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How to Fix Noisy Pipes

How to Fix Noisy Pipes

Interior renovationsHow to Fix Noisy Pipes

Noisy pipes are likely the cause of a significant problem, often leading one to hire a plumber. 

Albeit, at times, it’s the necessary recourse, you can also head the DIY route, and fix some problems yourself. However, first and foremost, you must understand the cause behind the noisy household pipe. 

Noisy Pipes: A Few Tips

noisy pipes

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Water hammer: What should you do?

This hammering sound, better known as a “water hammer,” results from the noise made when water hammers against a closed valve that doesn’t have a drainage outlet. Therefore, a water hammer occurs when a significant change in velocity comes about inside the pipe.

To fix this problem, we suggest tightening the screws on either side of your pipe strap. Note that the screws are positioned on the metal strap that surrounds the pipe. If the whole device isn’t securely affixed, the vibration caused by the water flowing through the pipes makes the hammering sound you hear. 

Incidentally, anti-vibration clamps do exist if you want to minimize your odds of having noisy pipes. Note that plastic straps are typically better than metal ones.

The water hammer sound might be especially loud if your pipe, through excessive movement, is banging against the wall. If that’s the case, you can prevent this from further happening by placing a piece of wood against the wall and your pipe. 

Also, it might be that there aren't enough pipe straps, and they might also be fitted too far apart, which explains the installation’s diminished sturdiness. Note that pipe straps should be positioned every two metres. 

Lastly, it’s worth knowing that your plumber may decide to fit water surge-shock absorbers on your pipes. This device is designed with a leakproof canister, and one end is connected to the pipe where the water hammering sound comes from.

Inside the surge-shock absorber, there’s a membrane that separates air from water. When the water hammer occurs, the pressure that’s created allows for the fluid to seep into the absorber, gradually distorting the inner membrane. As a result, overall noise is significantly reduced.

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A crackling sound coming from the floor: What should you do?

A crackling sound coming from the ground is usually a result of pipes contracting and expanding, and that movement results in the pipes rubbing against the floor boards and joists

In keeping with the theme of this article—fixing problems—make sure that the pipes running through the joists beneath the floorboards are securely affixed to the joists with a plastic strap. If they’re not, you can wrap the pipe in a cloth where the pipe and joists intersect.

Hiccuping faucet: What should you do?

How to Fix Noisy Pipes

Source: Canva

If, when you turn on your faucet, the water isn’t flowing in one single stream, the problem is likely caused by air in the pipes

In the event that you have a double-bowl sink in your kitchen, which logically has separate hot water and cold water taps, try this out:

  • cut a small section of pipe and tie one of its ends to the hot water tap and the other to the cold water tap;

  • make sure the installation is leakproof to prevent any water leaks;

  • now you can turn on both taps. With a bit of luck, the cold water will put pressure on the hot water, which will dislodge the air bubble.

Another option is to turn on all the faucets in your home simultaneously. The additional water flow will likely dislodge the air bubble inside your pipes.

Check Your Water Pressure to Prevent Noisy Pipes

how to fix noisy pipes

Source: Canva

To avoid any noise inside your pipes, set the water pressure in a suitable setting. To prevent any damage to pipes, the pressure should be set between 2 and 3.5 bars. Any lower, pressure will be insufficient to push water through all the pipes. To adjust the water pressure, you’ll need to have a regulator. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase an air chamber. 

You may need to replace your pipes altogether…

Albeit it’s rarely the case, it may be that your piping needs to be replaced. Note that pricing in that regard can significantly differ. To know exactly where you stand, request at least three quotes from certified plumbers.

According to the Office de la protection du consommateur (Consumer Protection Office), a quote should detail the following information:

  • The work start and finish dates.

  • An itemized breakdown of each step and its pricing.

  • Payment terms.

  • A detailed description of the work to be done and materials that’ll be used.

While the above-mentioned tips will be very helpful to avoid spending significant sums of money on plumbing, note that certain precautionary measures should be taken to protect your pipes against the cold.  

Type of pipe noise problem


Water hammer

  • Tighten the pipe straps;
  • Replace straps with anti-vibration hose clamps;
  • Make sure that there are pipe straps every 2 metres;
  • Fit your pipes with surge-shock absorbers. 

Floor crackling

  • Make sure that the pipes running through the joists beneath the floorboards are securely affixed to the joists with a plastic strap (if they’re not, you can wrap the pipe in a cloth where the pipe and joists intersect).

Hiccuping sound

  • Cut a small section of pipe and tie one of its ends to the hot water tap and the other to the cold water tap (make sure the installation is leakproof).

*Applicable solution for double-bowl sinks.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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