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5 Small-Scale Home Improvement Projects

5 Small-Scale Home Improvement Projects

Interior renovations5 Small-Scale Home Improvement Projects

When you think about taking on a home renovation project, you might consider all of the difficult aspects: cost, time, energy and so on. However, not every renovation has to be large-scale and overly time-consuming.

Instead, consider some small-scale home improvement projects that can transform spaces that are often overlooked but integral to the overall aesthetic and functionality of your rooms.

These tiny makeovers can breathe fresh air and new life into even the most tired and outdated of homes. If you’re interested in a little weekend DIY or a one-day small renovation, read on for our suggestions for the best small-scale projects.

5 small-scale renovation projects

1- Mini bathroom makeover

bathroom_5 small-scale home improvement

Source: Bathroom

In most cases, a bathroom makeover can end up being the most expensive of renovation projects, but if approached in the right way, you can easily add some beautiful new pieces that will totally revitalize the room without it costing you a fortune. Consider installing a new granite countertop or other natural stone to add an element of elegance to the room. A new countertop will cost a bit up front, but working with stone will guarantee longevity and quality. If your budget allows, consider installing a new faucet and mirror to match.

Make sure to have all of the items on hand before you begin this renovation project, this way the installation time is concentrated. Tear out old fixtures and keep any items that remain in good shape. If you are replacing your entire vanity, consider donating the old one. If all goes well, this project shouldn’t take longer than a weekend, or maybe a day or two longer.

2- Paint

One of the easiest ways to quickly and efficiently makeover a room is with paint. Painting can be as small-scale as you desire. A quick and long-lasting makeover is to paint a single, or accent, wall of a room. This can make a fairly bold statement if you choose a colour outside of your comfort zone. If you choose this fun renovation project, make sure to use a colour that will work with the rest of the space.

Look for colour accents in existing room furnishings, fixtures or artwork in the space. If you want an expert's advice, snap a few pictures or find examples of the colour combinations you like and work with a paint dealer who will be able to help you match colours.

If you’re not interested in painting an entire room or a single wall, why not consider adding trim or even painting the trim that’s there? This is a single-day project that is fairly straightforward and very simple. Just make sure you approach this job carefully, as the more precise your painting skills, the better the finished result.

3- Backyard renewal project

backyard_5 small-scale home improvement

Source: Unsplash

If you spend quite a lot of time outdoors, finding innovative ways to make your backyard its own little haven is definitely worth considering. What are some small renovation projects that can be completed in a day or two? First, think about aspects of your backyard that could use some improvement. For starters, the landscaping could easily be updated to incorporate plants from your region.

This environmentally-friendly landscaping method can help keep things alive longer while contributing to the surrounding area. If you’ve already taken measures to include local plants into your lawn, you can update the design or placement of the existing elements.

A common issue when it comes to the great outdoors is dealing with insects. If insects are a common irritation, why not build or install a gazebo with netting? This can also assist with the sun if you require shade when hanging outdoors.

Would you like to have more information on the subject? Check out 3 ideas for organizing your backyard.

4- Cosmetic kitchen renovations

There are plenty of small renovation projects that can be completed around the kitchen. But, if you’re looking to avoid large-scale projects, then they may tend towards the cosmetic. If you’re lacking the correct amount of light in this room, have you thought about the wonders of under cabinet lighting?

This small-scale renovation will help to illuminate work surfaces while adding a modern element. This project shouldn’t take more than a day or two and is fairly simple for the homeowner with a bit of DIY experience. However, it does involve electricity, so make sure to check with your municipal rules and regulations before diving in headfirst.

Another excellent option for the kitchen is installing a new backsplash. This is an often overlooked area and if the wrong material was originally installed, it can easily dramatically date the kitchen 10-15 years. This is another example of a project that isn’t overly complicated but does require some attention to detail. If you’re taking this on, choose a material that has longevity and won’t need replacing in the next few years.

Although natural stone or tile may cost a little bit more upfront but will add an element of luxury to your kitchen. If the two aforementioned projects aren’t small-scale enough, then we’d suggest simply updating the hardware on cabinets and kitchen drawers. Especially if your cabinets are in good condition, this budget-friendly job won’t take more than a few hours and can be completed by almost anyone.

Would you prefer instead to give a new coat of paint to your kitchen? Read our article 10 Best Kitchen Paint Colours.

5- Projects to increase curb appeal

front door_5 small-scale home improvement

Source: Unsplash

Replacing the front door of your home is a small-scale project that has bigger potential than might be initially noticeable. The front door of your home adds some serious curb appeal and if the right material is chosen, can also increase your return on investment. If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, then this is a definite must. Choose a material that has longevity but is also unique like a solid wood or steel door.

Another worthwhile project is changing or installing window shutters on the outside of your home. This is a way to seriously stand out from your neighbours and to further add to your home's curb appeal. If you already have shutters installed, why not think about repainting them?

Look for colour accents in your landscaping or from the facade of your home and be bold! Also bear in mind that since this is an outdoor project, it will be necessary for you to work with water-soluble primers and paints.

Would you like to have an estimation of the cost of your next renovation project? Try our cost calculator!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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