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7 Unique Staircase Designs For Your Home

7 Unique Staircase Designs For Your Home

Interior renovations7 Unique Staircase Designs For Your Home

While we tend to first consider the practical aspect of a staircase, it is not uncommon to forget how this type of structure can have a true visual impact in a room.  Because of its unique style and appearance, a staircase can help enhance your living room, lobby or any other room in the house.

To give you some inspiration when it comes to choosing a new staircase, we've taken the time to look at 7 types of stair designs that you might like.

Here are 7 unique staircase designs to consider for your home renovation!

1) Straight staircase (empty or full)

Opting for a straight staircase offers two possibilities: that of choosing a model with or without counter-steps (full or empty). Want to have a full staircase?

If the top and bottom of your steps are securely fixed to both floors, you'll be free to install shelves, retractable filing cabinets, a closet or an exhibition window for your collection of random tchotchkes.

Change your steps for hardwood boxes or sink the staircase in concrete to anchor its weight within the structure of the house. In this case, it's all about keeping things simple. Steer clear of adding ramps, storage accessories or decorative elements to avoid overloading this heavy element. A large plant, a colourful couch or a retro lamp will fit perfectly! This could be an unwanted constraint for those who aren't interested in minimalism.

For those who wish to keep free space under the stairs by giving up the steps, you will have a staircase with a lighter look. From an aesthetic point of view, the general look will be visually pleasing. You will have to give up the practical side of a full staircase and find a way to organize your space without over-cluttering it.

In general, straight stairs (full or empty) can be made with a wide variety of materials (wood, steel, concrete, etc.) making them a versatile choice. Additionally, since the staircase has a standard design, it is available at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, it is difficult to adapt to small rooms, as it is installed over several meters.

Full staircase

Benefits :

  • creates storage space;

  • creates a solid structure.

Disadvantage: This may create a structure that takes up too much space. 

Empty staircase

Benefits: look lighter and are aesthetically pleasing.

Disadvantage: require finding other ways to organize space.

The standard staircase

Benefits :

  • affordable because of its standard design;

  • can be made using a wide variety of materials.

Disadvantage: requires a lot of space and is therefore ill-suited to small rooms.

2) Single-Stringer Staircase

In most cases, a staircase consists of steps placed on the stair shell, which is marked by two pieces connecting the two floors. Additionally, there is a set of vocabulary specific to the staircase, which is used to identify each part of the structure, and these are the horizontal step, the vertical riser and below, the diagonal doormat. The staircase model which is designed with a steel rod trades this standard, swapping the "shell" for a "fishbone" structure.

This type of structure can be square-shaped or tubular. Your staircase has a spine that accentuates its straight or curved angle. This stripped-down structure abandons the ribbon aesthetic that is often seen in the design of standard staircases. In addition to its sleek look, the staircase with a steel rod is well-suited for industrial decors. 

We must point out that according to the National Building Code, there may be restrictions on the integration of horizontal bars into a stair ramp. If you'd like to know more about this option, talk to experienced professionals to make sure you are complying with the current rules in place.

Benefits :

  • offers a minimalist, stripped-down look;

  • contributes to the creation of a minimalist décor.

Disadvantage: Some restrictions may apply with regards to the integration of horizontal bars into the railing.

3) Floating Staircase

If you remove the steel rod to attach the steps to the wall or if you replace the mat for rods that hang the steps to the ceiling, you end up with a suspended staircase. You can create a floating effect by attaching wooden steps in the wall above an indoor garden. So you'll kind of feel like you're walking on top of the canopy of a forest.

Another idea would be to highlight the iron rods that support the weight of the steps extending to the ceiling. Why not imagine these bars that scratch the space like the lines of a painting by Guido Molinari?

Finally, it should be noted that the small structure of this type of staircase clears the space, which is very convenient for people who have little space. However, the lack of railings on one side makes this staircase less secure than a standard staircase.

Benefits :

  • offers a clean, airy look;

  • requires little space.

Disadvantage :

  • less safe than a standard staircase.

4) L'escalier en colimaçon

The spiral staircase remains the most majestic of all the stairs because of its unique charm. This spiral descent is doubled by a climb around an iron rod that functions as a beam. This pivot has a dual function of acting as a spine to which the steps are welded as well as a supporting wall working to solidify the whole staircase.

Due to its diameter, which rarely exceeds 1m60, the spiral staircase is especially suitable for small spaces. For those who have a large area within their home, installing a large staircase is also possible. Moreover, a spiral staircase can be built into a square stairwell as well as one that is round. It should also be noted that this type of staircase frees up the surface area, as it takes up little space on the ground.

On the flip side, it should be remembered that this type of staircase can involve a few difficulties for people with reduced mobility. Additionally, a spiral staircase is relatively expensive and therefore not suitable for all budgets. Although you can buy models that are sold in stores, it is not recommended to do so because of their level of quality tends to vary.

Benefits :

  • adapts well to small spaces;

  • can create a majestic look (if large);

  • fits well with square or circular stairwells;

  • takes up little space on the ground.

Disadvantages :

  • more difficult to use for people with reduced mobility;

  • more expensive than other models ;

  • models sold in stores are of varying quality.

Planning to build or renovate a staircase?

5) The staggered staircase

Halfway between a staircase and a ladder, the staggered staircase allows you to pass from one level to another while using up little space. As tall as a standard structure, the size of this staircase is reduced along the diagonal length. The tread of the steps is shorter. In doing so, it is often a wise choice for small spaces. 

You start by putting the front of your foot on the climb and use the back for the descent. Despite its steep slope, its use is facilitated by the depth of its steps.

Therefore, much like when using a ladder, it is possible to place the center of your foot on the narrow step and be able to go up or down naturally. This staircase is available with a standard shell or a central rod. 

However, keep in mind that it is more difficult to climb a staggered staircase than a standard staircase. For this reason, you will always have to be cautious when climbing to avoid falling.

Finally, it is important to point out that this staircase is quite expensive. Indeed, it requires more precautions in terms of its design because of certain technical constraints.

Advantage: small in size and therefore well suited to small spaces.

Disadvantage: expensive due to technical constraints for its manufacturing.

6) Metal and ceramic stairs

The metal staircase adds an industrial element to your home. This flashy staircase is not practical, nor comfortable, but it is an economical choice that stands out. Another material to use for a staircase (as a surface material, not a structural one):  ceramic, solid and easy to maintain.

Choose strong porcelain with a surface that is not overly smooth to avoid it being too slippery. To make it easier to arrange the tiles, opt for a ceramic product with one colour rather than one with a pattern.

Before you create your ceramic staircase, it is important to solidify the structure because of the many vibrations that it will experience. Note that this project takes longer than laying other types of staircase steps.

Regardless, you are choosing this material for its unique aesthetic and perhaps out of nostalgia for your last visit to Guell Park in the city of Barcelona. Of course, you know that a ceramic staircase can be particularly cold to the touch. Be sure to take this inconvenience into account if you choose this option.

The metal staircase

Benefits :

  • will fit in well with an industrial or modern look;

  • generally inexpensive.

Disadvantages :

  • not very practical;

  • not very comfortable.

The ceramic staircase

Advantage: creates a unique look.

Disadvantages :

  • is subject to vibrations and therefore requires a solidification of the structure ;

  • not very comfortable.

7) The illuminated staircase

Severing as a bridge between two floors, a staircase can be illuminated to accentuate the effect of ascent or descent to the ground. Allow tubes or light globes to hang at random heights to create a shower of light in your stairwell. Insert LED lights into the ceiling for a celestial look, setting them up inside the wall every two steps to highlight individual steps or to create a look that simulates the presence of candles.

Light the staircase with LED tape installed along the ramp or under the steps. The light from a single source under a staircase without a walkway produces rays on the wall. Two polyethylene balls with LED lighting at the bottom and top of your staircase will produce a display of shadows and lights.

Alternatively, you can also install LEDs behind a translucent material to create a diffused and blurry effect.

Keep in mind that it is possible to connect the lighting to a motion detector, which will ensure that the lights are turned on only when necessary. Of course, the use of a professional's expertise is often required to guarantee the quality of the work performed for the installation of the lights.

Benefits :

  • accentuates the effect of ascent or descent ;

  • can create several effects depending on the type of lighting installed.

Disadvantage: It often requires the intervention of professionals for the proper installation of lights.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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