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How to Design Your Loft's Layout

How to Design Your Loft's Layout

Interior renovationsHow to Design Your Loft's Layout

In a nutshell, buying a loft means wanting to benefit from a vast open space that has an undeniable industrial charm. Since this floor plan differs from an apartment or house, consider its specificities to plan and design its layout accordingly. Without further ado, here are a few loft layout recommendations. 

Breathe Life Into Your New Loft Courtesy of Our Layout Tips! 

loft layout

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Considering that there’s a significant amount of space available below the ceiling level, it may be worthwhile to play off the different floor levels in your loft. As such, the upper floor is the perfect place to set up a mezzanine area, one that could be used as a home office or children’s play area. 

The rooms located on the upper floor can benefit from accordion sliding doors or Japanese-inspired partitions; their versatility makes enclosing or opening a space onto the rest of the layout a possibility.

Divide the space

Since lofts are open-concept spaces, dividing up the space into individual rooms with the help of actual walls isn’t feasible, but you can still do so with strategically placed curtains or veils, as well as with dividers or partitions. 

The latter is especially useful to divvy up space without so much as breaking up the flow as a whole, visually speaking. Partitions, which can be described as partial walls, are very practical for loft-like layouts. 

On the other hand, not unlike partitions, glass can be used to divvy up the floor space into individual rooms without interfering with the onlooker’s view of the space as a whole. While some will choose to install a glass guardrail bordering a mezzanine, others will prefer to integrate a glass partition to separate the kitchen and dining room from adjacent spaces. 

Note that you can also choose to purchase a movable partition or a room divider on wheels to alter your layout at will. 

Well-Lit Loft Layout

loft layout

Source: Canva

In terms of lighting, it’s best to choose light fixtures that are closer to the floor rather than the ceiling to benefit from ample light. Also, it may be just as appropriate to install fixtures fitted with dimmers to adjust the lighting based on the time of day and desired ambience. 

Table lamps are just as useful for additional lighting in layout-specific areas. 

As for light fixtures, the bigger the better, considering that the space you’re working with is on the larger side. And, since the floor concept is vast, small light fixtures risk being underwhelming and lost amongst the décor, while also supplying less-than-ideal lighting. 

Add a splash of colour to your loft!

To design a space that’s warm yet not blinded by the sun’s intense glare, it may be best to opt for darker hues. Moreover, the latter will be perfect to create a space in which calm and cozy feelings are instilled, while seamlessly blending in with the industrial-inspired aesthetic. However, that doesn’t mean you can add some bright colours to the mix by way of various items found within your layout like light fixtures, frames, and curtains. 

Ideally, if all areas are connected and lack clear dividers or partitions, you should paint your walls using at most two different colours. Otherwise, you risk designing a discordant space.

Furnish your loft

loft layout

Source: Canva

As for textiles and materials, feel free to include throw pillows, rugs, and curtains to limit sound reverberations throughout such a vast space. 

As for furniture, the latter may be used to strategically divvy up select spaces if curtains or dividers aren’t as suited to the loft’s configuration. Furthermore, the former may be rather useful in disrupting sound transmission between the various corners without completely enclosing them. 

For a refined, and well-defined, kitchen

Other than the glass partitions we mentioned earlier, dividing up your loft’s kitchen area with an island could be just the thing to do. A kitchen island will create a makeshift division with the rest of the floor space without completely enclosing it. Make sure to consider your kitchen’s square footage to choose the right island size and to avoid having an unsuitably matched piece of furniture that’s either too big or too small. 

Since your kitchen is in an open-concept space, and nothing will hide the build-up of dirty dishes on the countertop, choose minimalist-inspired counters. Store any appliances or kitchenware that you don’t use on a regular basis in the cabinets and display only the essentials. 

Designing a Personality-Infused Loft Layout

At the risk of designing a layout that’s disconnected and lacks harmony, choosing wall treatments and flooring that are well-matched is super important.

From there, you can select decorative pieces to dress up the windows based on the flooring to create a harmonious overall design. However, this rule doesn’t apply to fully enclosed spaces such as the bathroom. 

Note that echoing colours is just as important as it is for textures to rightfully lend personality to your loft, albeit without so much as designing a disorganized or eclectic space. 

To retain that loft-like appeal, and industrial-inspired look, keep in mind that waxed concrete is an unmatched choice, much like large-size tiles. 

One Final Loft Layout Tip…

Since everything is out in the open, keep in mind that clutter or too much stuff will be hard to conceal. As such, aim for a minimalist-inspired setting; it’ll be all the more easy to admire when the above-mentioned elements are showcased. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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