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Renovation tips

4 min read

How to Troubleshoot Your Heat Pump's Cooling Function

heat pump air conditioning malfunction
heat pump air conditioning malfunction
Renovation tips

4 min read

How to Troubleshoot Your Heat Pump's Cooling Function

Renovation tipsHow to Troubleshoot Your Heat Pump's Cooling Function

Is your heat pump’s air conditioning function not working? It might not be that difficult to fix. Whether it be a faulty fan or a leaky heat pump, we’re delving into all these malfunctions, and sharing some DIY fixes on the unit itself when possible. 

A Heat Pump’s Faulty Air Conditioning Function

faulty heat pump cooling function

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Rest assured, most often, heat pumps function very well, and their materials are long-lasting. However, at times, heat pumps can fail to operate as intended. 

Not unlike a sick patient, one has to consider all the symptoms to find the cause of the ailment. Here’s a list of issues that can occur with heat pumps that may cause the air conditioning feature to malfunction. 

My heat pump is noisy

If you can hear whistling or a sort of bubbling sound coming from your unit, it means that the refrigerant level is low. 

My heat pump is tripping my breaker

Here are the likeliest causes of this air conditioning problem:

  • You may have plugged in too many appliances at once (drop in voltage);

  • Your compressor short-circuited due to too-high humidity levels;

  • The heat pump is poorly insulated;

  • The motor is damaged (malfunctioning condenser);

  • The fans are damaged due to a build-up of dust;

  • The condensers aren’t functioning anymore.

In any case, if you’re sure that it’s not due to a faulty fuse, you’ll need to hire a professional. They’re the only ones that’ll be able to determine the malfunction with certitude and repair it. 

The heat pump fan isn’t spinning

heat pump cooling function issues

Source: Canva

The 7 possible reasons are:

  • The fan is simply broken and needs to be replaced;

  • The circuit breaker fuse blew;

  • The thermostat no longer works;

  • A too-high demand for electricity led to a drop in voltage;

  • The wires aren’t connected properly;

  • The blower motor is malfunctioning;

  • The circuit board is defective.

Why is my heat pump leaking? 

If so, it’s most likely resulting from a clogged condensate drain. Not unlike a sink, a heat pump’s drain line can get clogged up. 

To unclog it yourself, you’ll need to open up your heat pump and use a product that contains sodium hydroxide to dissolve the blockage. 

However, a leaky heat pump can also be a result of the following:

  • Faulty installation;

  • The evaporator’s refrigerant;

  • Malfunctioning condensate pump.

In such instances, have an HVAC technician handle your heat pump repair.

Heating or Cooling Issues

heat pump cooling function issues

Source: Canva

Occasionally, heat pumps fail to heat or cool the air inside your home as intended. These HVAC problems often occur when heat pump filters are obstructed.

If so, follow the steps detailed below:

  • Cut the heat pump’s power supply via the circuit breaker;

  • Open up the panel by lightly pulling on the sides;

  • Remove both black filters in front of you;

  • Clean them out to remove the dust. 

You should clean the filters every 2 to 3 months to prevent such reoccurring problems with your unit. 

Such issues with your unit can also be resulting from the heat pump’s settings. Therefore, make sure that it’s programmed according to your needs and that the batteries in the remote control are still functional. 

It may be that it isn’t working anymore and needs to be replaced. Another probable cause is a low level of Freon (refrigerant), which we’ll delve into below. 

How can I tell if my heat pump is low on Freon?

heat pump cooling issues

Source: Canva

Issues related to low levels of Freon (refrigerant) in a heat pump solely have one cause: a leak. 

Such problems are very serious, as such, having your heat pump repaired by a professional is a must. Their role will be to find the leak, fix it, or replace the defective part.

Here are 5 telltale signs that your Freon levels are low. 

1- Cooling your home is especially drawn-out

The less Freon contained in a heat pump, the less cold air it will generate. As a result, you’re going to have a harder time cooling your dwelling. 

2- Your electricity bill is going up

Have you noticed a spike in your electricity bill? If your consumption habits haven’t changed, this may be a sign that your unit isn’t in good working order. 

Heat pumps consume a lot more energy when refrigerant levels in your system are low. 

3- Your heat pump is whistling or bubbling

Whistling or bubbling heat pumps have low refrigerant levels. 

4- There’s frost on the ductwork

This can be a red flag leading to more serious problems, which may result in the need to replace the entire unit. A lack of refrigerant in heat pumps can ice up the ductwork around the exterior unit. 

5- The air from vents is lukewarm

This means that the refrigerant level is much too low. 

HVAC Technician Repair Services

If your heat pump’s cooling function is defective, and this problem isn’t a direct result of your remote control or electric panel, contact a technician.

We've scoured the Internet to find the best heat pump repair technicians available, based on Google reviews and user ratings, and some definitely outshine the rest.

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Last modified 2024-03-29

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