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4 reasons to do business with an interior designer to remodel your living room

Last modified: 2021-11-03 | Approximate reading time 2 mins

Christine Simard

When remodelling your house, you might find yourself lacking inspiration. Either it be your brand new house or an old one you're looking to spruce up, it's important to have your ideas in order before starting to make any changes.

Whether a place for resting or one for gatherings, your living room is a common area that gets a lot of movement. This is why it's important that, during any renovation project, you have a good visual of what you need in order to maximize the use of this space. To do so, an interior designer could be the best person to guide you through the many steps of your project, as much for the project itself, than the starting plan.

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The role of an interior designer

Not to mix up with a decorator, the designer can define a plan by including the structure of your room, the possible moving of electrical wires or pipes, adding or removing walls, etc. Their work doesn't solely apply to the aesthetics of your house, but also to the structural side. Here is what the APDIQ says:

«The definition of your needs, planning, conception and realization of plans, project managing and site supervision: the designer serves you as a guide during the full duration of the project.

They have a great knowledge of the market, the trends, the suppliers, the materials and the infinite possibilities offered according to your budget and your needs.»

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4 reasons to do business with an interior designer to remodel your living room

1. Stress management

As mentioned previously, the designer also works as a project manager. While also consulting you on your needs and vision, they will be in charge of the planning: dealing with contractors, buying materials, etc. This way, you will be able to see more clearly and move forward with your project without worrying too much.

2. They will think of an interior layout you would've never thought of

It can sometimes be difficult to imagine a new way of organizing your living room, while trying to maximize your space. Either for your family, your partner or simply for you, a designer will know how to accommodate your space according to your needs. With their knowledge of the most recent trends, they will have the eye in order to find the perfect decor that will serve you equally on aesthetics and practicality.

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3. Savings and connections

With the job comes the contacts, and a designer's role is also to help you respect your budget. With a pre-established amount, they will know where to go to find you the best deals. Keep in mind that a designer will have access to certain items and materials that aren't available to the public thanks to their contacts.

4. A professional result

You can count on the experience of a professional to give you the amazing results you've always wanted. Two heads are better than one, and the mind of a designer is trained for this type of work. With years of school and training, you can expect the end results of a professional.

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