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Wall coverings

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Everything About CanExel Exterior Siding

Wall coverings

5 min read

Everything About CanExel Exterior Siding

Wall coveringsEverything About CanExel Exterior Siding

Are you thinking about replacing your exterior siding? Without a doubt, such a project will revamp your house’s exterior, especially if it’s not a newly built residence.

Needless to say, the exterior siding options available on the market are just as diverse as they’re numerous; the choices are not lacking, that’s for sure. Among those which stand out from the crowd, CanExel exterior siding, which is made from engineered wood, immediately comes to mind.

What Is CanExel Siding, and What Is it Made Of?

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CanExel siding is made with engineered wood, which is made of 95% wood fibres, to which wax and resin are added. These elements are then fused together under pressure.

Because of the multiple baked coats of paint that are applied to the surface of the boards, the engineered wood is rendered UV ray resistant and counteracts the effects of colour fading, meaning it has the ultimate resistance against fading, which is a direct result of prolonged sun exposure.

Pros of CanExel Engineered Wood Siding

As mentioned, CanExel exterior siding is particularly resistant to the detrimental effects of UV rays. Aside from this clear advantage, this type of siding is also decently resistant to climate variations, such as very high temperatures as well as freezing temperatures, which are rather common here. There is no need to worry, as this type of siding will not crack or buckle.

Although that is quite the added bonus, it is not its biggest advantage. As a matter of fact, this type of siding has the benefit of being low maintenance, due to the exclusive premium thermoset paint. All you need to do is wipe it down once a year using a soft, non-abrasive soap, then rinse it with clean water. Now that’s something that will please the masses!

It should be noted that CanExel siding has a 40-plus year lifespan, which, truth be told, is a rather attractive feature. Let us also highlight the fact that this type of siding is rot-proof, which is super important, considering the function of exterior siding.

What about its impact on the environment? Note that it is partially made from recycled materials. Some products are even made with repurposed wood gathered through eco-responsible and sustainable initiatives.

Lastly, it is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, making it a highly versatile product that can adapt to many a style of home.

Cons of CanExel

There’s always a flip side. Note that this type of exterior siding is rather vulnerable to humidity and prone to cracking. However, this drawback is somewhat minor, as it is more problematic for companies that store and transport this type of product than for consumers.

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How to Install Your CanExel Exterior Siding

Source: Canva

When it comes to installing this type of exterior siding, it is rather easy: the boards are interlocked or fitted, whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Upon purchase, several accessories will be provided in order to properly install the siding and achieve a quality finish. The proper procedure one must follow when installing Maibec's CanExel siding will vary depending on the type of product purchased. Another reason why it is extremely important to take into account the instructions supplied by the manufacturer.

Maibec's Canadian Siding: Products, Installation and Colours 

Out of all the products available, let us start off by introducing Ridgewood D-5. This one is actually a classic Dutch lap style, which is made up of 12-foot boards. The grooves on these give off the impression that two 5-inch wide boards are juxtaposed.

The homely feel that this product exudes makes it much sought-after, especially by traditional design enthusiasts. This product can be installed horizontally and is available in 19 colours.

As for the Ced’R-Vue, note that it is a credible tribute to cedar wood's timeless charm. However, it does not require as much maintenance as the latter. Also horizontally fitted, it is made up of 12-foot boards with exactly 9-inch lap sidings.

At last, let us discuss UltraPlank. It is also composed of 12-foot-long boards. Being 12 inches wide, these have a groove that gives off the impression that two 4 ¾-inch boards are side-by-side. Fun fact: the siding can be installed both vertically and diagonally, depending on the style one wishes to create.

From an aesthetic point of view, one will note that these boards allow for a flawless finish, thereby concealing any nails.

How Long Does CanExel Last?

To wrap it up, it is worth mentioning the warranty that accompanies these products:

  • 25-year substrate limited warranty;

  • 15-year finish limited warranty;

  • 5-year 100% material & labour cost warranty.

Curious as to how much your exterior siding project might cost you? Try out our cost calculator!

Before jumpstarting your project, don’t forget to check out our article: A Checklist to Follow: Exterior Siding Renovation Guide.

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Last modified 2023-11-23

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