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2021: 5 landscaping trends

Last modified: 2022-08-03 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Christime Simard

Is your landscaping looking very sad this year? If so, chances are you'll want to make it over in order to spruce up your exterior and be able to fully enjoy the upcoming summer.

Here are some trends that will be in the spotlight in 2021!

5 landscaping trends in 2021

1) A well-lit backyard

coin détente_Soumission Rénovation

Although lighting is an important component for any backyards, this aspect will be all the more important in 2021. Indeed, it may be wise to opt for intelligent lighting, which activates itself when needed.

Taking advantage of technological advancement in this matter also means that it is possible to vary the intensity and even the colour of your lighting using a variety of applications, just like LED-type lighting. This will be very useful in creating atmospheres adapted to the various occasions to meet family and friends outside!

Some may wish to opt for integrating lights into their trees to create a festive atmosphere. Regardless of the layout of your yard, well-thought-out lighting will be very useful for highlighting its most beautiful features, as well as for preventing falls and accidents caused by darkness in the evening.

2) Bringing your indoor comfort outdoors

If interior design trends for the year indicate a desire to bring a little of the outdoors into your interiors, the opposite is just as true when it comes to landscaping. Indeed, it seems that this trend will be particularly dominant this year.

Whether it is by installing a pretty terrace overhung by a pergola or by setting up a designated play area for children, there is no shortage of ideas! Obviously, it can also be in your best interest to opt for the creation of a relaxation area in order to enjoy the beautiful days that are coming, comfortably installed with a good book in hand.

Also, for those who have the required budget to do this, it may be worth considering setting up an outdoor kitchen. Of course, this is not a large project. Ideally, it's advisable to get the assistance of a landscaper to do this. A professional can advise you on the most appropriate type of layout for your type of project. Indeed, it should be kept in mind that very massive trees could create too much shade while small shrubs could, on the other hand, not create enough shade and privacy.

Regarding the type of material to use, several sustainable options are available such as Dekton, slate, granite or treated wood. Also, keep in mind that this type of project offers many possibilities, including the installation of a smokehouse or a pizza oven. If you want to make this project happen in your backyard, don't forget to find out about the regulations and the standards to be followed.

3) Simplicity is key

fleurs sauvages_Soumission Rénovation

While there was a time when perfectly pruned shrubs and well-cut flower beds were a priority, the trend for this year is to focus on simplicity. More concretely, we want to create a design with natural and timeless forms. This, therefore, implies preserving as much of the imperfect charm of nature.

Regarding the idea of simplicity, this also applies to the choice of materials and outdoor furniture. We would therefore rely on raw materials such as stone and wood, as well as cotton and linen.

As for the trending colours, we'll opt for gray and white. The whole thing will coordinate wonderfully with the elements just mentioned, helping to create a decor that is both natural and calming.

Several other tips will help you create that natural environment of your dreams:

  • integration of wildflowers;
  • the use of hedges to delimit the yard rather than conventional fences;
  • small group plantings of flowering ornamental plants.

4) Outdoor fireplaces

Although their popularity persists year after year, it would be impossible not to include outdoor fireplaces on this list. Including an outdoor fireplace in your landscaping creates the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family.

For those who like to take advantage of this type of installation, be sure to inquire about the regulations in force. This often means that the fireplace maintains a distance from other elements in the yard and that it will be equipped with a spark arrester.

While many people opt for wood-burning fireplaces, you should know that those built into the ground are prohibited in several municipalities, hence the interest of being well informed before going to carry out your project.

Other options are also available such as the gas fireplace. This can be supplied through a gas inlet or through a propane tank. However, due to its more complex installation (it is necessary to anticipate the installation of piping and fittings), this project is still more expensive than the first option mentioned.

5) The integration of a water point

poissons_Soumission Rénovation

Whether it is to take advantage of a natural source of refreshment or to take advantage of the beauty that this type of installation brings, the integration of a water basin in your yard is certainly one of the trends in the spotlight this year.

When creating a water point, the possibilities are as numerous as they are diverse. Some might favour the integration of a stone basin, while others may prefer to opt for multiple basins with waterfalls.

Obviously, the presence of fish brings a lot of life to this small environment and will certainly interest your little ones if you have them. If this kind of project piques your interest, seek professional advice to determine what types of plants to include in this small ecosystem in order to maintain its ecological balance.

Note that the installation of dynamic water sources (fountains and waterfalls) and static (small marshes or decorative ponds) will give life to a balanced environment.

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