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Cost, Materials, and Insulation Techniques Used in Quebec

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Cost, Materials, and Insulation Techniques Used in Quebec

Cost, Materials, and Insulation Techniques Used in Quebec

If you want to improve your home's thermal insulation, note that there are several thermal insulation products available, with varying price tags and efficiency ratings.

This chart highlights the costs, ratings, advantages, and drawbacks related to each type of insulation material available in Quebec.

The Average Cost of Various Insulation Materials

Type of insulation

Price per sq. ft/ inch

R-value per inch



Expanded polystyrene (EPS)

$1.5 - 4


Resistant to fire and moisture. Easy to install.

In the event of a fire, can release toxic fumes.

Extruded polystyrene (XPS)

$3 - 4


Resistant against humidity. Easy to install.

Not fire-resistant. Can release toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

Closed-cell polyurethane spray foam

$2.50 - 8

3.2 to 5

Resistant to air and water vapour.

Not fire-resistant. Complex installation

Open-cell polyurethane foam

$3 - 5

3.2 to 5

Resistant to air

Not resistant to water vapour. Is not fire-resistant.


$1.50 - 3


Resistant to flames and water vapour

Loses its insulating properties when in direct contact with cold

Ecobill (polystyrene beads)

$2 - 4


Injected without need for demolition. Allows walls to breathe and doesn’t foster mould growth. Clean (dust and odour-free). Permeable to water and air. Recyclable. Easy installation.

Like expanded polystyrene, can discharge toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

Soy soil-based polyurethane

$3 - 9


Air and water vapour resistant. Capacity for high expansion.

Application requires protection.


$2.50 - 3

2.8 to 4.5

Resistant to moisture and fire. Delivers soundproofing qualities. Easy to install.

May contain traces of formaldehyde.


$1.60 - 2

3.0 to 4.5

Easy to install. Resists fire.

Sensitive to water. May contain traces of formaldehyde.

Cellular glass

$3 - 5


Waterproof with air and vapour barrier. Flame resistant. Long life cycle. Soundproofing properties.

Lower insulation level.


$1.48 - 2**


Resistant to flames, mould and corrosion. Delivers soundproofing qualities.

Complex installation process. Very sensitive to moisture. **Requires more thickness (does not majorly impact cost).


$1 - 4


Resistant to flames, bacteria, insects, and fungi. Soundproofing properties.



$5 - 18***


Resists fire a somewhat humidity.

***Requires a thickness of at least 14 inches. Price for building not renovating.


$1.50 - 3.50


Resists flames. Soundproofing properties.

Sensitive to moisture.


$2.50 - 6.50****


Long lifespan. Resists water, fire, insects and rodents. Offers good sound insulation.

****Requires a thickness of 8 to 12 inches.

*R is the coefficient that measures insulation performance. Essentially, insulation prices vary depending on the form (panel, bulk, etc.), the location to be insulated (exterior wall, attic, floor, etc.) type of insulation (brick, wood, etc.) and the cost of labour. For more information, see our articles on mineral insulation and natural insulation

Articles about thermal insulation

We have published several articles about different insulation materials. Since you are here looking for information about this subject, here are some links that could be useful to you:

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To learn more about the average cost of different home renovation projects, check out our Home renovation price guide. 

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Last modified 2024-02-22

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