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10 examples of beautiful retro-inspired decor

Last modified: 2022-07-29 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Christine Simard

Are you one of those people who tend to be nostalgic for past eras and not too fond of modern decors? If polka dots, bright colours and geometric forms are all things you like, maybe it's time to give your home a little retro makeover! Here are some examples that could inspire you!

10 examples of beautiful retro-inspired decor

1) Velvet in the spotlight

retro living room_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

If there's a fabric that is well-known amongst retro lovers, clearly it's velvet! While bringing comfort and softness, velvet can also be found in different bright colours, bringing joy to your decor. Here, the contrast between the dark yellow, the forest green and the navy nicely complements the wood floor's natural tint.

The diversity between the colours and the shapes gives life to the decor, which is sure to catch the eye of your guests! We should also mention the beautiful ornamental lamp in the center of the room, which is also an emblematic figure of retro decors!

2) Warm tones and cold tones create a balanced decor

 retro living room with blue sofa_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

While we now tend (more often than not) to opt for silver-gray fixtures, we sometimes forget that gold drew all the compliments at one time! Once again, dark yellow helps contrast cooler colours like blue or dark green. A fair mix of straight lines and curved lines gives life to a balanced and distinguished decor!

3) Retro, but make it minimalist

 retro living room colourful_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

The first thing we notice in this design is the relative lack of objects, which reminds us of minimalist decors. The red of the back wall offers warmth and joy, contrasting with the dark green shade of the couch and the neutral tones of gray.

Moreover, this also counterbalances the liveliness of the red and the pink, which avoids visually overloading the room. Contrary to a trend specific to the retro style, we notice here that few patterns have been used. The decor is both colourful and vibrant, yet soothing and relaxing.

4) Flowers and pastel

 retro kitchen_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

We often associate pastel colours with retro designs, and with reason! We can see in this example above the predominance of pastel green in this undeniably charming small kitchen! The use of beautiful gold-coloured cabinet handles nicely enhances the decor. For the flooring, the choice of black and white tiles is a tribute to the classic kitchens of the 50s, where this type of design was more than popular!

If flowery wallpaper isn't such a popular choice amongst decor enthusiasts, it surely occupies an important spot within the retro style. Applied to part of the wall, it adds a touch of fantasy without overshadowing the rest of the decor.

5) Velvet for a cozy atmosphere


Source: Pinterest (

This bedroom with a soothing design reminds us of how graphic posters play a major role in retro decors. In this example, they work as a focal point and are highlighted above the headboard.

The lightweight design of the lighting ornaments keeps them from outshining the rest of the decor while offering a touch of finesse and delicate attention to the rest of the room. The soft lighting, the beige colour on the walls and the velvet pillows all help to create a calm and soothing atmosphere.

6) A classic retro bathroom

retro bathroom_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This bathroom is the picture-perfect image of retro design: the glossy ceramic tiles, the pastel colours and the black and white floor covering are perfect examples! Since the overall decor is somewhat conventional, it will easily please those who prefer classic designs.

7) Orange and green for a colourful living room

living room with orange sofa_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Orange is typically associated with retro fashion and occupied a central spot in 70s decors. This bold colour brings liveliness and once paired with white, it's even brighter! This decor perfectly highlights the nice bright orange shade which works in harmony with the white and dark green. The frame is certainly the focal point of this room and its abstract design makes all its charm!

8) Colour, even more colour!

living room with lively colours_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (Melissa.K)

This retro-styled living room isn't scared of being colourful! The green, the yellow, the turquoise and the orange all mix together to create a surprising look. And what about this beautiful yellow couch?

It perfectly highlights the surface area of the room and its particular design is definitely unique. The turquoise stair risers prove to us that retro decors are perfect to add colour to the most unusual places!

9) A colourful decor!

living room with blue carpet_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Just like in the previous example, this decor is made of a daring mixture of colours! Blue, orange, green and yellow add brightness to a decor that is not meant to please the most conventional among us, but which will charm those with colourful personalities! There is also an interesting combination of patterns, which adds a degree of complexity to this magnificent layout.

10) Flowery tiles for a successful retro look

kitchen with green refrigerator_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This small retro kitchen has pretty floral tiles rising up the wall, reflecting a popular trend in this decor style. This arrangement aims for a certain level of sobriety by choosing a pretty pale gray shade for the cupboards and a pastel green for the fridge. If the whole decor is relatively sober, it is nonetheless warm and will suit those who like more discreet colours.

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