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10 examples of Home Office Design

Last modified: 2022-10-11 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Whether you‘re an artist, self-employed or just working at home, the importance of adequate workspace is paramount to ensuring a productive and comfortable workday. Whatever your situation, it’s possible to organize an office area within the space you have, without necessarily needing a dedicated extra room in your home or apartment.

Indeed, a lack of space doesn’t mean that you can’t have an original office. On the contrary, there are a few options available that will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also offer practical strategies to maximize space in your home. These tips are valid for both tenants and owners, and for budgets that are small or large.

Renovation inspiration: 10 examples of home offices

1. A retractable desk to save space

Hidden furniture and storage are increasingly popular in modern design, especially due to the growing popularity of mini houses and small apartments. The advantage of these is that at first glance, your space will appear clean and uncluttered, but will also look larger. This option is perfect if you’re looking for an occasional work corner in a small space.

In addition to this office solution, and for other simple ways that will also help you maximize your space, consider checking out our article on 5 ways to maximize storage in your small home.

bureau rétractable_retractable desk

Source: Architectural Digest

2. An all-in-one office space

In another advantageous design for small apartments, a multi-purpose desk will help you save space and keep your room organized. One of the most common models on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest is the construction of several wall shelves or a small library, with an integrated office section.

You can find an example of this kind of library-office in our article on renovations and rentals: Small simple ideas of bedrooms for tenants, as well as several other practical tips for all tenants.

Bureau mural avec étagères_wall desk with shelves

Source: Dabito on Instagram

3. A desk hidden in your closet

A place where you would never think to put an office: your closet! This area is perfect when looking to create a discreet and unique corner when you don't have a dedicated workspace. We first saw this concept in a video by the YouTuber Alexandra Gater.

Also mentioned in our article on 9 YouTube channels to follow for design inspiration, Alexandra is a stylist and interior decor expert who, while documenting the renovation of her small apartment, decided to transform her wardrobe into a mini publishing studio for her YouTube videos.


bureau dans un garde-robe_desk in closet

Source: homemadebycarmona

4. A floating office

As with floating shelves, the visual appeal of a legless desk blends perfectly with the popular minimalist style common in current interior design. If a clean space is not your style, this type of desk can add an interesting element to the room. Not to mention, the space created with the lack of support from the floor will lighten the space.

bureau flottant_floating desk

Source: Bryant Alsop

5. An accent wall for a colourful office

A fairly simple option, but one that certainly offers visual impact, is a wallpaper accent wall in your office. This will easily add a touch of colour and texture to the room. This solution is especially advantageous for small places or rooms without windows.

For more ideas or to learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper, these few links could enlighten you on the subject:

Bureau avec mur d'accent_desk with accent wall

Source: countryliving

6. A wall bookcase for a personalized desk

The importance of storage space and organization in an office shouldn’t be overlooked since an orderly office will help improve your level of concentration. A built-in wall bookcase could serve different purposes, such as storage for your books or to display several decorations and accessories.

For an aesthetic and rustic edge, you may consider putting a sliding ladder on it so that you can access the highest shelves. Also, this will give an impression of grandeur to the room since your guests will be drawn to look upwards.

bibliothèque plein pied_full bookshelfSource: Decoist

7. Make use of the roots

If your home is set up so that a few nooks are waiting to be fitted, placing an office in these little spots will easily fill the space. Similar to the aforementioned closet solution, using a smaller vacant space rather than leaving it empty will help you save room. Also, it will offer you a small, secluded corner for working.

petite coin bureau_small office spaceSource: Thespaces

8. An office with a view and light

If possible, set up your office in a room that receives lots of natural light, where you can position your desk or workspace to face the window. By doing so, you will bathe in natural light and feel comfortable all day as you work at your desk.

If you’re thinking of changing your windows for the office, or enlarging those in the room, our door and window renovation guide as well as our article on how to choose the right window model could help you with planning these jobs.

bureau devant fenêtre_desk in front of window

9. Turn your office into a gallery

If you currently have a dedicated room or office space assigned in your home, but you’re looking to add a little bit of liveliness, let your creativity flow and decorate your walls with your favourite works of art.

By creating a gallery-style wall, you’ll add a simple element that will transform the atmosphere of your office and add a touch of freshness to the room. This is a good alternative if you don’t want to embark on the adventure of installing wallpaper.

mur gallerie_gallery wallSource: Domino

10. A DIY office area

For creative minds, there are many ways to add different visuals to your workspace without spending large amounts of money. If you need inspiration, there are a few YouTube channels that show you how to mount a plexiglass sheet so you can have an erasable board.

Also, for a wall calendar, you can easily get blackboard paint at hardware stores to personalize your walls, while staying organized.

Bonus options: a cork wall! You can get cork sheets and hang them on the wall of your choice to pin all your important notes and papers.

cork wall_mur de liège

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