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Interior decor: 10 movies to inspire it


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Interior decor: 10 movies to inspire it

KitchenInterior decor: 10 movies to inspire it

The sets of your favourite films can sometimes serve as an inspiration to transform your interior decor. Whether a period piece, a 1960s inspired environment or a more modern layout, there is always room to draw inspiration from these much-loved stories. 

Set decorators (and set designers) know exactly how to bring beauty and magic to these sets, based on meticulous research and the specific demands of the filmmaker. Here’s the second part of our series on film sets, with even more choices to inspire you!

10 films to inspire your interior decor!

1- The creative apartment in The Shape of Water 

Set in 1960s Baltimore, the apartment of the protagonist’s neighbour is certainly an original space. Being an artist himself, one can see a multitude of prints and photographs displayed on the walls of his home. Although somewhat chaotic, the charm of dark woodwork and tapestry gives the space a warm atmosphere. 

FIlm decor The Shape of Water

2- The kitchen and dining room in Call Me By Your Name

The Italian villa featured in this wonderful movie is simply magnificent. As if frozen in time, the elegance of the furniture, the frescoes on the ceilings and the walls, antique paintings, everything is perfectly elegant. 

If you’re searching for inspiration to take on a kitchen renovation project, the one seen in this film can also serve as a reference. With its “farmhouse style” sink and white ceramic, laid out with open-concept storage, it offers up a unique and soothing cachet. 

Film decor Call me by your name

Call me by your name kitchen

3- Bridges of Madison County vintage country decor

In this story, Meryl Streep lives in a small farmhouse with her family. The decor is simple but colourful with yellow accents and flowery wallpaper. A real dream for vintage lovers.

Interior decor bridges of madison county

4- The sober and classic style of Lady Macbeth

Although tragic, this period piece presents the perfect Victorian English decor. Neutral and sober colour, with dark wood furniture, and velvety fabric, all form a beautiful balance evoking a somewhat melancholic atmosphere. 

interior decor lady mcbeth

5- The old house that comes back to life in Mother!

For lovers of old fixer-uppers, you will certainly find inspiration in this film. In it, we see the character played by Jennifer Lawrence undertake several small renovations in this house that seems old, all while preserving its charm and character.

Mother! movie decor kitchen

6- The Victorian decor in Only Lovers Left Alive

In this film, we find the story of Adam and Eve, but with a touch of macabre. Although the Victorian house in which Adam lives is beautiful, it’s Eve’s room that seems to attract attention. 

In his Moroccan house, there are draperies and patterned carpets that bring bohemian and eclectic touches to the final look. 

bedroom decor Only lovers left alive

7- The contemporary and minimalist decor of Parasite

In this Korean horror-drama, the home of one of the main families is the perfect image of modern style and minimalism. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, the decor is highlighted with sophisticated furniture and neutral tones. 

Parasite film interior decor

8- The modern loft in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Also on the modern side, Jacob’s house in Crazy, Stupid, Love is certainly luxurious, but its interior decor is inspiring and easy to replicate with a small budget. The aesthetic aspect is a perfect blend of chic style and a more contemporary spirit. 

Loft cecor movie Crazy Stupid Love

9- Surrealist eclecticism in Mood indigo

Although chaotic and absurd, the realm of Boris Vian’s story is both fascinating and inspiring. You’ll be dazzled by this stunning decor, perfect for lovers of an eclectic and colourful style. This is not something for the faint of the heart!

Film decor mood indigo

10- Urban apartment in Someone Great

It’s difficult to choose a particular apartment in this movie. Each of them is different and full of life, and fitting perfectly with the respective characters. Ranging from Instagram-ready decor, colourful and filled with patterns, to the typical loft with brick walls, these apartments are what young New Yorkers dream of.

Apartment decor movie Someone great

bedroom Decor Someone great

Modern apartment decor Someone Great

If you're looking for additional inspiration on the screen, we'd suggest checking another article about the interior decor of television shows!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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