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What Are the Different Types of Window Shutters?

What Are the Different Types of Window Shutters?

Exterior renovationsWhat Are the Different Types of Window Shutters?

Are your windows in need of new coverings or a spiffy new look? If you are not a blind- or curtain-enthusiast, why not opt for shutters? It is not always the most obvious option, however, shutters can revamp your windows as well as allow for great sightlines. 

Here is what you need to know when it comes to the different types of shutters and materials currently available. 

Window Shutters 101

What are shutters exactly? 

Basically, shutters are panels (made of slats or not) that are mounted onto windows with the help of hinges. Window shutters can be installed inside instead of traditional blinds or outside for decorative purposes.  

Shutters elicit a particular vibe in a room, all the while having an uncanny ability to allow specific amounts of natural light into a room, as opposed to a traditional blind. When installed outside, as a decorative element, they play off the house’s pleasant aesthetic. 

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Different Types of Shutters

Before doing a rundown of all the different types of shutters out there, note that shutters can be affixed to both windows and doors. Therefore, the leading types of window shutters can also be installed on bifold and French doors. 

Ovation Shutters 

Starting off with ovation shutters; these are made with slats that can be removed or not (depending on their primary use). This type of shutter is by far the most chosen as an alternative to blinds, as it is the only style that can be used for practical matters, as opposed to solely for decorative purposes. 

Raised Panel Shutters 

Next, raised panel shutters are also available. Overall, aesthetically speaking, these greatly resemble kitchen cabinets or doors in which the middle section is slightly raised. This model comes in either single or double panels. Unlike ovation shutters, raised panel shutters can only be used for decorative purposes. 

Colonial Shutters 

Now, the colonial-style window shutters. As can be gathered from the name, the latter is made with rather large slats as a throwback to that specific time period. Oftentimes, these will be adorned with dummy hinges or two decorative bands extending from one side to the other. 

Last but not least, you can opt to choose cafe-style shutters. These are most often used on a single section of the window and are made with slats to ease their practicality as they are not only for aesthetic purposes. 

Different Window Shutter Materials 


Aluminum window shutters are widely used and are known to be particularly durable, with a great price quality, as well as requiring little maintenance. 

Price: Starting at $790


First and foremost, it is important to note that wood shutters are usually made with basswood. This particular wood essence is not a random pick. Indeed, basswood is the best of both worlds: it is known for being light and durable. Considering the former, basswood is an ideal fit for large windows.  

Incidentally, basswood happens to be a renewable resource due to its growth aptitude. Alas, this type of wood does not adhere well in humid spaces, such as bathrooms. Why? It has a tendency to warp and peel as a result of humidity, it is as simple as that.  

In that regard, keep in mind that shutters facing east or west will fade over time, even if they have an ultraviolet protective coating. Should you be partial to the cozy vibe associated with wood shutters, note the constraints associated with their placement to ensure these do not deteriorate prematurely. 

Price: Starting at $700

Faux Wood

Moving on to faux wood shutters; these are made from real wood and PVC or plastic. With a style bearing resemblance to wood shutters, faux wood shutters have an edge when it comes to the former: They can be installed in humid spaces. 

Nevertheless, faux wood is much heavier than basswood. That being said, installing shutters made from that material on large windows is not recommended. However, it is worth knowing that faux wood shutters are less expensive than their wood counterparts. 

Price: Starting at $560

Shedding Light On a Functional Shutter Installation 

As for the installation, note that shutters can be mounted on the inside or outside of a window frame. This choice eventually comes down to the type of window to which the shutter will be mounted, and the amount of natural light desired. Therefore, if you have a casement window, it would be wise to mount the shutters on the inside rather than the outside. 

Are you looking to minimize the amount of natural light let in as much as possible? In that case, it would be best to mount the shutter on the outside of the window frame. That way, it will cover the moulding wholly. 

Maintaining Shutters

In regards to shutter maintenance, shutters can be maintained as you would regular blinds. Dust them off with a dry cloth once in a while, and the work is done! If you have wood shutters, avoid cleaning them with water as it might damage the slats. 

DIY or Not? That Is the Question! 

The answer to this question really hangs on your skillset. If you believe you can mount the shutters yourself, note that a single slip can cost you! Therefore, if you have a few concerns about whether or not you will be able to bring this project to the finish line, we highly recommend you hire a professional.

Regarding the latter, note that most blind and/or shutter retailers will take care of the installation. Furthermore, an employee can even measure your windows beforehand if you want to make extra sure no measurement errors were made at that stage. 

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Last modified 2023-12-05

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