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Home Decor Trends to Avoid in 2020 and Why

By: Karine Dutemple

Home Decor Trends to Avoid in 2020 and Why

By: Karine Dutemple

Trends in renovations and home decorHome Decor Trends to Avoid in 2020 and Why

The objects in and around our homes are a direct reflection of our personality. This goes for the colours on the walls, the chosen materials, the textures, all the way down to the finishes. Some homeowners may be inclined to follow trends, and with popular sharing platforms like Pinterest, certain trends tend to make the rounds faster than others.

Of course, when it comes to home decor, it’s important to carve a space between what’s popular and your unique taste. However, tired trends make a home look tired, and thus, we should consider alternatives to these outdated ideas!

If you’re looking to update some of the worn-out decors around your home, do consider these alternatives before diving into online shopping mode!

2020: Decor Trends to Avoid (and Why!)

1- Barn doors

barn door interior

source: Mollie Mason

Interior barn doors have been making the trend rounds for the last few years, and are ubiquitous as a result. Not only can these doors now be found in homes across the globe in a variety of shapes, sizes and decor styles, but they aren’t a practical option. This is due to the way they are installed, as they never fully seal and thus, aren’t able to block sound from one room to the next. Also, if you’re living in a modern home, these doors can easily take over a space and become a huge eyesore. 

If you’ve got a barn door hanging between the rooms of your home, consider replacing it with a traditional door or another type of sliding door that supports a minimal aesthetic. This way, if you decide on a complete decor overall, a simplistic door will allow you one less step in the process!

2- All-white & all-grey spaces

all white kitchen

source: my domaine

White floors, white walls, white decor head to toe: most of us have seen this before. Decking out the rooms of the home completely in neutrals is a tried and tested trend that we’re suggesting should remain in the past.  Although in many cases, a neutral room can provide an excellent canvas for more extravagant pieces, such as wall art, plants, and decorative lighting.

However, in some instances, it comes across as devoid of personality and sterile. All grey and all-white spaces feel predictable and expected. When prospective buyers are on the hunt for a new home, the last thing they’re looking for is boredom. If you’re already deep in the neutral zone, we’d suggest a bold accent wall or accessories that will take the space to the next level.

3- Brass fixtures

Brass and gold fixtures were staples throughout 2018 and 2019, especially when it comes to spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Although these fixtures may have appeared sleek initially, they’re not timeless materials. Instead, consider replacing gold and brass with stainless steel. Stainless steel is an enduring material that will hold up as a clean and classic staple.

4- Millennial pink

millennial pink room

source: society 19

Yes, you’ve likely entered the home of a friend or relative and been greeted by a millennial pink piece of furniture or accent wall. Over the past year, this rose colour made the rounds on everything home decor related, branded as forward-thinking while appearing retro. By now, we should move on from using this colour so consistently, and begin to focus on other colours in the spectrum. In place of millennial pink, try focusing on tones that are earthy and warm. These options will be cozier. 

5- Open-concept

open-concept space

source: the green spring home

For a period of time, homeowners were interested in tearing down walls and opening up their interiors, blurring the lines between the kitchen and the living room. Although open-concept spaces have their appeal in terms of feeling like there’s more available room, especially in smaller homes or apartments, trends are leaning towards separating spaces rather than connecting them.

For some, a messy kitchen that can be seen from the comfort of the living room couch can be stressful and off-putting. Thus, this year’s renovation project may consist of adding a new wall or partition to break up the rooms of your home further. 

6- Granite

Granite is a ubiquitous material that has been popping up as a kitchen-counter staple for years. In the recent past, homeowners would outfit their entire kitchen in granite. However, in the modern home, this has started to appear overwhelming. In place of granite, we’d suggest using a mix of materials or even trying out one that’s on-trend: concrete.

Concrete is growing in popularity because it’s a raw material. Also, instead of completely dominating a room, note that concrete mixes beautifully with wood and other natural materials.

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Last modified 2023-03-17

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10 Living Room Floor Examples

Is your living room floor showing telltale signs of wear and tear? If it seems faded and scratched in several areas, then it’s about time to replace it. So, here are a few options available to you! 10 Living Room Floor Examples 1) A natural-looking floor Source: Pinterest ( This floor with a natural-finish blends in perfectly with the farmhouse décor. Its light shade is really similar to the beige hue found throughout the room, more specifically the couch, rug, and fabulous fireplace. It makes the whole room cozy and reminds us that wood doesn’t need much for its beauty to shine through. Want a few tips to find the perfect hardwood floor for your living room? Check out our article Choosing Your Hardwood Floors: Characteristics. 2) A rich, dark wood Source: Pinterest ( With a slightly more modern aesthetic, dark wood is unmatched. It automatically adds elegance to any room. In fact, when used with white-coloured elements, the effect is more than pleasing. As such, contrasting features can make a real difference when it comes to creating a less-than-monotonous look. 3) Rug on rug, why not? Source: Pinterest ( If some just love wood’s natural charm, others—the chilly ones—see value in a nice carpet, so why not have two? We don’t often think about overlaying two carpets, albeit, this option adds a lot of style to the room in question, as well as contributing to the living room’s comfort and the vibe it creates. Hardwood flooring doesn’t appeal to you? Check out our article 7 Flooring Materials That Are Alternatives to Wood to see what else is out there! 4) Black and textured floor Source: Pinterest ( What’s there to say about a black floor with a textured finish? It obviously makes for a non-conventional choice, black rarely being a common colour chosen for a living room floor. Nonetheless, black is ideal for modern or contemporary décor lacking a stylish feature. Due to its visual impact, it avoids putting together a monotonous or dull décor. In this example, the shiny and textured floor finish adds a lot of beauty to the living room. 5) Classic look, timeless design Source: Pinterest (cush& At times, the best decision is to stay on the beaten path! As shown above, a naturally-coloured wood allows for the knots and veining, and the wood’s uniqueness and beauty, to prevail. It offers a canvas favourable to creating a calming and appeasing décor. 6) Herringbone pattern for a stylish look Source: Pinterest ( Through the really pretty nuances of grays and beiges, this flooring really stands out from the crowd as well as its daring use of multiple colours. The herringbone pattern really is synonymous with elegance, largely relying on the geometric pattern to automatically draw the eye and create a perception of movement. Thus, it breaks the traditional straight and narrow design, and creates an elegant look! Do you have a floor renovation project in mind? Fill in this form to be connected with top-rated contractors! 7) Concrete living room floor Source: Pinterest ( Are you a fan of modern design yet the rustic aspect of hardwood floors doesn’t do it for you? Know that waxed concrete is a really interesting alternative if you want to really benefit from seamless, low-maintenance and dust-free flooring. Its striking aesthetic is definitely worth mentioning, just like the various finishes in which it's available. Want to know more about it? Check out our article all about concrete flooring and surfaces. (French only) 8) Gorgeous amber colour Source: Pinterest ( If naturally-coloured wood still appeals to you, amber-coloured wood sure won’t deter your attention! Its deep and intense shade will turn heads and give any living room a unique and vibrant look. Contrasting this colour with white decorative elements is actually a really effective way to showcase it. 9) Carpeting for a comfortable and stylish living room Source: Pinterest ( Similarly to a herringbone-pattern hardwood floor, this carpet, which mimics the same style gives the living room a stylish, motion-like vibe. It blends in really well with other textures and patterns within the room, and though it does cover the floor, its presence doesn’t overshadow the rest of the room. Halfway between simplicity and authenticity, this style is an excellent choice! 10) A natural and stylish shade Source: Pinterest ( Now here’s an example of a classic hardwood floor that’ll please the masses! Its matte finish combined with the clean look provided by the wood knots allows it to maintain its natural charm and is reminiscent of the classics that are far from being old-fashioned! Need a cost estimate for your next floor renovation project? Try out our cost calculator!

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N/A 27 Apr 2020

How to Take the Ultimate Staycation at Home

Sometimes, we crave a break from the monotony of day to day life. Many of us escape from the grind by venturing on a vacation, whether that be to a faraway city or a quick drive to the country. Of course, when money is tight or access to travel isn’t in the cards, we need to regroup and find ways to get the same level of unwinding. A staycation is a compelling option when we need to unravel tension, relax and switch gears for a moment. If you have trouble with leisure and would rather just power through and work, we’d suggest you consider the benefits of taking a few days to rejuvenate at home. If relaxing under your very own roof feels foreign, read on for our suggestions on how to create a truly memorable staycation. How to take the ultimate staycation source: Bouclair 1- Plan for best results As with any successful vacation, planning and organizing need to take place for you to make the most of it. When stuck in your daily environment, it’s easy to get sucked back into your normal routine and forget the purpose of this allotted time altogether. With this in mind, start by carving out the days or time you intend on dedicating to your staycation, whether that be with a loved one, friend or family. Co-planning can make the overall experience a little bit sweeter, as everyone can share their ideas on how to keep things adventurous and exciting. Planning will include preparation, which we’d suggest happen in the week leading up! This means getting all necessary work, cleaning, and grocery shopping out of the way. Depending on the type of staycation you’re taking, you may need certain supplies, party favours or snacks! If it’s in the budget, splurge on a few special meals or drinks, as it’ll help to keep things out of the ordinary. source: Studio McGee 2- Freshen up Finding ways to freshen up the interior of your home will make your staycation all the more desirable. This doesn’t mean simply opening up your windows, but instead, taking small measures to make things feel special. Why not consider a few vases full of flowers, aptly placed in the bedroom and the kitchen or even scented candles or incense. Certain flowers and scents offer calming properties, so try to work with something you know will help you wind down. Why not splurge on a new set of sheets or pillows for the bedroom? At the very least, be sure to keep the bed made and plump up your pillows to offer a hotel-like atmosphere. If you have a plush cotton or terry cloth robe, make sure it’s clean and ready to go for some ultimate relaxation in the mornings or evenings (or all day long!) If you don’t own one, this may be something you get during the planning stage. If you have rugs covering your floors, think about rolling them up and stashing them away for the duration of your staycation. Having your feet on bare floors will suggest a beach-house feeling, especially if you are lucky to have hardwood. source: Lily Fashion Style 3- Unplug Technology has swiftly made its way into almost every aspect of our lives. Thus, during your staycation, we’d suggest it’s important to limit your time online and embrace enjoyment outside of these daily distractions. First, eliminate reminders of the passage of time by hiding all the clocks in your home for at least a day or two of your staycation. Next, turn off your phone or at the very least, mute notifications! Be sure to limit screen time and how often you’re using devices. This may include setting an *away* message for your work email or even your personal one. On top of checking correspondence, ignore the news for the duration of your staycation. The news can be a serious source of stress, and the headlines will still be there at the end of your time away. If you’d normally spend your evenings in front of the television, may we suggest taking another route? Consider a craft or puzzle that you can focus attention on. If neither of those things interests you, why not read a book or spend some time journaling? You may not know but keeping a journal is an excellent way to manage stressors and release tension. source: Kiaradily 4- Embrace indulgence Vacations are about indulgence and adventure. But, since a staycation places you in an environment that’s familiar, you’ll need to create ways to feed this indulgence while at home! When it comes to food, go wild! As suggested above, when grocery shopping for this *trip* get things that feel out of the ordinary or fun, you could even try recreating some of your favourite recipes at home. If you’ve had a craving for a while, now is the time to splurge. If it’s a possibility, you could order food from your favourite places a night or two. Beyond what you eat, think about where you eat! If breakfast is one of your favourite meals of the day, why not grab a few trays and serve yourself breakfast in bed? Weather permitting, another option could be a romantic dinner outdoors, in the style of a picnic or a relaxing candle-lit spread. If kids are part of the picture, consider ways to include them in all stages of planning and cooking. You may want to bake a cake and decorate it, or plan a family backyard picnic complete with a variety of games and snacks. If you’re looking for a night or two off, see if a friend or family member can babysit. This way, you can live in the moment! Some other ways to embrace staycation indulgence are as follows: Vacation soundtrack: put together a playlist or mix of your favourite music, or music that reminds you of the destination you’re invoking Spa day: turn your home into a spa by picking up essential oils, bath bombs, and face masks. Complete the look with a pair of comfy slippers and truly let go. Film festival: plan a mini film festival and watch some of your favourites or feel-good films. Better yet, if your staycation is inspired by a specific place, watch films that highlight it! (New York, London, Tokyo here we come!) Backyard camping: if you have your backyard, why not pitch a tent and grab some sleeping bags. Spending a night outdoors under the stars can be magical! source: The Spruce 5- Be still Our modern world makes it quite difficult for people to feel capable of doing absolutely nothing. Of course, the most luxurious thing you can do during a staycation is absolutely nothing. Downtime is crucial for physical and mental replenishment. Between all of the exciting activities you’ve planned, make sure to offer yourself (and loved ones) time and space to chill. This could mean laying in bed a few extra hours, reading in the tub, meditating, sitting on a blanket outside or staring at the wall; whatever feels right for you! Hire a cleaning team, like at the hotel For the ultimate luxury and to recreate a true vacation, when your staycation is about to end, why not hire a maintenance team to come in and clean up after you? This way, when you come back to your daily life, you will be starting anew, ready to take on what life has to bring!

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19 Tile Trends that Shaped 2023

Tiles are the perfect way to add a personalized touch to your home. Over the years, tiles have been a leading trend in matters of interior décor and, in 2023, this craze isn’t even close to coming to a standstill. Without further ado, here are this year’s most popular tile trends. What Are the Tile Trends for 2023? Source: Canva With all things tiling, the most relevant trends of 2023 are those that are either daring in style, surprisingly oversized, stunningly designed, or ingeniously laid. At times unequivocal, others ambivalent, but born from an eclectic sense of creativity, so much so that the aesthetic can shift from a sleek, minimalist look to its polar opposite, a funky and colourful sphere. Consider yourself warned; it’s going to be a tough one. 1- Travertine This natural stone, valued for centuries for its timeless beauty, was very much the talk of the town in 2023. It’s praised for its shades of beige, cream, pink, or brown, adorned with a subtle veining. Travertine tiles are both sleek and versatile, a perfect fit for all décors. 2- Wood-like tiles Source: Canva These tiles are still charming our socks off this year, beautifully mimicking natural wood while remaining low maintenance and humidity-proof. From chevron patterns to large planks mimicking local or exotic wood essences, this type of tile is available in natural shades as well as bolder hues to add a bit of warmth and elegance to your living spaces. 3- Terrazzo Terrazzo tiles are made from a mixture of marble, quartz, and glass chips, as well as other cement-embedded materials, and are retailed in a delightful range of colours, sizes, and designs suiting all aesthetics. 4- XXL tiles Source: Canva While oversized tiles have been rather fashionable in recent years, 2023 has propelled them to new heights! These are far from being limited to vast surface areas; they can be just as desirable in confined spaces for an undeniably modern wink. Right now, the spotlight is on the 120 cm by 240 cm format. To help your decision-making process, check out this article (in French only). 5- Zellige Zellige tiles add an exotic touch to your interior décor. Straight out of Morocco, these tiles are handcrafted with glazed terracotta clay. They’re known for their vibrant colours, geometric designs, and uniqueness. Zellige tiles are unmatched when it comes to showcasing an accent wall, kitchen splash guard, or vanity backsplash. Overall, we’re just head over heels for their vibrant blue, green, and yellow hues. 6- Terracotta tiles Source: Canva Terracotta’s back! With its genuine country home look, it’s very reminiscent of warm living spaces. And, its nuanced colour palette ranges from an earthy brown to a golden ochre, with a brick red in between. 7- Colourful mosaic Colourful, geometrical patterns are once again sought-after. Mosaics are inspired by a fun, creative, and colourful nature, that depicts floral-like or abstract patterns in an impressive array of colours. You can even opt for glass mosaic tiles. 8- 3D tiles Source: Canva Although 3D tiles aren’t new on the market, those showcased in 2023 are on a whole other level and incredibly tempting. 9- Biophilic aesthetic A tiling honouring nature. Whether wood-like, stone-inspired, greige, blue, or sage green, it’s the perfect way to design a Zen aesthetic! 10- Hexagon tiles Source: Canva 2023 newcomer hexagon tiles give way to a new look, combining different colours or sizes, creating genuine works of art. Are you looking for general contractors for your renovation project? Fill in our form to be connected with top-rated contractors! 11- Mixed flooring With this trend, different types of flooring, laid side by side, blend together seamlessly, creating a division or simply giving a room a more unique look. 12- Faux concrete, stone, or marble tiles Source: Canva Imitation tile perfectly mimics the material in question, carrying over the right textures to new settings, and highlighting select surfaces. 13- Two-toned tiles For pop or retro vibes, two-toned tiles are available in an array of unique shades. We especially like a green and pink moment. 14- Art Deco tiles Source: Canva Art Deco is glamour to a T, manifesting fancy fan-like or garland shapes, with striking contrasts in between. The already featured black, white, or gold hues beautifully adorn the walls. 15- Geometric tiles Source: Canva Geometric tiles are perfectly contemporary, whether of simple or complex patterns, they’re without a doubt a striking feature in any room and on all surfaces. 16- Metallic tiles Metallic tiles unveil an industrial and contemporary touch. They’re often played off in kitchens and bathrooms for additional textures and light. 17- Porcelain stoneware Source: Canva Porcelain stoneware tiles can literally be used anywhere. They’re resilient and aesthetic and available in oversized formats. 18- A black and white moment Black and white tiles are absolutely timeless, visually pleasing, and elegant, and have unparalleled appeal. 19- Green with envy! Source: Canva Whether Christmas tree green, bottle green, sage, olive, Lehigh Green, Chartreuse liqueur green, or apple green, green is as fashionable as ever. This colour of tile is all the more sought-after with its equally vintage or modern vibes. Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Floors or Walls: Homes Are Tiled, Even Outside! Modern trends are synonymous with refinement and elegance. Contemporary tiles have become must-haves, paving the way to nearly unlimited creativity. Bathrooms and living rooms aren’t the only areas being tiled, more like the whole house is. Don’t forget about outdoor tiles!

6 min read 20 Apr 2023

The Best Outdoor Privacy Screen Options for Your Deck or Terrace

When it comes to relaxing in your backyard, prying eyes from neighbouring lawns can quickly become uncomfortable. Luckily, nowadays, there are numerous solutions like outdoor privacy screens for decks and terraces. Not only will these shield you from curious stares, but they’re also a nice, decorative feature. Discover below the best solutions available to fully benefit from your deck, meaning, in complete privacy. How to Build an Outdoor Privacy Screen for Your Deck or Terrace: Different Options Available Source: Canva Whether you live in the city or the countryside, proximity to neighbours is a real problem when you want to benefit from your backyard. Between the next-door neighbour’s bedroom window that looks out onto your garden and the neighbour’s backyard that’s facing your deck, it’s rather difficult to preserve the space’s private setting. As such, the need for privacy is a factor to keep in mind when setting up a deck or patio. There are several ways to shield yourself from prying eyes. As a matter of fact, adding a privacy screen is a worthwhile option that allows you to not only hide your deck but also add some flair to the overall décor. A lot of materials like wood, composite wood, or metal can be used to build one. You only need to make sure that it’s built for outdoor use and is corrosion-resistant. Wooden Privacy Screen Source: Canva Traditionally, wood has been a very sought-after material for privacy screens. It's a timeless, warm material. And, horizontal wood slats are super trendy right now. The closer they are together, the more privacy they offer to the space altogether. Using wood is advantageous since stain adheres easily to it. As such, you can change its colour over the years to revamp the look of your backyard. More so, you can hang herb baskets on your wooden privacy partition. Composite Wood Privacy Wall Source: Canva Composite wood is perfect to build a privacy wall on a deck. It’s extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions, moisture, mould, and insects. This material requires no maintenance and is available in a wide range of colours. Metal Privacy Screen Source: Canva Metal privacy walls are increasingly used in Quebec to maintain a feeling of privacy in outdoor settings. They're especially valued for their durability, strength, and resistance to the harsh east coast winters. They're also easy to maintain and add a touch of elegance to the décor. Metal screens are generally made of steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, and are available in a variety of customizable patterns. You can choose between steel, corten (weathered) steel, or aluminum. For an even more stunning look, they can be made with other noble materials such as wood or stone. Are you looking for experts for your deck or balcony project? Fill in our form to be connected with top-rated contractors! Other Privacy Screen Design Ideas Source : Canva Aside from deck privacy screens, other options are available to shield yourself from prying eyes in your backyard: Green Wall The green wall or vertical garden will shield your deck from neighbours while also giving you additional gardening space. You can build it yourself or hire a professional to carry out the task. Before jumpstarting anything, inquire as to what type of greenery you should use for such a project and make sure that you’re selecting a low-maintenance model. Still, note that this type of outdoor setting is seasonal, and can’t be used year-round. Hedges & Shrubs Source: Canva There’s nothing more traditional than the cedar hedge to hide your deck from nearby stares. It grows really fast and can withstand the harsh Canadian climate. If you have enough space, you can also plant perfectly pruned shrubs along your yard line to have a more airy-type fence. Stone Source: Canva Besides serving as an effective privacy screen, a stone privacy wall used on decking will also act as a buffer between your yard and your neighbours, and any noise emitted from within. Stone is a sustainable material that’ll add value to your property. Curtains Outdoor curtains can also be used to maintain your privacy within the bounds of a backyard setting. Furthermore, such material could benefit the décor. Adding these to your space will create a feeling of inherent privacy and coziness. Based on the level of privacy you’re looking to create, you can choose a more or less opaque fabric. Also, it’s best to opt for waterproof and sun-resistant fabrics. Willow or Bamboo Screening Source: Canva Dry materials like willow or bamboo sticks will provide the sense of privacy that you’re looking for without so much as completely obstructing your view. These types of outdoor screens are available in roll form and are typically suspended for a curtain-like look. Some are also available in thicker and sturdier formats, which are used on walls or part of a pergola. Outdoor Privacy Screen or Partition: Examples & Pricing Source: Canva There are numerous types of privacy screens on the market, each with distinctive shapes and designs. Here are a few along with their pricing: The Sprig 0.3” x 2’ x 4’ outdoor decorative panel: Made with glass-reinforced polypropylene with an interlocking branch pattern. Plan on spending $44.98 for this one. The 3-panel Arrow privacy screen: This one is available in several colours and has an 85% privacy rating. Its modern look is perfect to create an interesting visual appeal. Its price comes out to $275.84. The 2-panel Arrow Corten screen: It provides excellent privacy while also being visually appealing. Plan on spending $344.81 for it. Moderna privacy screen: Made with a privacy panel and Hideaway posts, these screens are very versatile and can be used as a wind wall, barbecue enclosure, and decorative feature. It costs about $617.96 per unit.

4 min read

Christime Simard 23 Sep 2021

The colour trends for 2022: bright, hopeful and nostalgic

You might have noticed a steady stream in paint colour trends in 2020 and 2021. Like we talked about in our article Design trend 2021: curves, shapes and squiggles, the past 2 years had their fair share of ups and downs, with a lot of us stuck at home, probably stuck staring at the same home decor. This created a shift in the way we see our home decor, leaving behind the clean and minimalistic designs for more lived-in, cozy and feel-good decors. From organic shapes and earthy paint colours to bold, bright hues paired with statement pieces, here is what the coming year has in store for us. Here are the predictions for the colour trends in 2022 Sherwin-Williams’ colour predictions For the brand, the coming year seems filled with nostalgic, warm and bright colours. With 4 unique palettes consisting of 40 hues, Sherwin-Williams came up with the acronym MODE, representing each of these palettes (Method, Opus, Dreamland and Ephemera). While Method and Dreamland are consisted of soft, earthy and muted colours, Opus and Ephemera give us bold, darker and brighter colours, giving us that retro nostalgia people have been craving lately! From left to right: Method, Opus, Dreamland and Ephemera, photo from Sherwin-Williams Looking for specialists for your house painting project? Fill out the form so that we can put you in contact with certified contractors from our network! Sherwin-Williams colour of the year 2022 Through all these shades, one stands out and its name is Evergreen Fog. The brand describes: “Embrace a new beginning with a cool and soothing grey-green hue.” "New beginnings" is something they quote often when talking about their colour forecast and it’s essentially what it’s all about. A breath of fresh air. Source: Sherwin-Williams The colour trends for Farrow & Ball Rather than settling for one specific colour, Farrow & Ball narrowed it down to 5 different hues, all of which represent the company’s trend predictions for 2022. This colour palette, similar to Sherwin-Williams’ selection, features bright, primary colours with a retro feel to them. The selections consist of colours Babouche No.223 (a bright sunny yellow), Breakfast Room Green No.81 (a pale emerald-like green, almost turquoise), Stone Blue No.86 (a beautiful and fun blue), Incarnadine No.248 (a rich crimson red) and School House White No.291 (a classic off-white). Pictured on the left: Stone Blue No.86, School House White No.291 and Breakfast Room Green No.81. On the right: Babouche No.223 and School House White No.291 Pictured on the left: Stone Blue No.86, School House White No.291 and Breakfast Room Green No.81. On the right: Incarnadine No.248, Breakfast Room Green No.81 and School House White No.291 Dulux’s colour of the year 2022 There’s no doubt that the past 2 years have greatly influenced these different colour choices, whatever the brand. For Dulux, it’s their colour Bright Skies™ that will define 2022. In a similar symbolism to Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog, Dulux mentions that the colour is supposed to symbolize the return to freedom, as well as optimism. Dulux UK’s creative director says: “Right now, people want to feel revitalized and enjoy the freedoms that are returning to them, to look out and bring in new ideas. What better inspiration can we take than the endless skies around us? Biophilic design, which embraces design cues inspired by nature, is entering the mainstream, and it is now widely known that nature makes us feel better and taking steps to bring the outside in enhances our sense of well-being.” Source: Dulux Colour of the year 2022 with Behr Very close to Dulux’s choice, Behr’s colour selection to represent the coming year is Breezeway, a cool, refreshing sea glass green. Part of a selection of 3 curated palettes of 20 hues, Breezway is meant to inspire you for new adventures and newfound passions. Source: Behr The colour can be easily matched with the rest of Behr’s curated palette and “naturally harmonizes with shades of white, gray and natural wood tones for effortless style in any room”. Source: Behr So what about Benjamin Moore? The beloved paint company has yet to reveal their picks for Colour of the Year 2022, and plans to announce their selections for Colour of the Year and the Colour Trends palette on October 13th at 2 pm ET! You can even sign up for their online event here. Source: Benjamin Moore Would you like to have an idea of the cost of your next painting project? Try our cost calculator!

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