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10 Amazing Before and After House Flips

10 Amazing Before and After House Flips

Exterior renovations10 Amazing Before and After House Flips

Do you have lots of energy to spare and are thinking about buying a house to flip it? Take a look at these few examples of flips to find ideas for this large-scale project!

10 Beautiful Before and After House Flips & Remodels

1) An open-concept kitchen and living room

flip living room¨Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This transformation has an absolutely stunning result! The main alteration is the creation of an open space. Cutting down the back walls on the first image creates a much larger area.

Secondly, we notice that the owners and builders have decided to focus on using much lighter colours including white (for the fireplace and some of the furniture) as well as gray for the walls. This aesthetic choice maximizes the brightness of the room and makes the whole space look bigger. It's impossible not to point out how unrecognizable the home is thanks to this change in colour!

2) White and black kitchen: elegance at its best

flip kitchen_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Once again, white brings its share of brightness to this kitchen. Paired with black, the result is remarkably elegant! Although the configuration of the room remains much the same, the whole thing automatically looks bigger and airier.

It goes without saying that black and white has always been a prestigious combination, no matter where it is being used. The island in the middle of the room contributes to the elegance that emanates from the room, if only because of its fine design. Of course, the replacement of the backsplash greatly enhances the beauty of the kitchen and completes this room's decor.

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3) Small kitchen transformation

kitchen renovation_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

When we think about undertaking a kitchen renovation project, we often make the erroneous assumption that everything will need to be replaced to give it an updated look. This is absolutely not true! We notice here that the change of colour of the cabinet doors to a beautiful gray shade completely changes the perception we have of the room.

Indeed, the cabinets no longer seem dull and dreary and they bring a touch of refreshing modernity. Removing the microwave over the oven frees up space, which is a change that is both inexpensive and visually effective. Why would you do that? Simply because it is possible to use this space to hang a nice frame, which becomes the focal point of the room.

Let's not forget to mention how clever the modification of the workspace on the left is: by extending the counter, diners are able to sit there to eat without encroaching on the surface dedicated to food preparation.

4) Minor changes for a new kitchen

kitchen flip_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This rather modest kitchen looks very sad in the left image! It clearly doesn't measure up when compared to the image on the right where the cabinets, now painted green and white, are very pretty! A brushstroke and a change of door handles are enough to give them a whole new look without spending a fortune.

The change of flooring is also very effective, its design is composed of geometric shapes helping to break the neutrality of the decor. The backsplash made of small tiles brings a lot of finesse and is a nice addition to this modern and classic kitchen.

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5) A brand-new façade

façade de maison_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

While interior renovations have a big role to play in a house flip project, outdoor renovations are also crucial! It must be said that the changes made are certainly not minor.

The addition and layout of two galleries, the removal of the front terrace to clear the facade, and the installation of lighter exterior cladding and white mouldings are part of the major projects that have allowed this house to regain its charm and prestige of yesteryear.

What about the front door and the beams that surround it? This design stands in stark contrast with the ordinary appearance of these old, worn-out-looking steps in the previous image that greet visitors upon arrival.

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6) A charming little house

flip petite maison_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (Sarah Lehman)

This tiny house needed many modifications to regain its original beauty! The contrast offered by the white exterior cladding and the black roof proves to us that it would be hard to go wrong by opting for this timeless duo.

The bright red door does not fail to attract attention and is quite a bold choice, avoiding a more conventional choice such as black or white, which would not have had the same visual impact. The addition of shutters provides two distinct advantages: that of adding style to the windows in addition to dressing the facade whose appearance would otherwise be rather mundane.

The extension of the entrance porch also gives much more charm to this beautiful little house!

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7) A revamped outdoor space

Source: Pinterest (

This renovation project gives a whole new look to the exterior part of this house, which now adopts a much more modern design. The first change we see is the new colour of the exterior siding which produces a remarkable effect! The installation of a window opening towards the terrace creates a bridge between the outdoors and inside the house and seems to extend the size of the house, which creates an interesting visual impact.

The brand-new wooden deck brings a lot of warmth to the exterior decor and pairs beautifully with the furniture. The idea of relying on light shades for all the elements that make up this design avoids darkening the space too much and makes you want to drink a good glass of wine on a beautiful summer day!

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8) An impressive, new façade

home facade renovation

Source: Pinterest (

Although wood shingles are not suitable for all climates, those who have the opportunity to install them as exterior cladding should not hesitate to select this material!  They give off a look that is both rustic and modern, the latter matching the white cladding used on the rest of the facade as well as the very dark hue of the garage door.

In fact, replacing beige with white is once again a good decision, as the house looks much more modern. Finally, the removal of the hedge under the windows clears the facade, which is certainly a good thing.

9) All dressed in white!

white house transformation

Source: Pinterest (

Once again, white gives a majestic look to this property in addition to rejuvenating its appearance. The removal of the shutters makes it possible to better appreciate the surface area of the facade and it goes without saying that the addition of shrubs in the landscaping brings a very beautiful touch of colour! Finally, the removal of the tree on the right avoids hiding part of the house and offers the chance to reveal all its charms!

10) A bathroom that's as beautiful as it is functional


Source: Pinterest (

This is a very successful bathroom renovation project! The white is all the more beautiful because of the abundance of natural light. The brilliance and transparency contribute to the majestic look and elegance of the room.

We also note the addition of tablets on the wall, a trick that maximizes storage in this small room. The whole thing fits perfectly and proves that sobriety is often a winner!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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