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Lagom: The Minimalist Concept For All Your Renovation Projects

Last modified: 2021-05-27 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

After the excesses of the holiday season and at the start of a new year, society becomes captivated with making resolutions that often manifest in better lifestyle choices: people look to live cleaner and more efficiently while still indulging in their passions. In this regard, the Swedish concept of "Lagom" is currently trending: an ethos of moderation and minimalism.

The word roughly translates to "just the right amount," prescribing an approach to life. Lagom focuses on sustainability, minimalism and balance in both lifestyle choices as well as the rooms of our home.

In celebration of the new year, offers unique ways to incorporate the concept of Lagom into your 2020 renovation projects!

Here are 4 tips to renovate your house according to the Lagom concept

Get Organized!

New year, new you! Lagom encourages participants to organize and declutter their homes. If you were in tune with the Scandinavian mindset of Hygge from the previous year, then you're one step ahead of the rest. Both Hygge and Lagom embody a minimalist approach to furnishing one's home. In the case of the latter, engaging with the ethos requires organization.

Build an elegant open concept shelving unit for your kitchen or bedroom and fill it with only the most necessary items to share Lagoms minimalist mindset. Instead of hiding stuff away, and attempting to forget about it, bring everything out into plain sight! This way, you'll make completely sure that the items staring you in the face are things you actually use and require, helping with the decluttering process.

Minimalist Mindset

As we've already considered, it's important to think about organization, moderation and balance in one's home, and the Lagom attitude requires an austere approach. The minimalist mindset has been much loved for decades, thinking specifically about clean lines and monochromatic design with pops of colour. As well, it's time to think about incorporating natural materials into your home decor such as marble, wood, clay and metals.

Materials that have been harvested from the earth are generally durable, and even if you're shelling out a few extra dollars to work with them, it'll only add to the overall value of your home. This year, consider installing granite or marble countertops! Unlike synthetic materials, these natural stones maintain lustre and resist staining, while adding to the resale value of your home.

Practice Sustainability at Home 

Lagom home renovations

source: Flickr, Jeremy Levine

Our society becomes more and more environmentally conscious daily. Slowly, we are shifting away from the "bigger is better" model and towards practicality, good design and green construction. Lagom looks directly to eco-friendly living and incorporates saving energy and water, as well as reducing waste and recycling into its ethos. 

The goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, and our health begins at home. Practicing sustainability doesn't have to be costly, and although there might be some initial costs, green living saves money in the long run.

Sustainable products and building materials will improve quality of life, affecting aspects of the home such as air quality, airflow, heating, cooling and water conservation. Consider painting using a clay-based or low VOC paint. 

Low VOC paints are earth-friendly and help to eliminate toxins. Incorporate bamboo, cork and cotton into the products you purchase and consider looking deeper into all the ways in which you can make your home an environmentally friendly place.

Upcycle and Buy Reclaimed Materials

When considering the Lagom mindset, think about creative ways that you can reuse or transform furniture and materials that you already own. Upcycling and refashioning items in your home is green living, and living green has a positive impact on both the environment and the individual state of mind.

Think about incorporating materials such as reclaimed wood for countertops, flooring and walls. If you are considering a full-on renovation, favour salvaging and reusing things you find around you including light fixtures, cabinets and moulding. For the items that you can afford to part with, make sure you donate rather than throwing them into the garbage. Donation is a great way to give back to the community while practicing being environmentally friendly.

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