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Renovation and Commercial Design: 10 Montreal Businesses

Renovation and Commercial Design: 10 Montreal Businesses

Commercial renovationRenovation and Commercial Design: 10 Montreal Businesses

When we talk about decor or design on the blog, we usually focus on home decor. This allows our readers to find sources of inspiration to create the perfect layout for their home. But what about those who are looking for ideas for their business?

Truth be told, in business, the appearance of your retail space will play a very important role in attracting customers. Whether it's a restaurant, a café or a store, having a look that stands out will get you a lot of attention on social media and decor blogs.

In big cities like Montreal, you can find an array of boutiques and cafes, each more original than the next, and that is why we have put together this list of 10 shops that could be featured in magazines!

Renovations and commercial design: 10 Montreal stores worthy of magazines

1. The minimalism and simplicity of the École de Pensée boutique

The École de Pensée men's fashion boutique, located between the Mile-End and Outremont neighbourhoods, fits in well with these popular Montreal neighbourhoods. With a concrete counter poured into the structure and a neutral and minimalist aesthetic, the decor perfectly reflects the style and values ​​of this business.

Boutique école de pensée montréal

Source: Dezeen

2. The soft but contrasting colours of Pastel Rita

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning this pretty cafe whose design attracts visitors from all over. Its pastel pink walls and forest green coffee counter are real Instagram stars. The equally pink cushioned benches harmonize perfectly with the colour of the walls, which is why its design stands out so much among those of other cafes.

Café pastel rita

Source: Dezeen

3. The luxury and elegance of the Petite Bourgogne Aesop branch

Designed by Alain Carle Architecte, this boutique with bronze accents and dark green velvet transports customers to an environment worthy of a dream. Aesop is a high-end beauty product company that aims to create unique designs in each of its branches. The one located in Little Burgundy will charm you with its designer furniture and its herbaceous scent.

Boutique aesop montréal

Source: Dezeen

4. The award-winning industrial design of the Clinique Vétérinaire du Parc

After winning the 12th edition of the Grands Prix du Design in the “Health Office and Clinic Award” category, the Clinique Vétérinaire du Parc stands out with its unique design and beauty.

Imagined by T B A | Thomas Balaban Architect, an abandoned photo studio was transformed into a clinic with an industrial decor using the original materials of the room. The floor-to-ceiling window adds a contemporary touch and allows light to enter the basement of the clinic!

Clinique vétérinaire du parc

Source: Dezeen

5. A discreet design that reflects the spirit of Café Éclair

This little Mile-End café is the perfect example of how a small space doesn't have to mean a lack of style. As a café-bookstore, l'Éclair charms with its long central counter in neutral terrazzo and its velvet front bench. Here, you will find a perfect atmosphere for a quiet reading session with the sun passing through the large window!

Cafe eclair decor

Source: Café Éclair and Tastet

6. The eclectic and relaxing decor of Bar Darling

Located on the famous St-Laurent Boulevard, in an area with many bars and restaurants, the Darling stands out with its welcoming lounge atmosphere. Although its name includes the word "bar", the Darling is also a great place for a good coffee or a spot to check out during your dinner break.

Bar darling montréal

Source: This is the place I was telling you about

7. The lush cocktail lounge of the Kampai garden

The place is aptly named; the Kampaï garden is a real garden for beer lovers. With a lively, organic and relaxed decor, this resto-bar aims to strike the perfect balance between a popular bar and a chic restaurant, which is sure to please many happy hour fans.

Kampai garden resto-bar

Source: Tastet

8. Japanese traditions with a contemporary twist for Ryù and Livia

In an impressive 2 for 1, Livia is a matcha bar that shares the same premises as Ryù, a traditional Japanese restaurant with a design inspired by the traditions of the land of the rising sun. With organic and hand-crafted materials like untreated wood countertops, this decor reflects a contemporary take on traditional style that works well with current trends.

Ryu et livia matcha bar

Source: Tastet

9. An industrial garden design for the Jack Rose restaurant

Grunge meets tropical in this Saint-Laurent boulevard joint, set in a former auto body and repair shop. Exposed beams and repainted air ducts add an industrial touch to the decor, which is accentuated with darker colour and lighting choices.

The textures are a mix between an abundance of hanging plants and the original materials of the preserved walls, creating a warm design and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for escaping from the outside world.

Jack rose restaurant

Source: Dezeen

10. A stylish beauty experience at Salon Hideout

Pink structures serve as pillars and shelves in the main space of this beauty salon in Griffintown. Working with a design by the Ménard Dworkind studio, the team was able to create the perfect setting despite budget restrictions, especially by investing in strategic locations and solutions rather than aesthetics.

Modified living room chairs and IKEA sinks serve as a manicure station, along with the professional tools traditionally seen in beauty salons.

salon hideout montréal
Source: Dezeen

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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