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5 Landscaping Trends for 2024

Landscaping Trends & Ideas 
Landscaping Trends & Ideas 

5 Landscaping Trends for 2024

Inspiration for your renovations5 Landscaping Trends for 2024

Is your landscaping looking especially tired? If so, chances are you'll want to spruce it up to revamp your outdoor space and be able to fully enjoy the upcoming summer months. If you're looking to keep up with landscaping trends, know that rugged, countryside looks that suggest comfort and incorporate eco-friendly concepts are all the rage in 2023!

5 Winning Landscaping Trends & Ideas 

1) A well-lit backyard

Landscaping Trends & Ideas 

Source: Canva

Although lighting is an important part of any backyard, this aspect will be all the more important in 2024. As such, it may be wise to opt for 2.0 lighting options:

  1. Using a plug-in lighting system, its technology allows you to remotely manage your lights as required depending on your mood.

  2. A solar-powered lighting system is one that deep dives into an eco-responsible world of self-sufficiency, much sought after in recent years by eco-conscious consumers.

  3. Smart lighting equipped with a sensor system will automatically turn on when the ambient light level dips under a predetermined threshold.

Taking advantage of technological advancement in this matter also means that you can play with the intensity and colour of your lighting using a variety of applications, just like LED-type lighting. This will be especially useful when you're looking to have mood lighting outside that's suited to various friend and family gatherings!

Some may choose to add lights to their trees to create a festive vibe. Regardless of the layout of your yard, well-thought-out lighting will be very useful when looking to showcase its most striking features, as well as to prevent people from tumbling over or injuring themselves once nightfall.

2) Bringing your indoor comfort outdoors

Landscaping Trends & Ideas 

Source: Canva

If this year's interior design trends are indicative of a desire to bring a little of the outdoors into your indoors, the opposite is just as true when it comes to landscaping. Indeed, it seems that this trend will be particularly "in" this year.

Whether done by building a nice-looking terrace overhung by a pergola or by setting up a designated kid's play area, there's no shortage of ideas! Obviously, it can also be in your best interest to create a relaxation area to fully benefit from the beautiful days up ahead, comfortably seated with a good book.

Also, for those who have the budget for it, it may be worth considering setting up an outdoor kitchen. Keep in mind that by doing so, you can set up a pizza oven or smoker grill in your yard. Regarding the type of materials to use, several sustainable options are available such as Dekton, slate, granite or treated wood.

Speaking of sustainable designs and the mingling of indoor and outdoor trends, the idea of reconnecting with nature is definitely at the forefront this year. People are favouring raw and organic elements, like stone and rocks, linen, rattan, wood, etc. Furthermore, the above-listed materials all originate from existing, repurposed materials. You can even consider collecting well water to water your garden/plants, start composting, inquire as to urban beekeeping, and so on. 

Ideally, doing so by hiring the services of professional landscapers. Experts in the field have the know-how to advise you on the best landscaping techniques suited for your backyard situation, as well as offer the best value for money service possible. 

If you’re looking to move forward with your landscaping project, don’t forget to inquire as to the current standards and regulations.

3) Showcasing simplicity at the heart of your backyard

Landscaping Trends & Ideas 

Source: Canva

While there was a time when perfectly pruned shrubs and well-cut flower beds were all the rage, this year, the trend is focused on simplicity. In other words, people are looking to create natural-looking designs that are timeless and low-maintenance.

As such, we're opting to preserve nature's imperfections and choosing resistant plants. In fact, various succulents and fleshy plants in general are designed to survive in bone-dry conditions.

As for the trending colours, shades of purple and violet will liven gardens this year. Based on the quality of your yard and its overall sun exposure, opt for lilies of the Nile, lilacs, lavenders, early dog-violets, passion flowers, or wisterias. However, beware of only choosing three shades for the whole of your flowerbeds, otherwise, you risk creating a stunning look, but for all the wrong reasons.

Otherwise, green walls,—still a trending feature this year—are great if you find that this option is rather easy to manage and you have room for a small, dedicated space for plants and flowers.

4) Outdoor fire pits

Landscaping Trends & Ideas 

Source: Canva

Since they have yet to go out of style, it would be impossible to not include outdoor fire pits on this list. Adding an outdoor fire pit to your landscaping means creating the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family.

For those who like to take advantage of this type of installation, be sure to inquire about the established regulations. This often means that the fire pit must be at a specified distance from other items featured in the yard and that it's equipped with a spark arrester.

While many opt for wood-burning fire pits, note that those built into the ground are prohibited in several municipalities, hence the benefit of being well-informed before carrying out such a project.

Other options are also available such as the gas fire pit. This unit can be supplied through a gas inlet or through a propane tank. However, due to its more complex installation (you have to plan for piping and fittings), this project will be more expensive than the first option mentioned.

5) Adding a water feature

Landscaping Trends & Ideas 

Source: Canva

Whether it's to take advantage of a natural source of water or simply benefit from the beauty this type of installation brings forth, featuring a pond or water source within your landscaping is certainly one of the trends showcased this year.

When it comes to creating a water feature, the possibilities are as numerous as they are diverse. Some might favour adding a stone pond, while others may prefer to opt for multiple ponds with waterfalls.

Obviously, the presence of fish brings a lot of life to this small environment and will certainly captivate your little ones. If this kind of project piques your interest, seek an expert's advice to determine what types of plants you should add to this small ecosystem to maintain ecological balance.

Note that the installation of dynamic water sources (fountains and waterfalls) and static (small marshes or decorative ponds) will give life to a balanced environment.

There’s another trend making its way to the forefront: plunge pools, also known as wading pools. Check with your local retailer, some are barely 10 square feet and designed for small backyards.

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Last modified 2024-05-10

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