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Increasing the Amount of Light in your Basement

Last modified: 2018/03/23 | 2 mins

If you are looking to increase the amount of light in your basement, there are quite a few different options that you can consider.

First of all, due to the fact that most basements don’t have many windows, it is important to consider how these windows will be dressed, so the light truly comes into the basement and isn’t blocked out.

Adding sources of natural light in your basement

Curtains and window treatments should always be thin, in order to let light into the room. These thin curtains will also be easier to work with, when you want to move them around according to the current position of the sunrays. You can also choose special blinds that will be adjusted accordingly.

Natural light

If possible, do not use any curtains. In this case, for more privacy, stained or textured glass can be a great alternative which will serve to protect your privacy without making the room too dark.

Artificial light

One of the best ways to improve the amount of light in your basement is to work on the artificial lighting. Buying new light fixtures can be cheap and easy to install. Moreover, they don’t require any major renovations. Don’t forget to clean your light fixtures on a regular basis, since the accumulation of dust and grease can cause them to lose 30% of their power.

Beyond the typical light fixtures, aquariums and vivariums can also be considered as excellent light sources since they feature glass panes and strong lighting equipment.

Materials and accessories that reflect light

Using materials with a glossy finish (ex: ceramic) can help to considerably increase the amount of light in your house. These materials with a glossy surface will reflect natural and artificial light, which will help improve the room’s lighting.

The same goes for paint. Shades that are lighter or brighter and products with a glossy finish can also affect the luminosity of a room, especially in a basement. Therefore, a simple coat of fresh paint can make a huge difference. Installing mirrors is another good tip that doesn’t cost a lot of money and that has a big impact.

If possible, replace all your regular doors with glass doors, which can sort of work as equivalents to adding extra windows. In the same vein, if your budget allows you to do so, you can also install light shafts to use the light coming from other floors of the house.

Light reflector in your basement

If, after trying all the tips described above, you still aren’t happy with the results, another option is available. Several lighting specialists recommend installing external reflectors. The amount of reflectors to be installed will depend on the size of the windows. For example, in the case of windows that are 28 inches wide, you should install two 24 inch reflectors.

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