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4 large-scale home improvement projects

Last modified: 2022-03-14 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Pretty much all renovation projects consume a significant amount of time, money and patience. Of course, the reason most homeowners take on a renovation is to improve their quality of life as well as their home resale value.

Does this sound like the position you’re in? If so, this article is going to touch on some of the large-scale options to consider as well as some issues to avoid when taking them on.

Ready to renovate? Well, look no further. Here’s the lowdown on 4 large-scale home renovation options that can add major value to your home.

4 large-scale home improvement projects that impact the value of your home

1) Renovating or restoring your staircase

front staircase_4 large-scale home improvement projects

Source: Unsplash

Whether indoor or outdoor, a staircase can add a serious aesthetic appeal that many homeowners may completely overlook on the home renovation front. You may not actually realize how big of an impact your staircase has in the grand scheme of things. Not only does the design and layout of the staircase matter, but it’s also important to consider the material used.  Depending on your home décor, you might choose to work with wood, steel, glass, stone or concrete. Material choice is important, as it can completely transform the floor of a home.

When considering the layout, think about a central staircase as a whole inside of a separate piece of the rest of the room. The placement of your staircase will dictate how friends and loved ones move around the room. When it comes to design choices, popular options include curved, straight or winding. If you don’t have much in the way of space, you may opt for something narrow. In contrast, if lack of space isn't an issue, there are plenty of dramatic, wide-bottomed or architecturally interesting layouts.

For some, it might be important to consult an architect as they’ll be able to understand the best design in relation to the room. However, worth mentioning is that even if you have your dream staircase in mind, it might not be a possibility in your home. Municipal building regulations may dictate tread size, the angle at which it stands as well as the size of floor space. Therefore, check with local rules and regulations if you end up deciding to take on this project.

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2) Working on your walls

The walls are pretty important in the grand scheme of a home. Not only are they holding that roof over your head, but they’re blank canvases, a place for you to explore your creativity. Walls can be simply painted a fresh colour to offer some fresh air into your home, consider moving from a dark to a light colour or even exploring with a vibrant accent wall.

If you’re looking for a renovation that’s a little more over the top, replace a full wall with glass and offer a blurring between your indoor world and the outdoors. If you’re not ready to remove a whole wall, experiment with sliding glass doors that offer the same feel but are functional. Walls can also be completely moved or restructured to open up a room or close another. Just remember to check if they’re load-bearing or not, as moving a load-bearing wall will completely compromise the integrity of your home.

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3) Renewing your floors

floors_4 large-scale home improvement projects

Source: Unsplash

When examining a room, once we’ve looked up and around, naturally we’ll begin to look down. The floors in your home offer another avenue to personalize the rooms. Depending on your layout as well as the decor, you might choose from a number of materials. Hardwood is a popular option, though it will cost the most upfront. However, hardwood has excellent longevity and can fit in with almost any decor style.

If you’re looking for another material with longevity, you may consider concrete. Concrete isn’t just for the outdoors anymore and can be adapted to work inside the home. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are other options, as well as various resin-based flooring.

Before installing a new floor in your home, make sure that the underlayer is in good shape. The floorboards in place must be dry, level and free from signs of pests. If you notice any of these things, do take it seriously. Another important consideration is the installation process itself. This is a fairly big job, and thus, will take time to complete. If you’re doing your entire home at one time, factor in about a week where you’ll need to be outside of the home.

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4) Interior and exterior doors

Both internal and external doors might seem like they don’t have too much of an impact, but this idea is surprisingly untrue. Your front door plays a big part in the first impression people have of your home, adding an element of curb appeal, value and personal flair.

If you live in a fairly traditional neighbourhood, we’d suggest matching the front door to fit the style of your street. If you’re looking to stand out, maybe opt for a coloured front door or an eye-catching, extra wide door. If you’re looking to open up the home, consider one with glass panels.

When it comes to internal doors, adding one in place of a wall or moving one to open and close in another direction will completely change the feel of a room. Barn doors are still popular interior accessories, as well as pocket doors that slide into a wall when they’re not in use.

Remember, when working with interior doors you may need the advice of an architect or structural engineer. Be sure to consult a professional before tearing down any walls, especially those which are load-bearing.

Here are some articles about doors that may be of interest as you plan your renovation project:

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