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How to Choose Your Shower


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How to Choose Your Shower

BathroomHow to Choose Your Shower

Seeing as the bathroom is one of the most frequented spaces in your home, choosing the right shower is not a trivial decision.

Choosing the perfect shower for your space

   1) Identifying your needs

Before you begin your research, you must take the time to identify your individual needs. First off, how often will the shower be used? Will multiple people be using it at the same time? Will renovating be enough or do you need to install an entirely new shower? Is it used mostly by adults or children? Are they elderly and need assistance and a grab bar? Do you need extra storage space inside the shower? Answering all of these types of questions will undoubtedly make shopping around for a new shower much easier.

2) Outlining the space

Although it’s very likely that you will find the shower of your dreams, if you don’t have enough room to install it then you will have to reconsider your expectations. This is why you should take all the necessary measurements of the area that will house the shower from the outset. If you shop around with your measurements handy it will definitely save you from a lot of stress.

    3) Select the model

There are roughly five different kinds of shower models available on the market today. Each model is divided into subcategories according to their shape, colour, dimensions etc. All models have a top cover and entrance doors.

The one-piece shower is just that, one piece expertly fitted to your space. Perfectly waterproof, the one-piece shower installs easily, however, due to its massive size, it’s not easily carried and transported into the bathroom.

The modular shower consists of at least two pieces. This shower is a lot more easily transportable and it adapts to all bathrooms. However, due to its multiple-piece construction, the joints make this shower less waterproof and as a result more difficult to maintain.

The traditional shower cabin is also one-piece. Not as bulky, it is also somewhat less elegant than other models, however, the price is much lower.

The tiled shower requires the installation of ceramics on the floor and on the walls. Although waterproofing depends on the quality of how it is installed, this type of shower lasts longer and is easy to maintain.

The adapted shower is designed purposefully for those with reduced mobility. Very spacious, it often includes safety ramps, a bench and sometimes a grab bar for support. This model is more complex to install.

    4) Choosing the material

The material commonly used for the walls and shower base are the following:  Acrylic is very easy to maintain but not rigid. Fibreglass is more affordable but less resistant than other materials. Polymer (styrene) is easy to install but doesn’t stand up well over time. Tempered glass is highly resistant but it’s also very heavy. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is lightweight but difficult to maintain. Shop according to your needs and especially while sticking to any budget you’ve laid out beforehand in order to find the right durable material at the best prices.

   5) Choosing your doors

Although a shower curtain can be sufficient in keeping the water off the bathroom floor, shower doors are much more effective at waterproofing your shower and oftentimes are far more elegant. They can be sliding, pivoting, or swinging and they’re usually made from tempered or glazed glass panels. Choose your door according to your personal taste, your bathroom needs, your budget and of course, the amount of space available. It would be a great shame to install a beautiful new shower with doors that don’t have enough space to open properly.

   6) Choosing your accessories

Among all the accessories in a shower, you must account for the most important: the taps. You can choose from a wide variety of models and styles (motion detected, one or two handles, etc.) and materials (chrome, brass, stainless steel, etc.), selecting the accessories that you like the most and that match the shower you have chosen. Always make sure to consult the bath supplier.

Another crucial accessory: the shower head. It can be very conventional or have several new features like multiple jets or a mist setting. Some shower heads are very wide in order to give you a rainfall effect. You can even install two separate shower heads in the same spot if you have enough room to do so. Other secondary accessories such as a footrest or a limestone filter can be added to enhance your shower further.

When you have finally settled on your choice, you only have to install the new shower or simply renovate the old one. If the piping is present then you will be able to install single showers such as modular or tiled models. However, if the installation requires manipulating the piping, you should call an expert plumber immediately to make the job go as smoothly as possible. For other more complex shower installations, you should not hesitate to call a contractor if you don’t have the necessary skills.

If you want more information on bathroom-related renovations, check out our articles Price Guide: Bathroom Renovation Project and Renovating a Bathroom: Things to Take into Consideration.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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