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8 Renovation Projects That Will Transform Your Old Home

Last modified: 2021-11-25 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

A well-loved home may be cozy and comfortable, but depending on how well-loved it has become, an old home can be rough around edges and surfaces as well as behind walls and above ceilings.

A mature home requires that little extra bit of TLC to get it back up to speed, keeping it functional without sacrificing its mature charms like antique fixtures and trimmings.

There are plenty of ways to offer your elderly home some much-needed revival without going into full-on renovation mode or breaking the bank. Considering the smaller details of the way older homes operate can help homeowners to recognize fundamental problems and act to breathe some new life into these spaces! Here, we offer a few ways that you can upgrade and update your old house or apartment.

8 renovation projects for old houses

1- Refresh Rooms Using Paint

Give those drab walls some depth by adding a new coat of paint to them. Repainting the rooms of a home is the most often tackled DIY upgrade. However, there is more to a good paint job then just painting over the walls. Wash away old stains and grease before starting this project and make certain that surfaces are properly prepped to extend the longevity of the new paint.

Remember, paint isn't only for the wall for your home! You can even revive old flooring by using paint. If refinishing a floor isn’t an option, due to budget or other factors, consider painting your floor in a colour or pattern that is modern. All it takes to add a little bit of personality to an old-fashioned space is time, consideration, concentration and a few coats of durable paint.

2- Install a Dishwasher to Conserve Water

Dishwasher with dishes_8 Renovation Projects That Will Transform Your Old Home

Source: Pixabay, congerdesign

If the dishwasher that you currently have is outdated, or your home doesn't employ a dishwasher at all, then washing dishes could be costing you more than you realize in both electricity and water bills. If you know this appliance needs an upgrade or an installation altogether, there is no better time to move forward with this project.

Switching to a newer dishwasher model can save almost 500 gallons of water per year. Further, if you don’t have a dishwasher at all, you are using 40 percent more water when washing by hand. Dishwasher installation is an easy DIY job and something that is worth considering if you’re environmentally conscious or looking to save some money.

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3- Lay Eco-Friendly Insulation

If your kitchen floor is always cold to the touch, even during summer or uncomfortable if you’re standing for long periods of time, then why not consider installing a cork floor or another form of insulating material? Cork is an eco-friendly, resilient and durable material that is becoming more widely used in home renovation projects.

Cork is easier to install than traditional wood flooring, as it is offered in engineered panels that snap together. Not only is this type of flooring easy to install, but it can sit over existing plywood, concrete and other types of flooring materials. Therefore, if your old kitchen floors are needing an update, then this renovation project can be done simply, without must hassle or a long installation process.

4- Add an Easy-to-Clean Backsplash

If your traditional tile backsplash just isn’t cutting it, or you don’t have a backsplash installed at all, then you should consider this kitchen addition as it will add character and charm to your old home. Putting up a single sheet of a solid surface material that is waterproof may just save hours of time spent cleaning while preserving the surfaces underneath. 

Shaping, cutting and gluing a backsplash material is straightforward and can be completed by even the most novice of homeowners. If you have existing tile, beadboard backsplash can simply be placed overtop. If you’d like to preserve what you already have, then consider giving that old backsplash a thorough clean and re-caulking or grouting in between tiles to extend longevity.

5- Refinish Wood Accents

Wood deck and shed_8 Renovation Projects That Will Transform Your Old Home

Source: Flickr, ddeboskey

The elements aren’t always kind to the exterior of older homes, and preserving details is key to keeping it looking young. When it comes to wood doors at the entrance of your home, decks and sheds, instead of just discarding these or replacing them as they begin to wear, why not consider refurbishing them?

With a few tools and materials from your local hardware store, it’s easy to revive beautiful wood accents around the exterior of your home. Even wood that has been neglected for a long period of time can be brought back to a respectable place. Start by giving these surfaces a good clean, and then move on to brushing a protective coat of stain to protect from the elements.

Refurbishing outdoor wood surfaces and accents will give some new animation to your home overall, preserving them for years to come.

6- Install a Bathroom Fan

If you’ve had issues with mould or mildew growth in your bathroom in the past, chances are this is because you don’t have a vent fan. Installing a ventilation fan goes beyond its aesthetic purposes of eliminating fogged-up windows and mirrors or removing stale odours. Yes, the fan prevents all types of moisture-related problems, including the growth of mould and mildew that lead to both health problems as well as issues with the structure and walls of your home. 

7- Update Outdated Plumbing and Electricity

It is common for older homes to have problems with electrical wiring and plumbing, as older plumbing corrodes or is easily clogged. Older pipes may need to be replaced with newer materials like PVC piping or copper. Furthermore, old electrical wiring can be a serious safety hazard, leading to house fires, so homeowners living in mature homes should make sure their electrical system is up to code.

If you are finding that you can’t run a hairdryer and microwave at the same time, then it is likely that your electrical system needs to be updated. If it comes down to it, contact an expert who can upgrade your electrical panel depending on your needs and the appliances that you own: how many computers, televisions, and electrical systems are you running? Make sure your new system can support these things!

8- Re-caulk Your Bathroom's Surfaces

Caulking bathroom_8 Renovation Projects That Will Transform Your Old Home

Source: WikimediaCommons

The bathroom is one of the first rooms of the home to wear, as it comes up against harsh factors like humidity and excessive amounts of water. If you are living in an older home, it is of the utmost importance to preserve bathroom surfaces, as any holes leading to under layers and insulation can cause mould and mildew growth.

With that in mind, it is important to re-caulk around the bathtub, shower and sinks surfaces to prevent water from seeping in. This is a simple job that won’t take much time but should be done correctly and meticulously. 

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