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Renovation tips

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5 tips to decorate your kitchen

5 tips to decorate your kitchen

Renovation tips5 tips to decorate your kitchen

In the kitchen, it’s safe to say that messes and stains are quite common occurrences. If you’re anything like me, things tend to pile up or get misplaced and it’s hard to keep the place looking magazine-worthy 24/7. 

However, despite being a very busy room, there are ways you can improve your decor and keep it looking clean and interesting without doing too much!

5 tips to decorate your kitchen

1. Add a nice backsplash as a statement piece

Colored kitchen backsplash

Source: Canva

One thing that will give character to your kitchen is a nice and original backsplash. This doesn’t mean that white tiles instantly become boring, on the contrary! 

If you prefer minimalist and soft colours, you can always opt for a different shape of tiles that will also be able to bring the same impact as bold designs.

2. Don’t be afraid to accessorize 

decor your kitchen_soumission rénovation

Source: Canva

This step is important for any decoration project you have in mind. Small items can often make the biggest difference and they can really help make the room come together. Here are some small items that could make a huge impact in any kitchen you’re trying to improve:

Switch your light fixture: Whether you’re renting or you own your house, updating the lighting for a statement piece can really bring the room decor together, whatever the room.

Swap out the cabinet handles: This is honestly a great small fix that can do a lot! Cabinets often come with pretty standard-looking handles and they can often be ordinary. This is why swapping them could improve the look of your cabinets.

Opt for a nice carpet: I know what you’re thinking: “won’t carpets get dirty fast in a kitchen?” The answer is yes… but also no! Today, retailers have more options and offer a variety of machine-washable rugs, perfect for these situations. 

Carpets really add texture and dimension to a room and you can always match them to the colours of the room.

Splurge on interesting appliances: You have probably seen these retro-looking appliances on the market lately. If you follow any design home decor influencers on Instagram, you probably noticed that most of them have some type of appliances looking like this.  

Add lots of greenery: We mention it over and over again and there’s a reason why. Plants bring so much life to any room and are an easy decor item to get your hands on. 

3. Make your decor practical and easy to organize

organized decor_ decorating your kitchen_ renoquote

Source: Canva

The key to keeping your kitchen looking picture-ready is to find accessories that can be both aesthetic and practical when it comes to organizing and decluttering. A few ideas that come to mind are things like hanging pot racks or kitchen rods with hooks, wire or weaved baskets, spice racks, extra shelves, etc. 

Make sure any addition you intend to spend on will end up helping you gain functionality and practicality instead of just being pretty. 

4. Express yourself with colours and patterns

colorful kitchen

Source: Canva

If you feel like your kitchen decor is looking plain or that it feels like something is missing, adding some colour is the perfect compromise to fix those issues! Whether it’s through your new backsplash (mentioned prior) or by painting the walls or cabinets, the options are endless. 

To get out of your comfort zone, you could opt for darker paint colours in order to bring depth and texture to the room. Another interesting addition you could incorporate is wallpaper. You can check out our article on wallpaper inspiration for your entire home!

5. Consider adding open shelving

kitchen with open shelves

Source: Canva

The perfect option to also keep your kitchen organized, adding shelves will not only give you more storage space, but you will also be able to style them with different decor items. They’re also practical if you want to add hooks to their underside to hang cooking utensils or mugs.  In addition, they’re a perfect addition to store your brand new plants!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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