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Go Green with Recycled Paint

Go Green with Recycled Paint

Exterior renovationsGo Green with Recycled Paint

For a few years now, Boomerang Paint has been increasingly solicited for interior renovation and decoration projects. The reason being its green characteristics and excellent value for money. If you’re looking for eco-friendly interior paint, opting for recycled paint is the best decision you can make. Learn all about this type of product in the following section.

How is recycled paint made?

recycled paint

Source: Canva

Recycled paint is manufactured from leftover architectural paint given away by prior consumers. It’s made with surplus latex paint from some of Canada’s most recognized paint brands. Its manufacturing process doesn’t differ from that of traditional paint.

In fact, in Quebec, a program was initiated to enable citizens to have access to more than 1,200 paint pick-up spots, such as municipal locations, hardware stores, ecocentres, paint stores, and municipal garages. Consumers can drop off old or unused paint cans, whether the container is empty or has some remnants of paint inside. 

Leftover paint is thus collected and sent to factories where it’ll be used as another paint’s raw ingredient, thus the making of recycled paint. The latter is grouped into categories, colour-sorted and then mixed. Some additives are added to kill bacteria and ensure the paint’s stability, then the paint is filtered, and submitted to a series of quality control tests to finally be canned for resale. 

Boomerang Paint Characteristics

recycled paint

Source: Canva

Boomerang Paint is good-quality recycled paint made with acrylic latex. It can be used practically everywhere inside. It comes in 15 to 20 shades and is quite sustainable. Yet, it’s the paint’s actual characteristics that set it apart from regular paints.

A Green Choice

The first distinguishing characteristic that sets it apart from other regular paints is definitely its eco-friendly factor.

Boomerang paint is manufactured from reclaimed paints, which only generate a quarter of the greenhouse gasses emitted by standard paint production. Moreover, it complies with national standards, as well as LEED requirements.

Typically, Boomerang brand paint has as little as 50 grams of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) per litre, which is well below Canadian standards, which allow recycled paints up to 250 grams per litre. Also, this brand of paint is sold in containers made from recycled and recyclable plastics, rather than the more energy-intensive metal cans used for regular paints.

By using Boomerang paint for all your renovation and decoration projects, you're consciously deciding to use eco-friendly products, thus contributing to environmental preservation efforts.

Here are a few habits you can implement to further reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Use 100% eco-friendly paints only;

  • Carefully measure the amount of paint needed to coat a surface to limit waste as much as possible; 

  • Give away leftover paint or re-use it when needed;

  • Drop off your leftover paint at recycling centres to ensure it’s recycled.

A High-End Recycled Product

Boomrang’s recycled paint is known for its undisputed quality. It’s manufactured by combining several paint remnants (low- to high-end brands), giving the product a professional-like quality. It’s easy to clean, has incredible coverage, and is easily applied. Made with 1% pure ingredients, it gives the product the right level of shine and consistency, as well as the best possible drying time.

To get the best possible result out of Boomerang paint, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, if you decide to use recycled paint with a glossy finish on an irregular surface, it’s highly likely that the result will be far from perfect. 

As a matter of fact, said finish has a tendency to highlight any flaw. However, the same paint used on a smooth surface will have a much better finish. 

Types of Finishes

Since this type of paint is made from various unused and recovered paints, their interior paint collection has a velvet finish that’s somewhere between glossy and matte. This finish is ideal in rooms that require little maintenance. It really absorbs the light and has a slight sheen. 

Matte finish Boomerang interior paint is best used on ceilings and living room and bedroom walls since these don’t require as much cleaning. On top of that, it can help conceal any irregular surfaces.

The pearl finish, available in the interior/exterior paint line, is widely used to emphasize finishing details, doors and door frames, mouldings, backsplashes, etc.

Colour Options

recycled paint

Source: Canva

Boomerang recycled paint has a rather limited range of colours. The reason behind this short list of hues is that the paint collected from consumers is already coloured and can't be restored to its original shade. The colours available on the market are limited to about twenty. Here are some of the current trending colours.

Whites for Simple and Tactful Décors

Whites give any interior a stylish touch while ensuring a lovely balance between the more colourful elements and the more textured materials. Opt for a Moonlight White if you want to create a cozy vibe in a room while also emphasizing your bright décor. As for White Clay, it’s the best shade of white you could use to create an elegant and bright room in your house. You can use it as your base colour, and add a few hints of gray for a unique and personalized look. 

Shades of Beige for a Coordinated Look

Beige is the perfect colour if you want to create a daring colour combo. Since it’s a neutral colour, it’ll balance and unify busy spaces. You can choose between various shades of beige:

  • Cotton for a refined look

  • Everlasting for a traditional décor

  • Linen for a pleasant and calming ambience

  • Greige for a timeless look

  • A dark Castle In the Clouds beige for a unique and refined look

  • And lastly, Truffle if you want to create a more exotic look

Grey for a Chic Vibe

Grey is perfect if you want to create a clean look. You can use it to transition from one colourful room to the next. Amongst the various shades of grey, one can choose between White Clay, which conveys an elegant and bright décor; Perley Grey if you dream of bright spaces with a modern touch; Stone Grey for a reassuring and comforting décor, etc. 

Pastels for a Jovial and Lively Décor

Pastel colours can add a touch of optimism and playfulness to any room. Choose a light colour like Millennium Pink for a warm and friendly space. If you're opting for a bold, radiant look, opt for a Sunshine yellow. Azure blue will definitely make your home look timeless.

Tonics for a Velvety Ambience

Pair pastels with shades of beige to create a luxurious look that's sure to leave a lasting impression. Choose a colour from an array of shades such as Galaxy blue, mysterious Evergreen, rich Truffle brown, and dark and mysterious black like Coal.

Why choose Boomerang-brand recycled paint?

recycled paint

Source: Canva

The reason why Boomerang paint is so valued by consumers and professionals is due to its numerous advantages. 

It enhances air quality through low VOC emissions, making it ideal to paint nurseries and kids' bedrooms.

Moreover, it's the most eco-friendly paint on the market. It can be used instead of latex paints that would otherwise seep into the ground and contaminate the phreatic zone.

Aside from its environmental merits, Boomerang recycled paint boasts superior coverage over regular paint options due to its higher pigment content. Therefore, it requires fewer coats for complete coverage, unlike latex or oil-based paint.

Also, it's very easy to apply, dries quickly, and tools used during the process can be cleaned with water.

However, recycled paints don't solely have positive attributes. They also have a few drawbacks such as a very limited choice of colours and a faint gloss, which isn’t as easily cleaned.

Examples of Interior/Exterior Paint & Pricing

recycled paint

Source: Canva

Choosing Boomerang paints will financially benefit you when it comes time to give your home a much-needed facelift. Paint cans cost half the price of brand-new, regular paint for basically the same benefits. For 3.78 L, a can of Boomerang paint costs about $15. This paint line is available in recycling and clearance centres, paint and home hardware stores, and construction material suppliers. 

  • Recycled acrylic latex paint: This is washable paint made with reclaimed quality paints. It’s made for interior use and has outstanding coverage. The 3.78 L-can costs $28.49. It’s available in Galaxy blue and is washable with soap and water. 

  • Velvet finish latex paint: Solely meant for interior use, this type of reclaimed paint has outstanding coverage. It emits very few VOCs and generates four times as few greenhouse gases compared to regular paints. Its 3.78 L-can format costs $28.49.

  • Pearl finish interior/exterior acrylic latex paint: It’s a LOW-VOC-certified paint, which means its VOC levels are under 150 g/L. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, on flooring, decks, etc. It's available in a 3.78 L can and costs $28.49.

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Last modified 2024-02-23

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