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Prices, Renovation and Features of Steel Roofing


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Prices, Renovation and Features of Steel Roofing

RoofPrices, Renovation and Features of Steel Roofing

Although less popular than the traditional asphalt shingle roof or the flat roof, steel roofs are an excellent option in terms of roofing materials. followed roofing expert Danny Lauzon on one of his steel roofing jobs in Montreal. Check out this interview to learn more about steel roofing.

The contractor generously agreed to answer our questions in order to provide useful information about this roofing material.

Compared to the other types of materials, what are the main advantages of steel roofing?

A steel roof has a longer lifespan than a standard asphalt shingle roof. This is due to the fact that the paint that protects the steel has a guarantee of 40 to 50 years. Once it gets old, you just have to redo the painting and you’ll be good for another 40 to 50 years. Therefore, your steel roof will be functional as long as the paint is well maintained. I've seen many steel roofs that were installed 180 to 200 years ago. Steel roofs last more than a lifetime.

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What are the cons of steel roofing?

One major drawback would be the price: steel roofs are usually more expensive than conventional flat roofs or asphalt shingle roofs. Also, raindrops are noisier when they fall on a metal roof. It may be a problem for some people, but I’ve never heard any complaints about it.

How much does steel roofing cost?

It can cost you from two to 4, 5 or even 6 times the price of an asphalt shingle roof. The price will depend on the complexity of the steel cover, the type of product that is installed and the roof's slopes. If the slopes are steep, the installation process will be longer and more complex, which will increase the final price.

How much time does it take to install a steel roof?

It usually takes at least two to three days to install a standard steel roof but it depends on the results you want. For example, the roof can have visible or hidden screws or other particularities that take more or less time. For this site, it has taken us 6 days to install the steel cover. Since the roof was “new”, we didn’t have to tear off the old roof. That has definitely saved us some time.

Is a steel roof more difficult to install than other types of roof?

If your contractor is specialized in steel roofing, their experience should make them more efficient. However. contractors who are not used to working with steel will find it difficult. Since our company often installs steel roofing –about 30% of the roofs on which we work- it is rather easy for us. Steep slopes, dormer windows, ledges and wall covering will definitely increase the difficulty level of the installation process.

steel roof_Steel Roofing: Prices, Renovation and Features_RenoQuotes

Would you recommend steel roofing for everyone?

Not necessarily. I always say that the first question you should ask yourself is how much your budget allows you to do. Since a steel roof can be quite expensive, not everyone will be able to install it on their house. If you have the budget, I would strongly advise you to choose steel roofing. 

Not only is it a long-term investment, but it will also increase the value of your house. Also, you won’t have to pay for frequent repairs like for an asphalt shingle roof. Nowadays, many beautiful steel roofs are available in the residential roofing market.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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