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Pavers: Modern, Stylish, and More Functional Than Ever Before

Pavers: Modern, Stylish, and More Functional Than Ever Before

Exterior renovationsPavers: Modern, Stylish, and More Functional Than Ever Before

Modern pavers are, without a doubt, a hit with regard to their elegant shape, most often polished finish, and beautiful shades that are both rich and refined. 

Whether featured in a driveway or backyard, as a patio or walkway, it’s a sure fit anywhere. Pavers are much more than the exterior cladding. Nowadays, pavers are deemed eco-responsible. 

If the thought of redoing your driveway, or putting in a patio has ever crossed your mind, now might be the perfect time to follow through.

Find Out More About Modern Concrete Pavers

modern concrete paver features

Source: Canva

A few years ago, European-looking, rustic paver stones were all the rage. Nowadays, interior design trends are seeping out into those of landscaping and we’re seeing a lot of smooth-looking, refined paver stones mimicking that of flooring.

Furthermore, at a time when everything can be perfected to better address the current environmental challenges, products are increasingly sustainable. Even driveways are designed with modern technologies, embracing a never before seen finesse. In some cases, a green, eco-friendly method is unveiled. 

Nowadays, pavers can go as far as offering new features that go above and beyond what we’re used to. 

Modern pavers can double as a drainage system to channel stormwater in an eco-friendly way. Permeable pavers are a drainage solution that can help prevent sewer systems from overloading. For those who are rather curious, choosing such pavers is a step in the right direction in terms of a LEED certification, which symbolizes expertise in sustainable construction methods.

If you think about it, when it first came about, pavers had a similar function. In medieval times, prior to the invention of sewers and sidewalks, pavers were concave-like. Its hollow shape allowed rainwater—and wastewater—to drain. Since the upper part of the road was drier, those of higher social status took precedence when required to share a sidewalk with others, hence the expression "to take the high ground."

Modern Paver Colours

A few years ago, when gray was balanced beautifully, it was at the heart of all trends, whether it was interior or landscaping designs. Today, it willingly concedes its throne to shades that are diametrically opposed, like ivory and black. Regardless of if it’s indoors or outdoors, the above statement can be applied to not only pavers and various flooring, but also when it comes to décor, materials, and everyday items.

Both chic and modern, ivory blends in with any and all décors. However, note that the sealer can’t be applied that first year. 

Black onyx, which is a really popular shade, isn’t as messy, but as a drawback, it becomes rather warm as a result of direct sun exposure. As such, it’s highly recommended for front-of-the-house use, in areas where one isn’t likely to tread bare feet. In the backyard, one can easily pair it with other shades to create a unique design.

Albeit, they can find their footing just about anywhere, the current trendy paver shades mesh really well with contemporary houses with gray cladding and straight lines. As such, pavers are laid in linear, random, or modular fashions. 

This season’s trendy colours are black onyx, limestone or nickel gray, ivory, cream, and chestnut brown.

Shape in perspective

Just as it’s been done with ceramic, we're temporarily ditching squares and rectangles to pursue other avenues. Hexagons, diamonds, and triangles are hogging the spotlight in the most striking ways. Though we favour clean, straight edges, we’re open to new perspectives. 

As a result, new installation techniques are being developed. Joint-wise, the pavers are laid down very much like that of ceramic—with a small joint—or they’re beautifully spaced out to allow for a bit of gravel or grass to grow in between each paver. 

Meticulous textures, polished finish

Consequently, we’re leaving behind practically all kinds of textured, robust, and corrugated pavers, which are now associated with traditional and rustic styles. We’re also putting aside slate finishes that are akin to more eclectic-looking natural stones. Modern pavers are mainly sleek, and not an unpleasant material to walk barefoot on.

At the very limit, we’ll give a pass to pavers with an exposed aggregate finish, whose speckled terrazzo-like factor further accentuates its allure.

Dimension-wise, think big

Modern pavers are often available in a variety of sizes, which allows one the create patterns to convey various styles in order to personalize the area in question. They’re without a doubt a fan-favourite amongst landscapers and property owners looking for unique landscaping. 

No matter which paver you land on, prior to installation, weigh of pros and cons. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

When the shape is nothing to be talked about, it’ll often be oversized to give it that wow factor. Square and rectangular pavers are thus marketed in super-sized formats. 


Where can pavers be used to revamp a yard?

exterior modern concrete pavers

Source: Canva

Modern pavers can be used to create genuine masterpieces. This practical, reliable, aesthetically pleasing material is used to make patios, mark off exterior dining areas, map out paths, give shape to a driveway or a parking lot, wrap around a pool…

Both sustainable and elegant, modern pavers give life to various living spaces around a house. Whether it be utilitarian or purely a matter of aesthetics, it can be found everywhere. Why stop here?

The current backyard trend is all about partitioning off the yard, and pavers are a great way to do that. To mark off an area, most often, people will use different shades, highlight edges, create a mosaic pattern, and add polished pebbles, turf, ground cover plants, or gravel.  

Consider the ways in which you want to use the space while also taking into account the many different needs of your family. A lounge or dining area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen... It's a literal live-in backyard!

Note, however, that some pavers are intended for walkways only, such as alleys and patios. Consult your local retailer before placing your order.

What type of pavers should be used for modern landscaping?

modern landscaping pavers

Source: Canva

Modern honeycomb pavers

What about all the greenery? This is a question that had some manufacturers thinking since a lot of really pretty green (eco-friendly) pavers are seeing daylight. This is especially useful for homeowners who are conscious of water absorption problems and the potential risk of heat islands.

From a  birds-eye view, Aquastorm grass pavers closely resemble a mini labyrinth. Said type of paver is an eco-friendly and unique product shaped like honeycombs that enable grass and other ground-covering plants to grow between the pavers. Thereby making it a good way to benefit from both the upsides of concrete and nature. What better way to pave your driveway eco-responsibly while also piggybacking off the appeal of a manicured backyard?

The Rinox brand also offers products allowing one to blend pavers and green spaces in a way that’s both harmonious and ingenious. Amongst the most sought-after pavers, their XL Proma slab is available in a wide variety of colours and adds unparalleled elegance to landscapes. Between every paver, to achieve that sought-after green look, there’s a nice growth of grass. Also worth noting are the XL Quadra and Proma 3XL pavers, which are available in sizes of up to four feet. Suffice it to say, you'll quickly fall for these larger-than-life pavers!

Modern interlocking pavers

Made of concrete or stone, interlocking pavers are named after their peculiar shape and ability to fit perfectly into one another. While the first-ever pavers of that sort were I-shaped, nowadays, one can find them in various shapes such as an S, T, or X. 

The main advantage of said pavers is their easy installation process. They can be quickly laid and removed just as fast. They’re also frost- and humidity-resistant. They're available in a number of different widths, depending on the daily load and use.

Avenue interlocking pavers are another great option. These were designed for city use and needs while being both aesthetically appealing and resistant. With 18 different colours and various finishes, they can easily be blended into various layouts and décors. 

We love its modern aesthetic, sustainability, and the fact that it was designed with the purpose of reducing heat islands in urban areas. In compliance with LEED certification requirements, Avenue pavers are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Techno-bloc’s Industria collection features another type of multi-dimensional interlocking pavers made for modern, public and residential, landscaping purposes. These too are fan-favourites for urban architects. This brand has over fifty different colour and shape combinations. 

Few Examples of Modern Pavers

modern pavers

Source: Canva

Hexa 100

Hexagonal pavers are traditionally reserved for historical homes and buildings. However, when it comes to the Hexa 100 paver, its modern design, which embellishes any outdoor space, is a literal breath of fresh air. Furthermore, its unique geometrical shape can be used to vary patio and walkway designs. It can be used for both small and large areas and bestows a rare elegance.

Diamond Smooth

The Diamond Smooth paver gives modern landscape designs a kaleidoscope-like effect. Since it’s super trendy right now, its stylish shape is available in a variety of colours and textures to make it a rather versatile option. Checkerboard, zigzag, and 3D illusions…Let your imagination run wild!

Industria Triangle

This triangular, modern paver is available in five appealing colours and in a smooth, Granitex, or polished finish to recreate a terrazzo look. Its bold shape unleashes endless possibilities to make your landscaping a true statement.

Blu 80 

The Blu 80 paver collection is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing, and as an added bonus, is an eco-responsible choice. Hence, permeable pavers were designed to contribute to sustainable rainwater management. And, due to the high-density joints per square meter factor, the water is channelled between the pavers and through the permeable foundation where it's then filtered prior to seeping back into the phreatic zone.

Costs Associated With Modern Pavers

Pavers have always been a pricey choice. However, few products can match them in terms of beauty and sustainability. While one can expect to pay roughly $3 to $8 per square foot to pave a driveway with asphalt, when it comes to pavers, costs are steeper, nearing $14 to $24 per square foot, depending on the chosen material, the hired contractor, and the area in which the work will take place.

For new, modern pavers, the following material costs apply:

  • Between $10.99 and $12.45 per square foot of pavers

  • $20.28 per every 8 feet of curb

  • About $50 per bag of polymeric sand

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Last modified 2024-05-28

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