replaced a few months down the line.

9- Plants

the 10 essentials for your office at home

Source: Canva

Having some live plants in the office is the perfect way to add life in a dull space while also maintaining overall good health. Plants aren’t there to just look pretty, but they work to purify surrounding air, keeping your office environment fresh. If your home office is in a space that can’t be separated from the rest of your house, consider buying several large plants and creating a partition, or wall, with them. This inventive way to separate the office from the rest of the home adds visual interest while keeping surrounding air crisp.

10- Place for Inspiration

the 10 essentials for your office at home

Source: Canva

While this falls last on our list of things to include in your home office, don’t believe it to be any less important than our other items. For those who aren’t in creative fields, this may not seem necessary. However, having a bulletin or white board above or beside a desk is a great way to foster positivity, jot down ideas or plans for the future. Whatever your inspiration happens to be, it’s nice to have a constant reminder close by of why you’re working so hard as well as what you’re working towards. Don’t underestimate the power of suggestion, and consider incorporating a source of inspiration in your home office.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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