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2020: Home Decor Trends to Avoid and Why

Last modified: 2022-08-03 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

The objects in and around our homes are a direct reflection of our personality. This goes for the colours on the walls, the chosen materials, the textures, all the way down to the finishes. Some homeowners may be inclined to follow trends, and with popular sharing platforms like Pinterest, certain trends tend to make the rounds faster than others.

Of course, when it comes to home decor, it’s important to carve a space between what’s popular and your unique taste. However, tired trends make a home feel tired, and thus, we should consider alternatives to these outdated ideas!

If you’re looking to update some of the worn-out decor around your home, do consider these alternatives before diving into online shopping mode!

2020: Decorating trends to avoid (and why!)

1- Barn Doors

barn door interior

source: Mollie Mason

Interior barn doors have been making the trend rounds for the last few years, and are ubiquitous as a result. Not only can these doors now be found in homes across the globes in a variety of shapes, sizes and decor styles, but they aren’t a practical option. This is due to the way they are installed, as they never fully seal and thus, aren’t able to block sound from one room to the next. Also, if you’re living in a modern home, these doors can easily take over a space and become a huge eyesore. 

If you’ve got a barn door hanging between the rooms of your home, consider replacing it with a traditional door or another type of sliding door that supports a minimal aesthetic. This way, if you decide on a complete decor overall, a simplistic door will allow you one less step in the process!

2- All-white & all-grey spaces

all white kitchen

source: my domaine

White floors, white walls, white decor head to toe: most of us have seen this before. Decking out the rooms of the home completely in neutrals is a tried and tested trend that we’re suggesting should remain in the past.  Although in many cases, a neutral room can provide an excellent canvas for more extravagant pieces, such as wall art, plants, and decorative lighting.

However, in some instances, it comes across as devoid of personality and sterile. All grey and all white spaces feel predictable and expected. When prospective buyers are on the hunt for a new home, the last thing they’re looking for is boredom. If you’re already deep in the neutral zone, we’d suggest a bold accent wall or accessories that will take the space to the next level.

3- Brass fixtures

Brass and gold fixtures were staple trends throughout 2018 and 2019, especially when it comes to spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Although these fixtures may have appeared sleek initially, they’re not timeless materials. Instead, consider replacing gold and brass with stainless steel. Stainless steel is an enduring material that will hold up as a clean and classic staple.

4- Millennial pink

millennial pink room

source: society 19

Yes, you’ve likely entered the home of a friend or relative and been greeted by a millennial pink piece of furniture or accent wall. Over the past year, this rose colour made the rounds on everything home decor related, branded as forward-thinking while appearing retro. By now, we should move on from using this colour so consistently, and begin to focus on other colours in the spectrum. In place of millennial pink, try focusing on tones that are earthy and warm. These options will be cozier. 

5- Open-concept

open-concept space

source: the green spring home

For a period of time, homeowners were interested in tearing down walls and opening up their interiors, blurring the lines between the kitchen and the living room. Although open-concept spaces have their appeal in terms of feeling like there’s more available room, especially in smaller homes or apartments, trends are leaning towards separating spaces rather than connecting them.

For some, a messy kitchen that can be seen from the comfort of the living room couch can be stressful and off-putting. Thus, this year’s renovation project may consist of adding a new wall or partition to break up the rooms of your home further. 

6- Granite

Granite is a ubiquitous material that has been popping up as a kitchen-counter staple for years. In the recent past, homeowners would outfit their entire kitchen in granite. However, in the modern home, this has started to appear overwhelming. In place of granite, we’d suggest using a mix of materials or even trying out one that’s on-trend: concrete.

Concrete is growing in popularity because it’s a raw material. Also, instead of completely dominating a room, note that concrete mixes beautifully with wood and other natural materials.

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