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Renovation and Commercial Design: 6 Magazine-Worthy Toronto Businesses - West End

Last modified: 2022-08-12 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Often on the blog, we discuss decor and design trends but we usually focus on the home front. This allows our readers to find inspiration to create the perfect layout for their interiors and exteriors. But what about those looking for ideas for their business?

When it comes to businesses, truth be told, the appearance of your retail space plays a very important role in attracting and enticing long-term customers. Whether it's a restaurant, a café or a store, having a look that stands out will get you a lot of attention on social media as well as on decor blogs.

In the larger Canadian cities, like the metropolis of Toronto, you’ll find a large selection of boutiques and cafes, each more original than the next. This is why we’ve put together a list of 10 shops located in Toronto’s West End that could be featured in magazines.

Renovations and commercial design: 6 Toronto West-End businesses worthy of magazines

1- Boonsik

Boonsik is a new spot in the ever-expanding scope of Toronto restaurants, and we’re including it in this list for the laid-back atmosphere the space emits. An extremely minimal and casual interior is an excellent refresher in a city full of upscale, expensive options. The room comes across like a Korean diner, complete with neon sign decor, a fun yellow accent wall and simple wooden tables.

With dim sum style dining, cute green speckled dishware for all the goods as well as a fridge stocked with old-school Korean snacks, we get why this warm and simple space is so popular.

boonsik toronto

2- Nice Nice

Even from the facade alone, there’s something about Nice Nice that’s intriguing. This recent addition to the Parkdale neighbourhood is a two-room wine bar and burger joint. There’s a small 18-table cozy lounge that is complemented by a long bar, beautiful hardwood floors and full walls of open-concept shelving displaying their selection of wines.

While on the other side, a standing-room-only space with purple neon lighting and a white tiled burger bar keeps things super chill. We love the versatility!

toronto nice nice

3- 96 Tears

When it comes to Toronto vintage shops, there’s almost too much to choose from. But, when we’re paying a visit to the city’s West End, we make a point to check out the selection at 96 Tears. Another Parkdale spot, the original sign from this long-time jewelry store has been repurposed into a giant table that runs through the center of the shop. The space’s white walls, wood benches and vintage lounging couch make it the perfect place to put together an entire outfit for a night in or out. 

4- JuiceBox Bar

There is a real rise of wine bars on the Toronto scene, but JuiceBox may be the most photogenic among them. Run by the owners of the popular (now closed) SoSo Food Club, much of the same aesthetic remains.

This eye-catching space is flirty and fun, with a blue crush velvet booth, moody fluorescents and overhead dome lighting plus an open-concept bar and dining area. We dare you to go for a glass or bottle and not take a photo!

juicebox wine bar toronto

5- Rose City Goods

A west end lifestyle store, Rose City Goods is as quaint a spot as it sounds. The interior is loosely inspired by the beaches of California and gives off an easy, breezy, beautiful energy that is deeply rooted in the 1970s. The in-store curved shelving unit displays well crafted and unique ceramics.

The store also sells textiles, stationery, and skincare products from local sources. This little shop is truly a diamond in the rough.

toronto rose city goods

6- Cafe CanCan

Wow- it’s very hard to contain one's excitement when visiting Harbord Villages Cafe CanCan. The pink entrance door is just a taste of what you’re in store for visiting this French bistro. A wash of colourful pastels dons the space, with turquoise booths, pink mirrors and floral wallpaper. The floor literally sparkles, adding yet another touch to this whimsical, dream-like, interior.

cafe cancan toronto

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